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Highlandwarrior Says, in 5-25-2012 at 08:11:32 from    

When I first seen the vid of the wee fella asking if he could come with junior I knew junior would sort that for him, goes to show what kind of person jds is, a proper good guy all round. On another note, I remember seeing jds first fight an UFC and my exact words to my wife were “I bet this guy is champ soon and won’t lose getting there” he will be the champ for a long time, true warrior he is! Can’t wait until Saturday, I also like Mir as a fighter but he just does not have juniors number, I think it will be a short night for him.

Maximumpain Says, in 5-25-2012 at 08:37:45 from    

Goddamnit. i think i have something in my eyes.

Jbone488 Says, in 5-25-2012 at 09:52:37 from    

All the more reason to like JDS

NMPLD1987 Says, in 5-25-2012 at 10:39:14 from    

so much respect for JDS. what a great act of kindness. I hope to see that kid grow up and become champ some day

Tendojitsu Says, in 5-25-2012 at 10:41:09 from    

Didn’t JDS work in a toy store before becoming a fighter? I read that somewhere.

africa unity Says, in 5-25-2012 at 10:56:55 from    

The day some guys will make gyms in Africa with good trainers, african fighters will be worldly recognized and world champions.If this happens one day, the next heavyweight champ will be one of us
No doubt about it but fot the moment nothing is done only little gyms with no material

DD Says, in 5-25-2012 at 11:01:36 from    

my rooms really dusty…making my eyes water and sniffle…f****** dust!

k1superstar Says, in 5-25-2012 at 11:09:18 from    

Frank mir.. ive always been a big fan of.. i never was to behind junior i guess it was just prejudice.. but since i started following him and have learnt about him junior has actually become my idol.. i think im a good judge of character and this guy is legit what you see is what you get. I think theirs alot everyone can learn from junior, I can only hope the best for him

def Says, in 5-25-2012 at 11:38:40 from    

awesome video

wow Says, in 5-25-2012 at 11:41:22 from    

@ Highlandwarrior well said

i remember seeing his eyes before the fight started vs Wedrum and i thought ” this guys a killer ”

and low and behold…. we have a killer with a belt..

and hes a gent.

glenn Says, in 5-25-2012 at 12:18:47 from    

good for that kid

kinghanneman Says, in 5-25-2012 at 13:53:55 from    

Honestly…this is touching. JDS is a good man!

Venomous Says, in 5-25-2012 at 15:32:49 from    

This is a pound for pound champ as a person and as a fighter. Something Jon i’m too drunk to drive Jones doesn’t have, anyone ever read the article about him turning down a child’s autograph of a duplicate UFC belt because “the kid didn’t deserve to hold something I’ve worked for all my life” or some bullshit. Jones this is all karma hitting you my friend look up to JDS and try to be a humble champ like this guy. JDS very well may have helped this kid dodge the drug war in Brazil and we may be witnessing a future UFC champ.

baller Says, in 5-25-2012 at 16:53:03 from    

i neva thought jds took him seriously, but dat was nice of him, lucky kid

Genghis Khan Says, in 5-25-2012 at 17:06:54 from    

You know what I like about this dude, he has never said he wanted to be a role model to others, or that he wanted to be the next legend in the sport or talked about how humble and self-controlled he is… he just does what he does because that’s who he his… Jones can learn a s*** load from JDS.

ThatDude Says, in 5-25-2012 at 19:47:21 from    

Man. If this doesnt touch you, I dont know what will. JDS is the best, That kid is Lucky as shyte ! His first time to America and he gets to go to Vegas, see all of the bright lights, stay in fancy hotels, see all the new faces, play games, and watch the ufc fights ! Hell yeah he’s gone remember this night for the rest of his life. If JDS wins he’ll have stories for days and ppl will sit there and listen to him speak.

rulo Says, in 5-25-2012 at 19:57:38 from    

Just as humble and kind for the people like Anderson silva! hu?


T’Challa Says, in 5-25-2012 at 23:30:40 from    

Every time I see JDS, I think of that old Seinfeld episode where Jerry’s mother says “How can anyone not like you??” This guy is pure heart, and pure class. A great champion and role model.. I hope he keeps the belt for a long time.

Common Sense! Says, in 5-25-2012 at 23:32:31 from    

Awesome video/story! How can you not like JDS as a person? I’ve liked him since he was a coach on TUF. You can tell he’s humble, and has a positive attitude on life. Not only did he fly the little kid to the US, but he also flew the child’s mother and brother as well! Awesome! My problem is that I also like Frank Mir and his story as well. May the best man win!

believer Says, in 5-30-2012 at 13:46:16 from    

gengis…my thought exactly. Though I dont know JDS or Jones, and the media is the only outlet I see, I believe that JDS is a genuine good person and an elite fighter.


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