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Andy C Says, in 8-13-2008 at 12:15:55 from    

Barnett really beat Randys ass in that fight.

Zescape Says, in 8-13-2008 at 12:51:19 from    

Barnett is awesome, I don’t care what anybody says. Randy controlled him for almost 8 minutes and really couldn’t get too much done. Barnett got in control for two minutes and finished the fight.

I want to see Barnett kick Arlovski’s ass.

pitbull Says, in 8-13-2008 at 13:09:04 from    

not realy

RoyalBeatz07 Says, in 8-13-2008 at 14:04:11 from    

I wonder why randy doesn’t want a rematch to fight Barnett again. It’s all fedor, but Rico Rodriquez(where ever hes at) and Barnett would be awesome rematches. He would smash Rico (IMO) for sure, but Barbett would be an awesome fight. Awesome.

SUUUWUUUU Says, in 8-13-2008 at 14:23:53 from    

randy is overated…..cant wait for fedor to put an ass whipping on his candy asss!!!!

mefninja Says, in 8-13-2008 at 14:57:25 from    

back then mma as a sport wasnt completely.. put any of these fighters at there prime back then against a average fighter now and he’d get whooped.. the sport has evolved.. fortunately.. randy and barnet have evolved too

Principal Skinner Says, in 8-13-2008 at 15:43:23 from    

Barnett’s crazy.

paddedummy Says, in 8-13-2008 at 16:38:52 from    

Couture has no jits, can’t threaten from his back

Angerysig Says, in 8-13-2008 at 17:13:58 from    

Yo, RoyalBeatz, Ricco and Barnett just fought at the Affliction show. Barnett by 2nd round KO.

Mike Says, in 8-13-2008 at 17:16:20 from    

Randy= overated .

cory Says, in 8-13-2008 at 17:38:17 from    

I think couture in his prime would waste barnett, and s*** couture may still be in his prime

Steve Says, in 8-13-2008 at 18:12:21 from    

Angerysig, Barnett fought Pedro Rizzo, not Ricco Rodriguez.

Steve Says, in 8-13-2008 at 18:22:27 from    

cory — when was Couture’s “prime”? The guy is 16-8 and he hasn’t won more than 2 fights in a row since 2001. He’s only won 6 of his last 11.

Meanwhile, Barnett has only lost to Cro Cop, Minotauro, and Rizzo (the last 2 whom he’s also beaten).

Micah Says, in 8-13-2008 at 18:59:59 from    

That was Randy in his prime. Angrysig is wrong. That was Rizzo, not Ricco. What an idiot.

Drew Says, in 8-13-2008 at 19:08:19 from    

I think I’d pick Barnett to grind out a decision if these two fought again, but I don’t think Randy would be on his back taking a beating like he did there. It would be interesting to see these two go at it again though.

Yousuck Says, in 8-13-2008 at 20:01:08 from    

Everyone here who posted and talked crap about Randy would get whooooped irl.

Feedmont Says, in 8-13-2008 at 20:55:05 from    

WAR Josh “Love Handles” Barnett

marquito76r Says, in 8-13-2008 at 22:53:56 from    

love handles is right! can’ wait for Arlovski/Barnett. Emilianenko whooops em all!!!, including Randy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brendan Says, in 8-14-2008 at 00:39:14 from    

Randy is wayyyyy overrated in the states just because most of you guys over there are so ignorant of what the rest of the world has to offer.Josh is easily the best fighter the USA have produced in the heavyweight division yet most of you don’t even know who he is simply because he fought most of his career in japan.

Like cory said randy has only won 6 of his last 11 fights and has not fought one good ground fighter since 2002 simply because if he goes to ground and isn’t on top its game over for randy.To all those true fans from the USA sorry for lumping you in with the idiots.

R3X Says, in 8-14-2008 at 04:05:29 from    

I can’t believe so many people think Randy is a top HW contender after loosing to Chuck twice! Stepping in the ring against Fedor would be suicide for ol gramps. Let’s see Barnett whoop on his ass again before a title shot.

brian kenny Says, in 8-14-2008 at 07:04:40 from    

the baby face assassin!!!!!!! he would crush any of the ufc heavyweights, except maybe for the big nog.. close fight

Ozinator Says, in 8-14-2008 at 09:10:29 from    

lol Brendan but when you’re right, you’re right.

Barnett has got to be the most underrated number two fighter ever in fighting

Until VERY recently, most US fans thought that if it wasn’t UFC the fighter was s***. Except for Nog, who do they have? Barnett and Fedor are the two top heavies in the world and Lindland and Arlovski could cream anyone in the UFC except for maybe Nog.

MC5Stooge Says, in 8-14-2008 at 09:20:16 from    

Quick name me one fighter who has won more fights over quality opponents while being the underdog?

Randy has beat:
Maurice Smith

Don’t blather on about how some of those fighters later proved they weren’t all that or how they had injuries or any other BS. Randy was a heavy underdog in all those fights and won

Whenever his name comes up you’ve got some guys proclaiming him the best ever and others saying he sucks. The truth is somewhere in the middle, but those wins above assure his legacy regardless.

GuessWho Says, in 8-14-2008 at 10:50:56 from    

well said mcstooge

Cory Says, in 8-14-2008 at 14:50:52 from    

randy’s recent losses were to the same f****** guy in the same f****** year. If randy fought chuck right about now it’d be a whole nother story. For crying out loud he beat the piss out of gonzaga and sylvia. so why wouldnt he do the same to chucky. He was just slumpin a while ago is all. And as far as barnett goes…he needs to fight alexander first after all that f** talk he did at affliction. randy posses the best threat to fedor with his wrestling. Everyone knows that fedor’s weak spot is his takedown defense.

Adam Says, in 8-14-2008 at 19:05:13 from    

There r sum really informed fite fans here and sum not so much haha …as far as a rematch couture vs barnett would be a close decision but fedor could whoop them both at once haha

ReDiCuLouS Says, in 8-14-2008 at 22:32:46 from    

HAHA!!!! I love the controversy….I think if there is one man to beat Fedor right now, it would be Cap’n America himself, Randy Couture. And I dont make my judgement by any stats or system, but by a feeling deep down inside. However, Arlovski vs. Fedor is inevitable!!!!!!~

Brendan Says, in 8-15-2008 at 00:44:48 from    

I ask you ReDiCuLouS,How do you think randy would win?

Take fedor down and at the start of each round and then just lie on him and hope to win on points as I can’t see him ever hurting fedor with his lazy strikes or submitting him…

Brendan Says, in 8-15-2008 at 00:57:01 from    

Cory you obviuosly know nothing and can’t even get you so called facts right lol

Loss Chuck Liddell Knock Out UFC® 57: Liddell vs Couture 3 Feb-4-2006
Loss Chuck Liddell Knock Out UFC® 52: Couture vs. Liddell II Apr-16-2005

Maybe within a year but not in the same year dipshit.And with both gonzaga and slyvia he eeked out boring wins (especially against slyvia) which is a little different to fedors last few fights where he looks too totally dominate his opponent.

F3DOR> Says, in 8-15-2008 at 13:56:50 from    

Cory Says, in 8-14-2008 at 14:50:52 from Everyone knows that fedor’s weak spot is his takedown defense.

u call that a weakspot? ok say u do take fedor down due to this so called weakness, how long do you think any1 can last in fedor’ guard????

F3DOR> Says, in 8-15-2008 at 13:59:09 from    

pff only 2 fighters on planet could have a chance against fedor and they are BJ Penn and Anderson Silva. end of discussion.

x2468 Says, in 8-16-2008 at 02:03:24 from    

randy seemed like a much more 1 dimesnional fighter back then. only shoots and ground and pound. and he was winning till he messed up and barnett made the best of it

dave` Says, in 8-16-2008 at 02:06:29 from    

yea…only if u combined a. silva and bj penn together as one (205 + 155)and then face fedor

ToldYouSo Says, in 8-16-2008 at 05:42:02 from    

Jeff Osbourne has a raspy voice. I was wondering if his HookNShoot promotion is still around.

Adam Says, in 8-16-2008 at 18:13:32 from    

Did sumone just say bj penn had a shot at beating fedor? Am i dreaming or did i just come into contact with the least intelligent person in human history

ShaunT Says, in 8-17-2008 at 18:41:29 from    

Wild seeing Randy on his back! However, he was dominating Barnett up to that point. I think they’d still put on a hell of a fight as BOTH have improved dramatically.

usernameforwhat Says, in 8-17-2008 at 23:39:40 from    

they gave away the ending in the the stupid display picture

brian kenny Says, in 8-22-2008 at 06:23:36 from    

whoever said fedor’s takedown defense is weak, watch the first, but preferbally the second coleman fight. and then say come back and apologize boy

Phatty Says, in 8-31-2008 at 20:51:19 from    

Srsly how are these noobs talking s*** about Randy? Randy did all of this in his 30’s. He beat Vitor in his prime when Vitor was 10 years younger. He was beating Barnett until he made a mistake, Barnett was also on roids… He was like 43 when he beat Sylvia and I think 44 when he beat Gonzaga. He also beat Randleman twice who was big overseas. WTF else do you want from him?

ronizhash Says, in 11-6-2008 at 11:52:24 from    

Barnett had no control until the end and Fedor would destroy any heavyweight that has ever fought in UFC. You will learn in due time…lol. Tim Silvia is a joke…so is (no chin)Arlovski. Brock would get tapped out quick because Mir caught him and Fedor would destroy Mir. The only guy to ever have a slim chance would be Noguera.(who has lost twice to Fedor).

Bionic Says, in 11-20-2008 at 01:56:54 from    

he was on steroids

stanford Says, in 7-15-2009 at 20:37:14 from    

yes Barnett was and stripped from the belt ,,, left ufc Barnett after seeing this video i can’t see him beating Lesnar now Barnett went down hill from there.. for the Fedor fans i dont see him submitting Lesnar after the rematch with Mir i believe that Mir is better on the ground with JJ thats my thoghts on the matter.. another ???? why was’nt Fedor ever consider to sign with ufc back than … now he wants a 1 fight deal and to be frank with u that is the stupidest ideal i ever heard from a fighter


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