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Corey Says, in 1-25-2009 at 02:42:21 from    

Maybe not the most exciting fight to some people, but I f****** loved it. Josh dominated that cheap, lowlife cheating piece of dishonorable crap from the second the bell rang for round one. IM surprised yvel made it past round one… then surprised again when he made it past round two, then I was disapointed when he tapped out before Josh could finish him off. I wanted him ko’ed so bad. Wonderful fight.

Jonathan Diaz Says, in 1-25-2009 at 02:52:08 from    

Dude, Corel.
You have a lot hte in your heart, sure you have dad issues to work.

dawg man Says, in 1-25-2009 at 02:59:07 from    

What a beat down! SEATTLE baby, Josh kicks ass!

sins4given Says, in 1-25-2009 at 03:01:21 from    

Man..talk about a beat-down. I think Herb dean let it continue as payback for hitting other ref. Herb was thinking, “how you like it now B@$#&*!!

Corey Says, in 1-25-2009 at 03:32:51 from    

Man, if you were Nick or Nate, I might take your words to heart, but since you’re not, you’re a retard:) Name is Corey, and whatever this hte is, my heart seems to be okay. Yvel is an eye gouging, groin striking, referee attacking lousy fighter who should’ve never been approved to fight. His demeanor is what gives MMA the reputation as barbaric. I’m glad he got punched in the face until his spirit broke and he tapped.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 1-25-2009 at 04:08:18 from    

Wow Corey you are a real dickhead.

It would be cool to see Josh fight Fedor next. That would be an awesome fight.

Barnett is a lot better than Arlovski.

Advocate Says, in 1-25-2009 at 04:26:34 from    

If Barnett doesn’t have the power or stamina to finish until he has mounted him three times, he isn’t ready to fight Fedor. He looked punched out after the first mount, which was solid. He needs to work on his cardio…

hond2dciv Says, in 1-25-2009 at 05:00:54 from    

I’m pretty sure thats the longest mount I’ve ever seen–cant believe how long it took Barnett to finish from the full mount. I have never heard Herb Dean say “work” when a fighter is mounted–usually at that point the outcome is academic.

StonedWheat Says, in 1-25-2009 at 05:23:32 from    

I agree with Corey…Yvel has yet to redeem himself. If he weren’t a fighter he would definitely be in some kind of trouble.

whitey Says, in 1-25-2009 at 06:08:23 from    

Great reffing by herb. So many times we knock the ref for early stoppages. So this time, props to herb. So many times situations like that 1st round GnP are stopped early, and we’re left with two perfectly ok fighters, neither who “really” won. Clearly, though, letting the fight continue until one of the fighters is KO’d or taps is the best thing.

lightsout9999 Says, in 1-25-2009 at 06:13:56 from    

i didn’t expect barnett’s ground game was kinda bad..damn, this is the first time i’ve seen a person on top defending himself from strikes..gotta give yvel credit

Chongo Says, in 1-25-2009 at 16:16:57 from    

Good job putting AA Vs. Fedor, Barnett’s not ready yet… When do we see the Emil bros. go at it? Fedor VS. Aleksander? It starts with “я всегда получаю жирного цыпленка!, Ð’Ñ‹ ублюдок!”

hldn1977 Says, in 1-25-2009 at 20:23:33 from    

I enjoyed the fight and thought it was funny that Barnett was talking as though he would stand with Yvel. Obviously he figured out that was a bad idea pretty early on. If he actually fights Fedor, I’d be curious to see how well he could keep top position like he did in this fight. I am hoping for an Arlovski vs Yvel match. That would be a serious striking match. As soon as Arlovski lands from catching that punch of course.

bmore Says, in 1-25-2009 at 20:58:17 from    

Does Barnett really get Fedor as his prize for finally getting that dude to tap after not one…not two, but three mounts? I guess on any given day anybody can win or lose, but from what I saw Barnett’s only chance to beat…no…to not get crushed by Fedor…is the proverbial “lucky” punch. It may be that he is the unlucky one to have won the right to get got by Fedor the Beast.

kimboslam76 Says, in 1-26-2009 at 00:10:57 from    

Big B good job son!

paddedummy Says, in 1-26-2009 at 02:28:16 from    

Boring fight. Crappy ground and pound from Barnett and Gilbert is a puss for tapping from strikes. Maybe Gilbert could have won a fight against the ref if Yvel could manage to get another sucker punch in first,lol

thaddiusluster Says, in 1-31-2009 at 16:33:44 from    

if Yvel had more in the gas tank and kept the fight on the feet specially at the start of every round, that would of increased his chances. Barnett seemed hurt when being struck by Yvel’s punches from his back? unfortunately for Barnett, when he faces Fedor he doesn’t stand much of a chance; he has a tendency to take his eye’s off his opponents during exchanges and that’s gonna spell doom for Barnett.


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