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rondarousey Says, in 9-25-2013 at 21:00:01 from    

Hey Bruno…any way you could put up that vid of you kickin that dude’s ass for pushing your daughter?

Love the site…thanks making it

Bruno: Theater and police would never let me have a copy

gcbies Says, in 9-26-2013 at 16:27:27 from    

Bruno: Can you tell the story never heard about that. Good for you man! Would love to see the vid, but understand…stupid cops!! But love the site visit here every day man. Keep up the good work bro!

Bruno: Here is the story. I will leave it open for a few days them put it back to private again if you want to here the story.


antegradnja Says, in 9-27-2013 at 14:29:29 from    

hey bruno.. I’m a big fan of your work here and have been coming to this site for years now so it’s really great to see you back and that your daughter is OK.. just wondering – what do you train and how long have you been training? different sports, just one for a long time, what? I’m sure I speak for all of us here when I tell you to give your daughter our best, look how many fans you have over here:)) Best regards from croatia

Bruno: I played Baseball and Football in high school. I was offered baseball scholarships from a few universities but choose to move to Colorado and become a pro cross-county Mt. biker and boxed on the side. Was a B team rider for Trek’s USA team in the late 90′s. Never was good enough to make it.

I became a club boxer in Europe for a couple of years. Mostly just paid to fight in the back of high end private dance clubs. After getting arrested in Luxembourg city after a club fight I gave up on fighting.

antegradnja Says, in 9-27-2013 at 15:06:21 from    

sorry for the double post, when I reupped this my post was gone, must have been some error or something.. lol I bet you have some stories to tell about those high end club fights :)) so it’s boxing, I thought so.. boxing seems to be the no1 basic self defence skill out there and basically every fight I hear about similar to yours – self defence on the streets kind – the guy who kicks somebody’s ass is usually a boxer.. do you still train?

Bruno: No. Mostly cycling when I’m at my house in France and Surfing when at my place in the USA.


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