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slickrick210 Says, in 6-8-2009 at 00:32:29 from    


Dead Roman Says, in 6-8-2009 at 00:32:58 from    

WTF was that?

pho3nixxx Says, in 6-8-2009 at 00:34:17 from    


buster818 Says, in 6-8-2009 at 00:34:36 from    

nice dance

pho3nixxx Says, in 6-8-2009 at 00:35:55 from    

dead roman, that was double knee action at its finest my friend.

St Pierre Says, in 6-8-2009 at 00:40:56 from    

This is a clear message to Mike Brown and all top contenders in the featherwight division…

MIKE Says, in 6-8-2009 at 00:47:15 from    

Both of those knees hit Cub in the same eye! One of them hit high, the other one right below his eye. Brutal.

DaOpk187 Says, in 6-8-2009 at 00:47:30 from    

thank bruno aldowagen!!!

mugatupianotie Says, in 6-8-2009 at 00:49:42 from    

first machida and know this guy. Guys are switching knees now midair. what do they call this move if their is a name for it let?

mugatupianotie Says, in 6-8-2009 at 00:51:54 from    

I stand corrected. Machida fakes the knee, but this guy taps u with both.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 6-8-2009 at 01:03:12 from    

Sick ass KO. double knee’s in the face pretty good.

I must say Cub always losses in spectacular fashion early.

Aldo vs Brown or Faber make it happen

pocketmouth Says, in 6-8-2009 at 01:07:06 from    

They called it an 8 second knockout, but remove the glove tap of politeness and it’s a 3 or 4 second KO.

carlos espino Says, in 6-8-2009 at 01:13:11 from    

Bruno are you this fast in bed??? hahhhaa that sounded too gay to even make fun of it!

Thanx for the quick post

SuperNoob Says, in 6-8-2009 at 01:50:29 from    

Bruno, Could you please make that awesome victory dance into a gif for us all to enjoy.

Bruno: Your wish is my command.

Roundking Says, in 6-8-2009 at 02:14:02 from    

Damn Cub’s smile went away quick lol

greysaku Says, in 6-8-2009 at 03:23:32 from    

I think aldo vs brown would be a good fight… Brown would have to get aldo to the mat, and try not to get submitted… Far as standing with aldo I would’nt recommend that “AT ALL” lol…Brown would also have to watch the knees as he shot in… Aldo has already knocked out two opponents with knees so i think brown would really have his hands full with this guy…

bobby b Says, in 6-8-2009 at 03:51:37 from    

“glove tap of politeness” hhahaha, nice.

M0rph3v5 Says, in 6-8-2009 at 03:55:14 from    

DUDE! he knocked the guy in the eye socket so bad he caused it to bleed! that guys eye is filling with blood! THAT WAS AWESOME! Sickest Double air knee strike ever.

rza808 Says, in 6-8-2009 at 06:33:55 from    

Man Aldo is awesome. A bjj guy who can really whack. Cant wait till he fights Brown or Faber

Jasonicus Says, in 6-8-2009 at 08:52:46 from    

Yeah, I think they should review it, as it was way less than 8 seconds. That was incredible.

Androly-San Says, in 6-8-2009 at 09:50:01 from    

That was absolutely sick, i jumped out of my couch last night when it happened. You can see the perfect round shape of his knee around Cub’s eye.

Herokill Says, in 6-8-2009 at 11:28:04 from    

M0rph3v5, it was a awsome knock out, but your comment was immature and you should spell your name differently… lame ass lol

alvo69 Says, in 6-8-2009 at 13:09:17 from    

WOW!! poor Cub, and HOLY Aldo, those knees were so fast together I didn’t even see the second knee till the replay from the opposite side!

TriangeChoke Says, in 6-8-2009 at 13:12:24 from    

That was just sick! Awesome…how can you not love this guy, he comes in there to win….

The dance was killer too lol

angurry james Says, in 6-8-2009 at 13:32:43 from    

Yeah, Aldo is pretty damned amazing with them knees haha. Sucks to be Cub, despite the arguing that it was shorter than 8 secs, 8 SECS is still a short fight, and Cub was destroyed in that amount of time.

mcc1200 Says, in 6-8-2009 at 13:56:03 from    

So good

dubnub Says, in 6-8-2009 at 13:59:36 from    

Aldo vs Faber…Then Brown.

Those fights would be sick.

theetompster Says, in 6-8-2009 at 14:05:36 from    

that dance was better than the knee.

Greatwhite Says, in 6-8-2009 at 16:11:57 from    

That was awesome!

”The dance was no where near as good”

PuNcH Says, in 6-8-2009 at 16:49:34 from    

2 knees in the face! POW! I need a hq gif of this!

It must burn to lose that quick

Csari0 Says, in 6-8-2009 at 20:01:32 from    

Typical BJJ- wrestling BS… shooting head first I’m glad he paid the price… about time someone did a doublr knee to a shoot.

nu-bjj Says, in 6-8-2009 at 20:07:14 from    

look out for these Nova Uniao guys! they’re on a Roll

wcoastassassin Says, in 6-8-2009 at 21:22:42 from    

Aldo on the next Dancing with the Stars.

danablows Says, in 6-9-2009 at 01:52:08 from    

Knockout of the year!


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