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Toquinho Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:45:08 from    

thats what u call soccer celebration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! war aldoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

jake Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:47:27 from    


PitfighterZ Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:50:14 from    

This finish is just too awesome! Damn! Little Chad flew a few feet before landing just to take a bomb to the snout in the sequence.

oaklandblackouts Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:50:38 from    

that was a nice finish!!! daymm!!!

Spaced Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:50:46 from    

thanks man!!! amazing

believer101 Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:54:03 from    


scottc Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:54:22 from    

JOSE ALDO is a ROCKSTARRR!!! Props to the champ!!! Much respect.

fork8188 Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:55:28 from    

Thank Bruno for the quick upload…YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Gee Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:57:13 from    

Powerful Jose Aldo!

bcuz Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:58:54 from    


Grape Soda Says, in 1-15-2012 at 00:59:37 from    

Aldo will have that belt for quite some time.
Thanks Bruno!

Cyclonex Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:10:05 from    

Aldo should have been penalized 1 point for grabbing the face like that.

duderama Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:10:29 from    

Thank Bruno

sledhead Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:17:16 from    

gotta love all those people that counted Aldo out!!!

glassjoe Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:20:14 from    

Nice job Bruno. Thanks

rjcowger Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:21:05 from    

Jose is on another level, Chad was not ready to fight him. I have a feeling Frankie vs Aldo will go down in 2012

mmafan400 Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:23:29 from    


SanDiego Fight Fan Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:26:24 from    

Thanks for the quick upload.

That was a sick knee. I love the emotion that Brazilian fight fans show! That’s a fighter that loves his fans and a country that loves their Champion!

We need more of that energy in MMA!

Tendojitsu Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:27:35 from    

What a frickin’ surprise.

kingdean Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:30:56 from    

I wish i had a camra on me when that happen,
to see my face… holy s##t!!!

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:36:27 from    

fence grabber

mark Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:46:54 from    

i was chanting USA until that knee.

emrb Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:47:54 from    

Aldo cheated by grabbing the fence to stop a takedown. He likely would have won anyway, but we will never know. We need a rule that places the fence grabber in full mount as a penaltyt for that foul. That would stop a lot of this effing fence grabbing.

j172 Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:48:08 from    

Who is next? Lightweight?

MRBARBARYCOAST Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:49:28 from    

Now that’s how you take out a wrestler all the while stifling the takedown attempts-This Jose Aldo kid is history in the making-Brilliant!!

FailSonnen Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:53:40 from    

Wow wtf did he ever get back into the ring?? lol

Muay Thai CareBear Says, in 1-15-2012 at 01:56:35 from    

Expected nothing else from Aldo. Diego, the latest ultimate fighter, will be his best challenge.

MMA is taking over Says, in 1-15-2012 at 02:06:23 from    

I am a huge Aldo fan and Wow that was an awesome finish with the spinning around knee… but I hate to see him grab the fence to prevent what could have been a big takedown for Mendes.

turbor37 Says, in 1-15-2012 at 02:25:26 from    

this guys for real XP!!!!

Dream Machine… Says, in 1-15-2012 at 03:11:18 from    

THAT is THE best celebration I have ever seen!
We love you Bruno!

ramrod Says, in 1-15-2012 at 03:12:16 from    

im happy for aldo im just mad that he grabbed the fence but other than that daaaaaaaaaang

ruddo293 Says, in 1-15-2012 at 03:23:32 from    

Jung Chan-Sung next …. make it happen Dana.

Phil Says, in 1-15-2012 at 04:03:51 from    

what a way to take your first loss… kabammm!!! awesome. Mendez and Faber can blow each other tonight.

Graff Says, in 1-15-2012 at 04:14:11 from    

Nice job holding the fence. Could have been at least another round if Mendes took him down there.

psyopus Says, in 1-15-2012 at 04:29:25 from    

How is he not #2 P4P?

holywow Says, in 1-15-2012 at 04:31:51 from    

this fight gave me goosebumps b/cuz during the pre-fight show Jose Aldo said he dreamed he would KO his opponent, and how the crowd would go crazy…..wow, just wow…..poor Chad literally didn’t know what hit him…

rza808 Says, in 1-15-2012 at 06:22:03 from    

Aldo is a king. Recognize fools

Marty Walker Says, in 1-15-2012 at 08:34:18 from    

I remember his first UFC fight. I said to my wife that Aldo will be the champ one day. Honest. I saw it in his eyes, his skills etc…

AfroThunder Says, in 1-15-2012 at 10:02:19 from    

One of the cleanest knockouts I’ve seen in the UFC!

boonching Says, in 1-15-2012 at 10:19:31 from    

the way he did that was so smooth. one motion from escape to knee, beautiful. and still not ko of the night!!

Ozinator Says, in 1-15-2012 at 10:39:17 from    

yeah emrb,

there has got to be serious position penalty for that. As it is now, people just get a warning.

Of course if Dan Fugliogata was reffing it and penalized Aldo by putting him in mount or half guard, he’d have immediately stood them back up again

Drex Says, in 1-15-2012 at 10:50:09 from    

Great finish! anyone know what that red and black flag represented?

Ookami Says, in 1-15-2012 at 11:36:28 from    

about Aldo grabbing the fence, hey if you aint cheating you aint trying

rza808 Says, in 1-15-2012 at 11:39:23 from    

Wtf? Were you guys watching? Aldo was able to stand up at will against Mendes. I never heard more girls complain about fence grabbing in my life…lol. Mendes had no chance give it up. The lighter the weight the harder it is to use wrestling because of the fighters’ strength to weight ration. That is why you see so much more standup at the lighter weights

PitfighterZ Says, in 1-15-2012 at 11:53:39 from    

@Drex: That’s the Flamengo flag. Flamengo is the most popular soccer team in Brazil with more than 35 million followers all over the country.

Arod Says, in 1-15-2012 at 11:58:58 from    

why are all the haters complaining about 1 fence grab every great fight that has been posted on this site has grab the fence before and ive never read anyone complain so much about it, and if the ref tells you once they wont take a point away cause its called a warning its a natural reaction but Aldo OUT CLASSED mendez and thats all that happend Aldo has to go up to 155 more competition

Arod Says, in 1-15-2012 at 12:04:03 from    

i think the red and black flag is a local Football Club aka Soccer club in brazil most of the brazilian fighters are investing in their local Football clubs

Rio_Warrior Says, in 1-15-2012 at 12:05:59 from    

Another wrestler from the lay n pray gang gets ktfo in Brasil.

onetwo Says, in 1-15-2012 at 12:18:12 from    

that was awesome and as far as the fence grab, that is just instinctive to grab on to something when your about to be dropped on your head can’t really blame him and he didn’t do it repeatedly. personally i don’t see why you’re not allowed to grab the fence? it’s not like a deliberate kick to the balls or an eye poke

Roots Says, in 1-15-2012 at 12:32:45 from    

Al Qaeda…j/k Flamengo

kenmolina Says, in 1-15-2012 at 12:45:46 from    

@EMRB, Bravo. that fence grabbing crap is right out of chuck liddel’s book. it COMPLETELY changes the match, and should absolutely result in an advantageous position for the other guy. let’s go dana. fix it!

Catquick802 Says, in 1-15-2012 at 13:52:28 from    

Epic!!! Thanks Bruno.

Cyclonex Says, in 1-15-2012 at 14:07:20 from    

Aldo should have been disqualified…Chad had the guy all the way off the ground ready to throw him down,BUT Aldo had the fence all the way until Chad couldn’t throw him down no more.That can strain anyone’s back.

UFC 142 really sucked.First Stout’s fight..no score when he should have won (30-27)?!,,Belfort fights someone 30 pounds over and now the Chad fight should have been Disqualified.Heard it was all Brazilian Judges.Aldo would have to wait (disqualified) awhile to fight again and LEARN not to grab the fence after being picked up in the air.Did fans boo him after he won? No.

Dr.Acula Says, in 1-15-2012 at 14:13:08 from    

@marty walker You mean his first fight in the WEC, right? When he came to the ufc he was already a champ..and didn’t have to fight to obtain the ufc belt.

anon Says, in 1-15-2012 at 14:38:50 from    

what respect for the crowd! Imagine if a USA crowd sounded like that.

siafu Says, in 1-15-2012 at 14:49:13 from    

drex it represented flamengo football team

jsuper Says, in 1-15-2012 at 15:11:09 from    

mendes did take aldo down for a sec after the fence grab…

aldo got back up anyways…watch it again…same result…


jamon99 Says, in 1-15-2012 at 15:51:37 from    

There must be some real rookies on this site. Complaining about him grabbing onto the fence. Seriously? I’m not a big Aldo fan, but it was just as good of a win as any (if not more spectacular). If you’ve watched MMA for as long as I have (1993), you’ve seen countless people grab fences…even in the modern version of the sport. It happens. Next thing you know, you’ll be complaining that knockouts aren’t fair because one of 10 punches landed slightly behind the head. Let these guys fight.

If you’re going to continue watching MMA, then I strongly suggest not embarrassing yourselves with stupid complaints like that. Just enjoy the fights. Keep those comments for infractions that clearly mean something.

ramrod Says, in 1-15-2012 at 16:08:15 from    

i agree with some of you guys here there needs to be a rule on fence grabbing… I think there needs to be an outside refferee like they did in pride not allowing fighters to grab the fence

shinshoryu Says, in 1-15-2012 at 16:18:09 from    

Thank you Bruno for posting. Damn I wish I could have saw this last night. But I had to be at work at 4am and needed that shut eye, you know. But again THANKS! Damn, he’s a muthafuckin’ monster!!!

sandro Says, in 1-15-2012 at 16:18:39 from    

did somebody notice the crowd suddenly turned as he took thad red and black flag and some started booing….what waz that ? any brazilians here? other state or football team or what? ps: great great knockout!!!

london_Jones Says, in 1-15-2012 at 16:57:36 from    

fence fence! shut the f**k up you hating motherf**kers!!

jches Says, in 1-15-2012 at 17:33:26 from    


Who are all these people that counted Aldo out? Living in your own fantasy world, are you?

Well, that’s two great knockouts…not bad. I think it’s a bit early to call Aldo the #2 p4p… or maybe not since it doesn’t actually mean anything at all.

emrb Says, in 1-15-2012 at 17:53:50 from    

@ ozinator….

Yeah, your right about Mirgliata….. lol…. As good as TD defense is becoming, they have to really punish the fence grabbing more severely.

I still remember when Arlovski reversed a bad position and secured an armbar by grabbing the fence – with no call, no penalty, no stoppage of the action… He won by that armbar gained by an unpenalized illegal move.

Delicious Says, in 1-15-2012 at 18:04:44 from    

Violence between two men always brings a celebration. Violence between two nations brings misery and sadness.

sandro Says, in 1-15-2012 at 18:34:22 from    

ok…football is the answer :) i get it….

Munkeyknuckle Says, in 1-15-2012 at 18:34:58 from    

Wow its amazing how many people missed or just dont care about that fence grab. Aldo could have been put to sleep if he didnt cheat. Doesnt matter what he did after that. He knew he didnt want to go for that ride so he CHEATED. Ps I am neither a fan of mendes or aldo rather im a fan of sportsmanship and good fights that was neither.

Newfie Jitsu Says, in 1-15-2012 at 19:00:00 from    

Instantly know one of the most popular mma fighter! lol that was intense!!

Newfie Jitsu Says, in 1-15-2012 at 19:00:23 from    

now sry… not know

siafu Says, in 1-15-2012 at 19:38:49 from    

the fans started booing when he grabed the flamengo flag but that also timed with the security guards taking him off the crowd. so either was the flag or the security that pissed the crowd.

whitekimbo Says, in 1-15-2012 at 20:04:50 from    

i like Aldo but the fence grab shifted momentum in that fight

90%onlineMMAfansAREcu%nts Says, in 1-15-2012 at 21:05:25 from    

If Chad held the fence the way Jose did you people claiming its not a big deal would be crying foul!Its ilegal to hold the fence!

They should never let fouls like that go with out a point takin away,or just dont have rules!

You cant have it both ways!

Cyclonex Says, in 1-15-2012 at 21:37:57 from    

90%onlineMMAfansAREcu%nts @If Chad did this,,,If Chad did that..WTF is wrong with you.Aldo should have been disqualified.

Fence grabber=Cheater

If Aldo is a pro,then fight like a pro.He was wayyyy up in the air enough to knock him the heck out.But that landing never happened…Ask Aldo.He was scared!

Lmao mma is gey. Says, in 1-15-2012 at 21:50:29 from    

@ marvelous mad madam MAM! that should be your new name. I say so what if he grabbed the fence i do it to sh!t call that cheating. I’m tired of wrestlers taking the fight down the floor and not really doing anything. Like jon fitch.. I say more people need to grab it. I find it stupid as hell you can push your opponent onto the cage USE IT TO SLAM THE GUY. BUT IF YOUR THE ONE THAT PUSHED AGAINST IT you can’t do sh!t! i think is bullcrap for you not to grab it that our first instinct. How fair is that. Here a new rule no pushing others against the fence if you do get deducted a point. Hell add soccer kicks and knees to the head. I’m so sick and tired of wrestlers being favorite.

P.s even tho chad took aldo down look how fast he got back up.

Nice Knee Says, in 1-15-2012 at 22:21:09 from    

illegally held the fence, and illegally held the gloves ie fingers… watch out, if they allow hand finger glove manipulation then Steven Segal is coming to snap arms and throw everyone’s mom through windows and shi t.

M Says, in 1-16-2012 at 07:10:36 from    

It’s just a natural instinctual reaction to grab something when someone lifts you off the ground. Get someone to sporadically grab you from behind and lift you off the ground, see if you don’t grab onto ANYTHING close to you.

mangjose Says, in 1-16-2012 at 07:49:46 from    

Jose Aldo fell short of the Knock out of the Night Bcoz Edson Barboza is the MAN… but nice fight though ur still my idol!! MMA P4P king!!

daimai Says, in 1-16-2012 at 08:32:00 from    

Bruteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Force Kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

alex Says, in 1-16-2012 at 09:44:31 from    

I want a rematch that was careless chad mendes
and there the face of neglect?

mmamike Says, in 1-16-2012 at 09:49:16 from    

instead of a fence why get a seetru wall ?

mmamike Says, in 1-16-2012 at 09:51:05 from    

i think chad can do better then this he has alot to learn standing wise
but i dont think he can beat aldo at all

glenn Says, in 1-16-2012 at 11:51:17 from    

if aldo dont grap the fence the whole fght would have been different

MMAfanGuy Says, in 1-16-2012 at 12:11:26 from    

WOW! All of you guys complaining about Jose grabbing the fence. Look at Chad’s first attempt and the second attempt. It was about the same height and Jose caught himself on the second attempt by Chad. So STFU and slap yourself as hard as you can in the face, ’cause ain’t no way Chad had a chance, get over it, Jose is the MAN!

Shinka MMA Says, in 1-16-2012 at 16:27:27 from    

beautiful fight. point deduction for holding the fence wouldn’t have made much difference I suppose.

Tap or Snap Says, in 1-16-2012 at 17:00:47 from    

hey folks Chad was a good contender BUTTTTT Aldo was way too much for him

Mario Says, in 1-16-2012 at 17:28:18 from    

Yeah,yeah yeah. “fence grabbing” com’on…
Aldo didnt relied onto holdin the fence that much Mendes’ takedown would have been be more productive and lethal if he were able to pull aldo’s fingers from the cage and ground him. But, nope. Chad is obviously undermatched against aldo with control and confident.

bodhi Says, in 1-16-2012 at 20:09:23 from    

I am neither a fan nor detractor of either fighter, I’m a casual fan and don’t know anything about either …but to win after avoiding what would have been a brutal takedown by blatantly grabbing the cage?

Hard to be proud of that.

Carl Says, in 1-16-2012 at 20:44:58 from    

siafu, the crowd was booing in response to the flag. Flamengo is the most hated soccer team in Brazil.

Sans Says, in 1-16-2012 at 21:55:59 from    

The fence grab was a total p**** move. Would it have made a difference? Who knows? Not us. If Mendes had any chance at all — and it would have been a slim one — it might have started with that would-be slam. That was his only really advantageous hold for it, and it took a lot of energy to lift Jose while trying to fight his illegal grip. I expected better from Aldo. DQ? Never, but maybe they should restart the fight on the ground with the cheater on the bottom. Lame.

Cyclonex Says, in 1-16-2012 at 22:50:15 from    


PUBLIC7ENEMY Says, in 1-17-2012 at 02:00:48 from    

WATCH OUT ANDERSON SILVA. aldo is going to get ya!

Rio_Warrior Says, in 1-17-2012 at 06:07:53 from    

ye ye Aldo ktfo Mendes while grabbing the fence with both hands wearing a flamengo jersey bla bla bla.

Dry humping lovers.

Dave Says, in 1-17-2012 at 23:38:01 from    

wow Aldo is fast!

sugarbear Says, in 1-18-2012 at 00:41:24 from    


rtorres7794 Says, in 1-18-2012 at 13:34:25 from    

Aldo way too much for Mendes? That’s why he grabbed onto the fence, right?

snype6969 Says, in 1-19-2012 at 20:24:03 from    

great fight by aldo, great finish. i love the energy of the rio crowd. but they boo everyone that isnt from brazil. they had a fight on the pre lims with 2 americans and it was an epic finish and better fight then aldos and they just booed the whole time. shows no respect. i understand rooting for ur home guys but booing guy out the building when their not even a brazilian in the match. ridiculous. but i will say this, they get into it more then anyone when a brazil guy does fight. i mean the belfort fight. wholly s***!!!

indigo6 Says, in 3-2-2012 at 00:30:53 from    

If Aldo wouldn’t have blatently cheated grabbing the fence Mendez would have gotten the take down and Aldo never got the first round KO, PERIOD.

Maybe he would have still won but who knows.

They need to crack down on the fence grabbing bs and not giving penalties for it is a crock.

Seems to me when they are sparring and get away with it then they use the same cheap move in the live match. That’s my guess why it happens so much anyway.


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