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Alexsayhi Says, in 11-1-2011 at 16:05:20 from    

Incredible, I can’t wait to see what AJ can do at MW. I love his fighting style so much. AMAZING NEWS !!

KungFuLowKick Says, in 11-1-2011 at 16:50:05 from    

Cung got injured??
They probably told Anthony Johnson that weighing 55 pounds more then the weigh-in day is not acceptable and they forced him to fight in MW.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 11-1-2011 at 16:50:57 from    

LOl nvm my 1st part.I always mistake Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort for some reason…

d12ae Says, in 11-1-2011 at 17:02:06 from    

what about Vitor and the Ultimate Fighter Brazil

baller Says, in 11-1-2011 at 17:39:07 from    

johnson is tryna die

wcoastassassin Says, in 11-1-2011 at 19:01:40 from    

Vitor will kill Johnson. Horrible matchup for him

Sunfish Hero Says, in 11-1-2011 at 19:28:58 from    

Would have rather seen Sonnen vs. Belfort for this. i feel like it’s a more appropriate match-up. Not to mention, everyone in Brazil hates Sonnen so…wouldn’t be hard to put asses in seats for that. Stupid choice…Apparently all you need to get a title shot is a loud mouth and shitty personality. i’m looking at you Sonnen and Diaz.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 11-1-2011 at 19:54:33 from    

You guys saying Rumble is gonna get killed are in for a big surprise come UFC 142. I dont think Vitor will be able to pull the upset.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 11-1-2011 at 19:55:45 from    

Sunfish you sound uneducated who deserves it over Sonnen? And Sonnen vs Belfort would be an epic mismatch for the ages with Sonnen swinging the hammer.

dude Says, in 11-1-2011 at 20:47:52 from    

Why switch Rumble to MW? He’s a beast at WW. Sure, he has his struggles to make weight, but he (typically) makes weight. I think he’ll find he’s made a mistake.

Boopcome6acKid Says, in 11-1-2011 at 21:39:50 from    

So who is gonna replace Vitor when he is injured and pulls out?

dandydoodle Says, in 11-1-2011 at 21:53:39 from    

Vitor baby vitor!

conspiracy Says, in 11-2-2011 at 01:47:46 from    

Just as Dana lied about Condit voluntarily stepping aside, Dana’s forcing AJ to go up in weight. Why? I believe he’s protecting his golden boy of the sport GSP. Anthony Johnson would F him up. George wouldn’t be able to wrestle him or take him down. LOL. More BS to Georges credibility. MMA isn’t as corrupt as boxing YET.

HURRICANE Says, in 11-2-2011 at 05:19:27 from    

@alexsayhi AJ nutt licker. You sound like a fatkid thats excited to eat chocolate cake.

@MMAlittleSilva STFU Your dumb.

@dude YEAH DUDE!! Lol You know what, I think you’re totally right dude. Why did Johnson swith to MW. He has’nt even dominated the WW division yet alone he has never fought for a WW title, Why move to MW where the fighters hit even harder and there bigger and stronger then WW. He’d get owned by alot of MW not to mention his deathwish vs Spider if he ever gets that far. Maybe its getting harder for him to make 170 as the years go by and 185 just feels more natural.

conspiracy_sucks Says, in 11-2-2011 at 12:47:49 from    

@conspiracy are you a f****** idiot? aj hasnt even been close to a title shot so how would dana be protecting gsp from him? if u dnt remember koshcheck took ah dwn and submitted him…gsp has wwwaaayyyy better wrestling than him so do ur research before you make dumbass statements like that

conspiracy_sucks Says, in 11-2-2011 at 12:48:34 from    


conspiracy Says, in 11-2-2011 at 14:14:38 from    

lol, you’re a noob. GSP wouldn’t be able to wrestle with AJ, who would weigh heavy weight come fight time… He would eventually get a title shot. And, Kos only won b/c he faked a poke in the eye. So maybe you should do your own research first? lol.

conspiracy Says, in 11-2-2011 at 14:27:32 from    

Also, Vitor probably is ranked top 3 middle weights imo at MW. So if AJ were to beat him, he would likely get a title shot, or close to it to AS. At which pt, AS would kick AJ’s ass. So, why move to middle weight. You have to ask? B/c he has an unfair advantage in WW, although legal. GSP probably complained and got his way. He’s the biggest p**** fighter in the sport. Sometimes I think he’s gay. I use to like him before, I even called he’d win the title when he fought Trig. He’s a greaser, and f**. That’s just my opinion. Well, I think he was a greaser. BJ, Matt Hughes, Miller, and even Sean Sherk, say the guy was slippery. All very credible individuals. In the UFC, he’s a champion, in the world of fighting, I honestly don’t think his own peers respect him. I also think most people who are a huge fan of GSP, now, are slightly homosexual who haven’t come out of the closet, or don’t understand the skill that a real fighter posesses, like BJ or Nick. But, place fighters with well defined physiques higher. It’s not body building. Probably the same guys who go to the gym, and lift huge weights without doing any cardio, or go on ego trips by the size of their chest, to compensate for their small . Well enough truth for the day. haha.

Reallynow? Says, in 11-2-2011 at 14:43:52 from    

AJ isnt good enough for a title shot yet. conspiracy kapoot!

chiroguy Says, in 11-2-2011 at 23:30:21 from    

Conspiracy…get a life dude!!!

chiroguy Says, in 11-2-2011 at 23:32:16 from    

Mendes is going to take the title from Aldo…you heard it here first!!! He is going to take Aldo down and wear him out for 5 rounds…not that exciting but Chad has the wrestling prowess to take the title…

conspiracy Says, in 11-3-2011 at 12:09:16 from    

I guess you love GSP too. Thanks for voluntarily answering. :) lol.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 11-3-2011 at 13:26:53 from    

conspiracy,you’re a dumb F***.Silva and GSP would lose to Johnshon.HAHAHAHAHA thats funnier then the man tits choke.

conspiracy Says, in 11-4-2011 at 02:57:06 from    

Thank you KungFuLowKick. lol. And Silva and GSP would lose to AJohnshon?


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