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zachres Says, in 10-6-2011 at 13:47:38 from    


dub506 Says, in 10-6-2011 at 13:59:24 from    

HAHAHAHA, rashad will never be champ…hahaha

Ozinator Says, in 10-6-2011 at 14:03:05 from    

thought it was April 1st for a moment. and Rashad was just talking trash about Jones possibly faking an injury to avoid this fight

Aaron Says, in 10-6-2011 at 14:09:23 from    

Bruno. Does your site now have in browser pop-up flash ads? …..or should I be running a spyware scan? Haha

Bruno: sometimes. You should not get a pop-up more than once a week. Ad company makes me do that with their program. You should never get anything bad though.

Jake Says, in 10-6-2011 at 14:25:03 from    

And the ducking begins… They keep hyping this fight but I think rashad doesn’t want to fight.

Kill em All Says, in 10-6-2011 at 14:27:49 from    

@ dub506

“rashad will never be champ”???
He already won the belt against Forrest, but then lost it to Machida

kood Says, in 10-6-2011 at 14:32:05 from    

Honestly, I’m kind of happy. This is a much better matchup and a greater test for Jon Jones. It’ll be interesting to see how JBJ fights a counter puncher of this caliber.

I’m also super pumped because I live in Toronto!!!

Swordsmansmith Says, in 10-6-2011 at 15:17:35 from    

Another former champion bites the dust against Bones. Rashad or Machida it doesnt matter they’re all goin down eventually. It will be hard for Machida to counter punch form 84” away. More than that if Bones uses all of his kicks again. If it goes to the ground Machida is getting choked out. His TDD is not even as good as Rampage’s and he couldn’t keep it on the feet. Machida will have no answer for what Bones brings to the cage.

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 10-6-2011 at 15:44:27 from    

@Ozinator – For real, what a dummy! But then again, I’ve never liked ‘Shad…I picked Brad Imes over his ass when he was fighting HW. That’s how much I don’t like the guy. :)
WAR Bones, show the haters Machida is a biiiitch!♠

Juniordoslightsout Says, in 10-6-2011 at 15:47:07 from    

Finally a real test for this guy. Rampage was to slow using no kicks and shogun was coming off an injury. Lets see it I just hate jon jones smug face so much. Can’t wait to see him get his legs kicked out from underneath him. I really just hope he get’s KO’d.

white tigeer Says, in 10-6-2011 at 15:55:20 from    

Much better fight. I’ve always wanted to see these too go at it. So now Jones only have 2 people to beat before he clears out that division. He is already fighting the best of the best. I just hope he gets a shot at Anderson Silva before moving up to heavy weight. Outside of Cain, and JDS there really aren’t too many fights for him. Heavy weights don’t have the same technical skill as the lighter fighters do. They only boast power and the ability to take a beating.

jackperpetual Says, in 10-6-2011 at 16:03:03 from    

Who gets a title shot after going 1-2 in their last 3 fights? I like Machida and the style he brings, but this doesn’t seem very legitimate. I swear I just saw Rogan bring Evans into the ring after the Jones-Rampage fight, with his broken hand still in a cast, to hype the fact that he was next in line. Was that move by Rogan unwarranted, or part of the plan? I would say the latter. It’s not like this guys hand was an unforeseen issue. I dislike Evans’ personality but honestly think he poses the greatest threat to Jones, as he trained with him on a regular basis in the not too distant past, has good wrestling and power. Make the flucking fight happen bishes!

willienugget Says, in 10-6-2011 at 16:06:01 from    

I’m surprised they even booked Jones/Evans. He was in a cast at the post fight pc after the Tito fight.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 10-6-2011 at 16:17:15 from    

well if jon stands there like he did against rampage I see machida winning this. and since jon had no real success in taking rampage down I see machida keeping this fight standing. rashad has got to be pissed lol

eleventhplanetfan Says, in 10-6-2011 at 16:23:15 from    

Better fight for now till Rashad heals up . I am sure they knew Rashads hand might not be good at the time they annonced it hopeing for the best. But now how about ring rust. Meanwyle JBJ fights top guys.

boozyeulogist Says, in 10-6-2011 at 16:41:25 from    

I’m excited for this match up more than Jones Evans. Hopefully his hand heals up ok, pins are a bitch.

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 10-6-2011 at 16:41:30 from    

I’d like to see Lyoto give some good kicks to Jon’s legs to see if it messes up Jon’s game plan. If Jon messes up Lyoto, he’ll be unstoppable for a few years.

rjcowger Says, in 10-6-2011 at 16:55:57 from    

Machida will get his belt back at UFC 140 guaranteed

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 10-6-2011 at 16:59:07 from    

WTF Rashad actually had a shot I guess considering Machida got a fluke win on him he deserves it over him? I bet Machida wouldnt beat Rashad in a rematch.

hmoney Says, in 10-6-2011 at 17:05:30 from    

machida all the way, cocky prick is gettin ktfod homie

JStyLeZ Says, in 10-6-2011 at 17:11:14 from    

Jones received a 180 day medical suspension from his fight with Rampage, how does he get to fight so soon?

KungFuLowKick Says, in 10-6-2011 at 17:11:45 from    

YESSSS!! Nice matchup.

sammy Says, in 10-6-2011 at 17:21:29 from    

lol, Rashad knows he has no chance

aModerateThreat Says, in 10-6-2011 at 17:25:01 from    

who do you have in this, bruno? i think the footwork trumps the reach and machida takes a tko in the 3rd or a UD.

Bruno: I will pull for Mach but my money will likly be on Jones.

tonysnow Says, in 10-6-2011 at 17:25:37 from    

i’m pissed but you can’t blame rashad…..he had a freakin cast on and wasnt certain about going back to training….interesting match up though….i will be watching on mmatko regardless

Turboobsessed Says, in 10-6-2011 at 17:44:39 from    

Machida! Woo Hoo! I like both these fighters, but have to stick with the fighter I have been following longer. Machida by Decision!

Turboobsessed Says, in 10-6-2011 at 17:45:23 from    

Oh and you know Steven Seagal is going to be on Machida’s nuts so he can whoop Jon Jones ass after he declined his help.

k91st Says, in 10-6-2011 at 18:40:51 from    

Not surprised but I thought Lyoto was in Dana’s bad books. But then again apparently there is no one to fight JBJ.

f_u Says, in 10-6-2011 at 18:50:20 from    

its about time they announced a main event now all they need is a co main and this card will be worth going to

swiss_mh Says, in 10-6-2011 at 19:01:48 from    

I’m glad about this news. Machida vs. Jones is a much better matchup.

ScrubJONES Says, in 10-6-2011 at 19:18:21 from    

Rashad has legit injuries u dumb f**** unlike Jones had

JVILL Says, in 10-6-2011 at 19:19:53 from    

I knew Rashad is afraid of JJ.Lyoto deserves that shot anywayz. He clearly defeated Rampage but judges loved the ATEAM star and robbed Lyoto.

glenn Says, in 10-6-2011 at 19:35:25 from    

let see how jones is gonna fight machida,shogun and rampage fought like a tank

glenn Says, in 10-6-2011 at 19:40:47 from    

machida on the other hand has i think the best footwork in LH ,but jones reach is gonna give evry won problem no matter who he fight,i wanna see jones go to heavyweight and fight alistar overeem,that would mine 2nd dream fight

Machida Says, in 10-6-2011 at 19:59:56 from    

Michida will win by points.

PitfighterZ Says, in 10-6-2011 at 20:00:36 from    

@kood: agreed. I don’t know if Machida can beat Jones, but he does present the best challenge.
Then, Hendo and Shogun can fight to see who gets a shot at the title, while Rashad will be relegated to another fight out of the top 5 waiting for his chance to get back in the there.
On a different note: What’s the deal with these “retroactive injuries”? Didn’t anyone know Rashad wouldn’t be able to fight Jones this early because of an injury of weeks ago? Too much hype, not enough info, that’s WWE b.s.

i’m the goat Says, in 10-6-2011 at 20:52:09 from    

“Michida” might win by points but Machida will get worked.

gabrielsatex Says, in 10-6-2011 at 20:59:21 from    

It will be good to see Machida´s style against JJ.
Bruno, were are you from, maybe Brasil?

casyboy Says, in 10-6-2011 at 21:02:06 from    

this is the dumbest call dana has made in a while..given machida a shot when he has lost 2 outa last 3, with win against randy couture. couldnt dana just push back the fight 4 more weeks, geez! nothing gets resoled yet again! a frickin thumb!

sooooopernate Says, in 10-6-2011 at 22:13:15 from    

nevermind, just listened to it, john said like 2 words and adam talked the rest

Doyle Brunson Says, in 10-6-2011 at 22:19:39 from    

Theres your “Anderson” type money

Common Sense! Says, in 10-6-2011 at 23:22:19 from    

This is going to be another easy fight for Jon Jones because of his reach. I wonder if Rashad’s hand is really hurt or if they want to keep feeding Jones easy fights so they can keep swearing about how he’s the next big thing….

fufc Says, in 10-6-2011 at 23:42:01 from    

anderson silva will be the key to machida’s victory, if silva figures him out and helps train machida accordingly, game over

Bernardo Says, in 10-7-2011 at 00:10:48 from    

Yeeeesssssss!!! This is the matchup I was looking for. His style of baiting in opponents matches up perfectly with JJ’s offensive barrage. But what I like best about Machida is his use of attacks combined with trips thus confusing and off balancing fighters so he can use his new acquired boxing skills in the pocket along with his TKD kicks. This will be JJ ultimate test for Machida spars with the Spider regularly and thus he basically should have JJ style already figured out!! Machida by a bicycle kick(That Steve taught him)!!!

Dave Says, in 10-7-2011 at 00:32:54 from    

honestly I think someone who kicks really good could get in to jones. he has a huge advantage reach but he can be beat if they chop his skinny legs.

hond2dciv Says, in 10-7-2011 at 00:48:59 from    

Agreed that Machida is the best challenge at 205.

LOL at the dude who said “if it goes to the ground Machida is getting choked out”

Machida is a black belt in BJJ. His rarely used ground game is way underrated. I’m not saying Jones couldn’t smack Machida upside the head and then choke him out, but I think Machida has the most dangerous ground game of anyone Jones has faced thus far. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad strategy to try and get Jones to the ground to see how he does off his back. I know, good luck with that.

Jones by 3rd round TKO.

baller Says, in 10-7-2011 at 01:48:52 from    

tough fight but it will go to bones

mma mike Says, in 10-7-2011 at 01:51:26 from    


CrookZ Says, in 10-7-2011 at 06:13:52 from    

Jones will win easily if u don’t think so u should probably stop watching mma. the only win machida has recently is against couture big deal machida’s foot work against bones is minor.
i don’t usually like to look at who defeated who but in this case i’ll make an exception. machida lost to rampage and shogun! although jj looked not his best against rampage he still destroyed them both so thinking that this will be jones big test is pathetic

… Says, in 10-7-2011 at 07:51:52 from    

jones’ reach is too great. machida wont be able to dart in and out like he normally does. also if jones starts to lose it on the feet he’ll just take machida down and finish him with elbows. shogun showed us he can get KTFO with gnp. machida has a 0% chance of winning. and I’m actually a jones hater.

tobes Says, in 10-7-2011 at 08:47:01 from    

Machida will win. He won the fight against Rampage. To the idiot above who said something about his TDD not being good, Machida’s TDD is one of the best in the division. He is also a much more dynamic striker than anyone Bones has faced, and I think his speed will counteract Bones’ reach.

War Dragon!!

mbg80 Says, in 10-7-2011 at 09:06:25 from    

Holy hell you f****** can’t spell..

JeffBecause Says, in 10-7-2011 at 09:16:50 from    

Whats with these uneven match ups lately??? I guess Its better to see someone get owned in a fight than a strategic match up that goes the distance. Long Boring fights = no popularity. 19 second knockouts can make you famous world wide…

CRO_GUY Says, in 10-7-2011 at 09:37:38 from    

I think this is a much better matchup also, and stand with Bruno on thisone… Money on Jones, cheers to Machida!

Rugburn Says, in 10-7-2011 at 10:36:00 from    

Machida has KO power in his hands and legs, great BJJ, TDD and as well as the best strike and trip combo. Add to that that he is elusive, strong, and fast and I would say yes he is JJ biggest threat. IMO Machida has improved leaps and bounds in his standup. Look at how Couture couldn’t even touch him or grapple with him. He also been finishing his last few opponents except Rampage and everyone knows he won that one. The key here is that Machida’s style will keep JJ off balance so that his strikes leave him open. Also Machida needs to execute one of his strike/trip combos to put JJ in a weak position and then pull off a leg submission!!

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 10-7-2011 at 11:37:41 from    

This is a better fight in my opinion. Super psyched!

TUNA Says, in 10-7-2011 at 12:06:39 from    

Rashad has waited patiently for this fight. He’s next in line, not Machida. The UFC should postpone till Evans can fight. It’s only fair. But, to them, it’s bad business to keep Jones on the shelf cuz he’s a good draw. UFC allows champions to not fight for over a year if they are injured, but the #1 contenders get hurt and they get bumped.

wcoastassassin Says, in 10-7-2011 at 13:26:33 from    

Jon Jones has no hope with the mythical Steven Segal mentoring the Dragon. I see some crazy mob s*** coming. Lyota Machida by throat slice by credit card.

ETK Says, in 10-7-2011 at 14:16:36 from    

Machida will karate chop that tree down.

ETK Says, in 10-7-2011 at 14:16:57 from    

Just kidding.

MMA Richmond Says, in 10-7-2011 at 17:51:50 from    

Machida has footwork and speed, and Jones doesn’t do too well with surprises in the ring. Jones is up to the challenge though. Go Jones.


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