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raulisace Says, in 4-19-2012 at 07:20:57 from    

Thats gonna be Rashad on the weekend..! Ha Ha.

TheSoftTouch Says, in 4-19-2012 at 07:22:12 from    

Greg Jackson said “Oh” then everybody was just standing there lol
The guy was like where am I? :)

thecyclops Says, in 4-19-2012 at 07:22:27 from    

Well that has “Jones-uh-ganda”writen all over it…”Hey Rashad,Jones has KO power now,better rethink the game plan” Thats Jacksons way of trying to get into Rashads head.

wow Says, in 4-19-2012 at 07:29:30 from    

LMAO another Anderson Silva perfectly times chin jab

wow Says, in 4-19-2012 at 07:31:27 from    

Ooops i should have watched the other angle, was a nice left Hook..

Highlandwarrior Says, in 4-19-2012 at 07:44:43 from    

He knocked out a extra from a jay and silent bob movie!

Alop Says, in 4-19-2012 at 08:34:36 from    

why would you ever post a video of you knocking out your sparring partner holy s*** what a douche move

Rashad Says, in 4-19-2012 at 08:43:57 from    

Fake like his personality

ironfist Says, in 4-19-2012 at 08:44:11 from    

abbout time he ko’ed someone with one punch too bad it was some homeless guy

Powertele Says, in 4-19-2012 at 08:51:15 from    

That guy was tiny and looked like he spent more time sparking up than he did fighting. FAKE. I mean, he did hurt him but that was like Jones fighting me. He needs a real sparring partner. THIS IS ALL PROPAGANDA.

ale Says, in 4-19-2012 at 09:09:07 from    

the most stupid work ever..sparring partner

mk Says, in 4-19-2012 at 09:10:07 from    

Jackson’s an a-hole

dazzers Says, in 4-19-2012 at 09:24:43 from    


wcoastassassin Says, in 4-19-2012 at 09:41:59 from    

Not sure why all the hate for Jones. If anything I think he is too nice outside the ring, because he is a beast inside. No one was talking s*** about Tyson at this point in his career and remember Tyson made his most impressionable marks to boxing in less than a 5 year span. Bones is the real deal, would like to see him get a little tougher outside the ring, but if it’s not him don’t fake it. A lot of keyboard kamikaze’s jealous as hell of this kid right now and he is not even in his prime.

Marc Says, in 4-19-2012 at 09:44:04 from    

that guy looked like a 170 pounder at most and was following Bones with his hands down walking straight in.

Tankless Says, in 4-19-2012 at 09:46:43 from    

If trying to knock your training partner doesn’t show how much of a fake phawk he is then I don’t know what would prove it …….unreal.

Jbone488 Says, in 4-19-2012 at 09:55:17 from    

This video pisses me off. Makes me realise why I hate Greg Jackson and his camp. People are laughing? Seriously? Why the hell isn’t Greg checking on this guy instead of blabbing? Why is Jones even sparring this guy in fight prep mode, he looks like a lightweight. Why is he throwing 100% power with this guy? And more importantly why the hell is his camp posting this? Does this make him look cooler. I don’t know a single gym owner that would post something like this and think it is ok. Anyone else agree?

60ndown Says, in 4-19-2012 at 09:58:13 from    

i know a guy with dreads as thin as spaghetti …. he’s a “Pastafarian”

MyLasyChance Says, in 4-19-2012 at 10:12:22 from    

Why was Jon Jones sparring with a 155er that doesn’t show a lot of stand-up technique (kept his hands low and high chin)?

Anon Says, in 4-19-2012 at 10:26:08 from    

Yeah im callin bs on this one too. Either way that guy is no Rashad Evans though.

woah Says, in 4-19-2012 at 10:32:56 from    

grr. it would have been better if there wasn’t a “directed by…” at the end.

perulives Says, in 4-19-2012 at 10:47:42 from    

Jbone this type of stuff happens all the time during sparring, I think it was more of the guy gassing out then it was a “knockout”. Jones still had 2 more rounds, and training for a championship fight is more important than freezing time just to check on the dude with the dreads. 2 guys were checking on him anyway, Jackson and Jones have priorities here.

james Says, in 4-19-2012 at 11:02:29 from    

and jon jones knocks out the encino man!

BrunoHumper Says, in 4-19-2012 at 11:06:10 from    

He knocked out Encino Man!

youcanhatemenow Says, in 4-19-2012 at 11:13:41 from    

Why on earth would you be sparring without head gear? Just for being retarded that camp doesn’t deserve to win, plus that dude he dropped was a nobody 155lb guy and Jon looked dead tired to so it was accurate over power type shot

wow Says, in 4-19-2012 at 11:27:02 from    

Guys calm the f**k down.

Bones is the best fighter in the UFC right now what is everyone getting of there high chair for…

its a video, who gives a sh*t if you think its fake, tbh he looked like he was proper KO’ed by the way he came round…

chill pill people, chill

JesusChrist Says, in 4-19-2012 at 11:31:54 from    

It was God’s will.

Dazen Says, in 4-19-2012 at 11:49:42 from    

“Jones go check on him, get some fans on the camp”

jake Says, in 4-19-2012 at 11:53:26 from    

20 bucks says Joe Rogan mentions this on Saturday
“Now we got to remember, Jone Jones DOES have one punch knock out power, he’s knocked out Multiple people in his training camp, and has been training really hard at counter punching!”

SaoNi Says, in 4-19-2012 at 11:57:24 from    

So one gets knocked out while sparring… It happens…

Could’ve guessed there would be a lot of dreadlockjokes before reading the comments. Personally don’t mind rolling or sparring with a guy with locks as long as it’s washed…
Awesome joke from 60ndown about the “Pastafarian”! It sent scorching hot tea through my nose!!!

couchpotato Says, in 4-19-2012 at 12:08:09 from    

I and I will not survive

ibunn Says, in 4-19-2012 at 12:11:23 from    

“hey Jon, Jon jones! Go check on him…earn some fans”
-Greg “classy” Jackson

murell Says, in 4-19-2012 at 12:20:27 from    

youcanhatemenow- I agree,how stupid,right before a major fight, lets spar without Head gear,Greg Jackson isnt so smart after all.

Meltface Says, in 4-19-2012 at 12:24:37 from    

Not fake at all did you hear him connect. The dude he is sparring with looks like the hippy’s i party with at Music Festivals lol

VisionQuest Says, in 4-19-2012 at 12:47:38 from    

2009 copyright, and the dude stepped right into that punch, before he could pull it. Also, he was throwing for headkicks.

Also, dont think coaches dont throw suckers to their champs or potential champs to learn to feel what its like to own someone.

Great publicity for the fight regardless, because ticket sales and viewer feedback will determine if the UFC is going to be doing this every fight now, lol

VisionQuest Says, in 4-19-2012 at 12:49:08 from    

Think back to the Gladiator days. They did this s*** for fun, and with real lives taken. Insane, we have come a long way with MMA.

This is evolution happening right here. Back to the Olympics, when they were so prized, wars were ended in some games.


Scorpius Says, in 4-19-2012 at 13:12:14 from    

No need to check on this one Jon…If there were any fans in the rooom though I might tell you to “Get some fans” So get your ass up and finish the round. “Piece of Sh#%!!!!”

fightdontbefake Says, in 4-19-2012 at 13:24:14 from    

Jackson laughed, hey Jackson F*** you, you fake piece of s***.

FightLights Says, in 4-19-2012 at 13:26:06 from    

^^ I 2nd Alop ^^, you don’t wannt to publicize knocking out your sparring partner. thats messed up. hes already helping you make big $$$ with little in return. hes already so not on jones levels. thats what he gets for helping to fill in? just my opinion

mma made easy Says, in 4-19-2012 at 14:11:17 from    

its very common to spar full on close to the fight, it removes fear and primes the weapons.

In order to simulate the cardio of Rashad, they likely had a line of guys at the ready.

I agree that it was likely “leaked” as a strategy, but Greg has doctors and whatnot on site for that sort of thing. He’s a coach, Jon’s a fighter. Everyone is doing their job, including the sparring partner.

Also, Jon didn’t hit him all that hard. Just a good angle.

jona Says, in 4-19-2012 at 14:26:29 from    

ko a poor homeless guy, come on …

Yeah Mon! Says, in 4-19-2012 at 14:46:43 from    

Gratz! He finally knocked someone out! …even though it was a local hackey sack player…

MangyMongoose Says, in 4-19-2012 at 15:04:28 from    

Why post it? That is the douche part. Everyone is there to train, it’s not something awesome or even worth posting.

MangyMongoose Says, in 4-19-2012 at 15:09:00 from    

On further consideration, this is really f****** gay. Greg Jackson’s camp is lame, I wouldn’t want to practice there if my mistakes were posted online for everyone to see. Plus the dreaded dude is sparring with a champ, wtf, insecure much Jon/Greg Jackson?

jayboxerj Says, in 4-19-2012 at 15:17:54 from    

First this is comming from a friend of Jons. He is not fake. He is and always has been a class act. Second SH*T happens in sparring. It was a counter punch. So he ran into the punch. Jon is a pro..He wouldnt intensionaly hurt someone in sparring but buliding up to a big fight the “sparring partners” pick it up and try to push Jon. I wish you guys could spen two minutes with Jon and see how humble he is. He did go check on the guy but if you have ever been in a gym or been a fighter this stuff happens//alot. People should really be informed about what they think there talking about. Cant wait for jon to give him a beating

chitdik Says, in 4-19-2012 at 15:31:32 from    

what a bunch of a*******….nobody seemed concerned and they were like Jony boy finish the round, let me hold your nuts for you while you fight etc.

babyjesus Says, in 4-19-2012 at 15:37:53 from    


FRINGEclass Says, in 4-19-2012 at 15:41:54 from    

Looked oddly staged to me…

camera work was all Blair witchesq.

kill666 Says, in 4-19-2012 at 15:43:03 from    

i think is just wrong to knockout your sparring partners but it was kinda unintentional is not like jon jones was mean and going for the kill, now either Greg Jackson f*ck’t up by putting guys way lighter and out of experience as sparring partner or it was on purpose to knock the guy out.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 4-19-2012 at 15:51:41 from    

please rashad knock this uncle tom out!!

Greaz Says, in 4-19-2012 at 15:54:00 from    

Didnt even go check on the guy , what D-Bag….I hope Rashad cleans Jon’s clock on Saturday…guy looked like 155 pound

KungFuLowKick Says, in 4-19-2012 at 16:20:10 from    

I agree with you.The guys laughing really opened my eyes to that camp.They say they are “borthers”but when one of their brothers gets knocked out,they laugh…My brother or my friend gets knocked out,I’m not laughing at all.I’ve been knocked down and got my bell rung pretty bad in training and I knock someone down from time to time because it happens when you do hard sparring.But I would never laugh at a guy getting knocked out at my gym.And nobody laughed when I got dropped at my gym.That really made me realize Jackson’s gym is far from being a brotherhood like they always say it is.

When you’re a douche you don’t care about that,all you see is you looking good so of course a douchebag will post a video of him knocking out his partner.I don’t respect him at all as a person since that video and how he talked about the Machida choke.The way he said he knew he was out and he dropped him like that to look more intimidating.He got from a douchy cocky guy to a total asshole.Sonnen is a dick but at least he’s not disrespectful in the ring.Jones is the biggest asshole world champion right now.

Dream Machine… Says, in 4-19-2012 at 16:25:21 from    

C’mon…Everyone knows Hippies are easy to KO.

Grape Soda Says, in 4-19-2012 at 16:25:35 from    

Wow he knocked out a 160 pound hippy, I’m not impressed.

bitlizard Says, in 4-19-2012 at 16:42:39 from    

what are people getting so upset about? hes just a Rastafarian, since when do mma fans cry for Rastafarians? I think it was really nice of jones not to finish him with a old skool pride head stomp or soccer kick.

Newfie Jitsu Says, in 4-19-2012 at 17:25:40 from    

Jones just threw a punch and hit the guy just right. maybe the punch was a little heavy but he has to train hard! he is the champ and has a very important fight this weekend! Not like the guys at the camp haven’t dealt with someone being knocked out before they had people attending to him. so yeah Jackson was doing the right thing if you ask me. In fact it’s good to know that Jackson is spending his time with Jones preparing for the fight.

Rjcowger Says, in 4-19-2012 at 17:35:20 from    

Is this Bum Fights?

boonching Says, in 4-19-2012 at 17:46:46 from    

IMO, bones would be a slightly above average fighter without his reach. anybody that can beat him has to overcome a 12″ reach advantage. i wanna see Alexander Gustafson get a few more wins and then pick Jones apart. With reach and speed, you’re almost unbeatable. Mark my words, “Bones will never fight Gustafson”

sammy Says, in 4-19-2012 at 18:19:00 from    

people get knocked out all the time during sparring, but I don’t know if Jon Jones should be sparring with what looks like a lightweight.

failsonnen Says, in 4-19-2012 at 19:06:34 from    

Bum Fights

T’Challa Says, in 4-19-2012 at 19:08:49 from    

@boonching, that’s ridiculous.. if it was just reach that made fighters good, Stefan Struve would be undefeated heavyweight champ by now. Jones uses his reach effectively, but it’s his wrestling & powerful submissions that have won his last 2 fights. Gustafsson would get destroyed by Jones right now.. he’s not ready.

Rocco55 Says, in 4-19-2012 at 21:03:26 from    

That was disrespectful to a fighter that gives his time to train with u, u put this up on a video and embarrass him? That’s awful

coutura Says, in 4-19-2012 at 21:07:38 from    

a cristian persson a gods child wont choke someone and then let him fall like a peace of s*** on the octagon like he did to machida he did not even care . rashad did the same thing to chuck lidell almost killed him then he did not show repect f..kkk both let them kill each other

jack.perpetual Says, in 4-19-2012 at 21:31:52 from    

I’m thinking all the way back to the gladiator days and I’m thinking they didn’t really do that $#!^ for fun at all. They were generally slaves who had little choice in the matter, but were definitely indoctrinated to die with honor. The gladiator days, as VisionQuest calls them, also referred to as “classical antiquity”, spanned millenia and the history is very nuanced. The times were definitely more harsh compared to modern standards, but I don’t really understand how the *#(% that applies to this video or anything at all. Also, as a cannabis card holder I use medicinal marijuana almost everyday and I never get knocked out by Jon Jones! Of course, I’m not stupid enough to get in the damn cage with him.

chiroguy Says, in 4-19-2012 at 21:37:40 from    

coutura…this is mma…not knitting class! Take your christian crap and blow it out your ass!!!

Scooter McGee Says, in 4-19-2012 at 21:46:53 from    

What a cheap ass…one Old English to get in the ring and two Old English after getting knocked out !

pillowhands Says, in 4-19-2012 at 23:52:31 from    

To quote Bruce Lee: Dreads, don’t hit back

dave Says, in 4-20-2012 at 00:43:49 from    

talk about weak chin holy thin glass chin!

drizzle shizzle Says, in 4-20-2012 at 01:07:32 from    

That hippy looked like a straight-up beginner…Geez lewis this guy waz so washed this video got posted of him. THis guy has no respect in the gym.N they weretryingto have him finish the round?WTF?!

bob Says, in 4-20-2012 at 02:49:53 from    

Title should be: “Jon Jones KOs a reggae dude who is not Rashad, and who does not fight in the UFC.”

Chuck Liddel could also KO the Reggae Dude, but it doesn’t mean he would win against Rashad.

Mag Says, in 4-20-2012 at 06:08:55 from    

Two angles of the action… Jon instantly stops after the left hand, no follow up swinging or anything…Then post-fight banter about his power… suss as, almost certainly set up IMO

boonching Says, in 4-20-2012 at 06:50:50 from    

@ T’Challa -true, bones uses his reach almost flawless and has all kinds of weapons but if he didnt have that reach people would fight him differently

your right, gustafson isnt ready yet. but he handled himself pretty good against silva and still looked fresh after 3. give him a few years…

paddy Says, in 4-20-2012 at 09:59:40 from    

no wonder y the guy hit the floor jones looks 50 or 60 pounds more than the guy.

JRubin Says, in 4-20-2012 at 13:49:48 from    

LOL @ people hating on Jones, people have no idea what there talking about, to say that guy is a bum like me is ridiculous, you have to get to a certain level just to be able to train with the pro’s, and Jones didn’t intentionally KO him, he threw a perfect counter while catching him on the way in, anybody who has sparred can tell you it’s the shots that you dont see coming that hurt the most, and he definatley didn’t see that coming.

Cletus Says, in 4-20-2012 at 19:44:44 from    

obviously this was edited but not set up. wow that dread did look about 180 at most.

Horus Says, in 4-21-2012 at 02:43:03 from    

yea and about 50 lbs of it were his dreads

sidekickz Says, in 4-30-2012 at 02:05:52 from    

Anyone talking trash dosnt know wat training is like and who cares if he isnt nice after knocking someone out or choking machida? Its a fight retards go outside and get in one then talk about being nice lol


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