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zmayo Says, in 5-31-2012 at 10:59:47 from    

wow, isnt he married or engaged? I know he is still with his baby’s momma. I wonder if he was taggen them?

wcoastassassin Says, in 5-31-2012 at 12:18:57 from    

He had a little too much pimp juice that night. Possibly lucky he got in the accident over going and getting one of these ladies pregnant and 18 years of child support.

glassjoe Says, in 5-31-2012 at 12:56:41 from    

Hasn’t everyone gotten into a car crash while receiving Road Head???????????

I bet this is a great opportunity for Jones to plug Bud Light!!!!!

Genghis Khan Says, in 5-31-2012 at 13:11:43 from    


a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

bobbylee Says, in 5-31-2012 at 13:24:11 from    

jon jones probably fuqqed rosario dawson why doesn’t he just accept what he is a heel brock lesnar did it and still has fans

Massbud1 Says, in 5-31-2012 at 14:38:04 from    

So what happens now when a dude that said in his interviews in the past that he wanted to be a role model for kids and for kids to look up to him? If this guy was a regular joe no one would give a F***. But since he isn’t he is so f*****. I wouldn’t doubt that he is the next example they make as a UFC F*** up like the present ones now (Alistaar and Nick).

Freaklegion Says, in 5-31-2012 at 14:48:24 from    

He’s 24, give the kid a break, because really, he’s still a kid.

FailSonnen Says, in 5-31-2012 at 15:38:24 from    

The same police officers that did that mini documentary film with him were the same that arrested him lol there goes his chance at law enforcement..

also, yeah….road head…

woadito Says, in 5-31-2012 at 15:48:29 from    

Stop giving this guy an excuse. “He’s 24, he’s just a kid.” BS… The guy has a live in GF and has kids!!!

ironfist Says, in 5-31-2012 at 16:26:50 from    

fake scumbag Rashaad was right. The fake bearded man in the sky still loves you jones too bad he’s just as phoney

jdogg Says, in 5-31-2012 at 16:29:56 from    

Unfortunate. I just hope he learns from this and moves on in a productive manner. That’s all you can really say about this situation.

It is what it is.

Thanewage403 Says, in 5-31-2012 at 17:34:26 from    

F*** UFC, F*** THEM, Miguel Torres Tweeted a r*** joke, but because he is not big money draw, or some kind of golden boy, he gets fired, re-signed or not it’s BullShat. But Jon Jones gets off with no reproductions or consequences for straight endangering others lives, and breaking the law.
That Rat, Cop wanna be prick, I hope he gets hit by a bus while on training for his fight with Dan Henderson.

Tankless Says, in 5-31-2012 at 18:12:19 from    

Hmmmm….I guess because he didn’t kill the two lady’s with him or anyone else then all should be forgiven. Drinking and driving is a bitch ass thing to do , I’m forty and drink quite a bit and never have or would do it.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 5-31-2012 at 18:15:36 from    

stay away from our white women!!!

bigtigger Says, in 5-31-2012 at 18:21:42 from    

Great fighter, bad decision. I wonder the repercussions of his actions. I Lost a lot of respect for him. He put lives at risk, legal drug but not if your driving!

T’Challa Says, in 5-31-2012 at 19:48:29 from    

Big Pimpin, spending cheese…

Refried Rice Says, in 5-31-2012 at 19:53:45 from    

It’s a black thing.. them scumbags always end up going down hill after they make it.. oh well..

mystiso Says, in 5-31-2012 at 19:56:42 from    

damn, DUI crash f***** up his threesome.

Randy Couture Says, in 5-31-2012 at 20:08:11 from    

WOW! as much as I hate Rashad he just proved him right. I wonder what BS he is telling his wife. Idiot. BTW the guy is 24 and has kids. Cant use the he is a kid card anymore.

IKnives Says, in 5-31-2012 at 20:13:11 from    

Did Jon Jones need crutches? No wait, he has his religion.

Barrek Says, in 5-31-2012 at 21:46:31 from    

Ok I don’t rant often but now I am officially bothered.

If I see one more person say “Come on man he made a mistake, we all do, give him a break.” I’m going to snap inside. I have lost close family to drunk drivers, so pardon me if I take these storys personally.

So long post short, I do hope he does jail time and loses his engagement. I hope he loses everything that I would lose if I crashed my Ford POS in to a pole with two skanks in the car. I don’t want to “give him a break”, I want him to be given justice.

jdawg Says, in 5-31-2012 at 22:05:19 from    


I think you mean repercussions? While I agree that Jones messed up, we don’t know there won’t be any consequences. As is fair, the UFC may have been waiting till the trial, sentencing, etc. Innocent until proven guilty remember? (yes, I know he pled guilty)

Machete Says, in 5-31-2012 at 22:29:19 from    

What a role model! I always knew this guy was phoney and now he proved it. Don’t cut this jerk any slack. Driving drunk is not a mistake, tell that to my best friend’s parents who had to bury him because of a drunk driver. I hope those two chicks fake some injuries and sue his a$$.

Grape Soda Says, in 6-1-2012 at 02:02:18 from    

“I would like to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ for this threesome I am about to recieve, ahhhhhhhhh CRASH” – John Jones

If you’re gloing to claim to be a follower of JC don’t be a fake or a hypocrite, leave that to the preachers.

Hella Says, in 6-1-2012 at 02:39:58 from    

Yes, it makes him a hypocrite. No, I don’t give a s*** at all. Calm down haters. You’d be a fool if you think Dana White’s going to drop one of the best fighters ever from the UFC. A lot of famous athletes have done similar, shameful things and come back from them. Rampage had a hit and run followed by high speed chase. Mike Tyson beat the s*** outta Don King. And we all know Tiger’s story, and he’s back playing golf. I also realize that unfortunately, these are all black athletes lol.

pillowhands Says, in 6-1-2012 at 05:25:27 from    

He’s more like a Role (the car) Model.

Smart money on it being a white gurl that was blowin him while drivin. *shakes head* the downfall of most blk guys.. a white gurl with impeccable throat skillz

sp1n Says, in 6-1-2012 at 12:15:01 from    

i wonder if he loses his bentley or insurance pays out on DUI in USA ?

DaBigFish Says, in 6-1-2012 at 12:44:25 from    

@ Hella – Tiger is not black, he self identifies as Asian… His dad is mixed and his mom is Asian.

Oswald Cobblepot Says, in 6-1-2012 at 14:05:10 from    

I don’t judge other men but this guy sold himself as a CLEAN character. He is not and never will be. GOD is an excuse/practice for the weak at heart and mind, science and the laws of physics rule the world, that is what we are witnessing with Jon Jones.

g.wizardry Says, in 6-1-2012 at 14:17:55 from    

Watch his last match w/Rashad and you will notice something very interesting at the end of the event while showing the highlights…they show Jon with the belt, then just before it goes off, they zoom in on the belt and Jon flashes: “okay” signs with both hands directly in front of the belt! So what right? The okay sign is really SIX, SIX, SIX! GOOGLE it. And behind every demise of a famous n*gga is white bitch. Google it.

Oswald Cobblepot Says, in 6-1-2012 at 14:29:28 from    

Wow, lot’s of racism on this issue…Really fellas go shoot yourself or jump off of a bridge.

baller Says, in 6-1-2012 at 16:11:04 from    

he is blowing his opportunity, now he cant drive n will be facing a huge lawsuit.

T’Challa Says, in 6-1-2012 at 18:15:01 from    

@Barrek, I agree drinking and driving is a serious offense, and I’m sorry for your loss, but fortunately in his case, no one was seriously hurt. Yes he COULD have killed someone, including himself, but in light of the circumstances, it would be unfair to “throw the book at him”. He’ll get a fine, probation, and not much else..

VisionQuest Says, in 6-1-2012 at 18:54:40 from    

Please like half of the haters arent going to go out, and push their luck partying and getting behind the wheel.

s*** happens, give the champ a break, and thank him for the new internet memes and laughs, now get back to training for hendo jones! He is going to hit harder than that pole. lmao

chino8303 Says, in 6-1-2012 at 20:22:40 from    

ITs sad to see so much hatred on this page. Its people like you that give MMA fighters and its fans a bad name. Racism and religion thats all you have to argue about and try to bring down? Sad to see.

kafaya1 Says, in 6-1-2012 at 22:50:44 from    

I bet most of you guys would do the same damn thing if you were in his situation so give him a break! You don’t know what he goes through in life. If I was famous, had 2 chicks in my Bentley, maybe I’d screw them too. You guys can talk smack on the side lines but come on, get real.

How many of you guys go to church on Sunday but still party Friday and Saturday?

Dave Says, in 6-1-2012 at 23:54:44 from    

I always knew he is a jerk pretending to be “Mr Perfect” and please lay off the BS “he is too young” he isn’t.
I have no issue for whatever he is but one thing for sure is that he is Fake! riding drunk with girls while his little kid is at home! pathetic!

wEz Says, in 6-2-2012 at 15:31:32 from    

‘Did Jon Jones need crutches? No wait, he has his religion.’ Haha. Nice comment from another loser atheist. Tell me how that’s working out for ya 50 years from now pal. Enjoy your pathetic existence tool. The dude is human and made a mistake. Good thing your all so perfect.

mmafan Says, in 6-2-2012 at 16:03:05 from    

JBJ made a mistake here, and he is not being let off the hook, he will have lots of negative repercussions from this, both financially and personally. He is just proving that he is human like the rest of us.
But I am not any less afan of his, because of this, not at all. He’ll come back stronger.
I was wondering why the hell he was driving in the first place, he should have a full time chauffeur.

g.wizardry Says, in 6-3-2012 at 04:40:15 from    

What’s up with all this “fake” talk about Jon Jones. Look dummies, everything you see on tv is Fake! If you believe the stuff you see on tv then you are clueless and need to pick a book or Google something. It’s called TELEVISION PROGRAMMING! They “program the inorant masses with subliminal messages and tv’s only purpose is to be a forum for ADVERTISING. Yeah, he’s fake but his skills are real. Don’t make athletes your god! He’s selling when he goes into his “Mr. Perfect” act. Your government is FAKE. Your church is FAKE. Your (our) money is Fake! Your Presidential elections are all fake. But the CFR, SKULL & BONES, ROTHCHILDS, BILDERBERGERS, all that is real. Understand? Sorry for the rant but its a lot of idiots on this site making retard comments.

OG Says, in 6-4-2012 at 02:50:08 from    

Here are their pics
Michelle L. Vojtisek

Cara Johnson


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