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Leche Says, in 12-6-2009 at 03:57:31 from    


jr Says, in 12-6-2009 at 04:02:17 from    

good call but bones was gonna man handle hamill

Soul Says, in 12-6-2009 at 04:08:24 from    

Only 1 elbow was truly a 12 to 6 the second one he changes the angle slighty as he is about to connect. It sucks for him to lose for 1 illegal blow but Bones Jones looks like a tough fight for the top LHW contenders at 22 he has a very bright future.

Mataeus Says, in 12-6-2009 at 04:08:41 from    

Wow that 12-6 elbow totally broke that nose in pieces! That cut is devistating too! I’m glad that job lost by DQ, becuase that was just unecessary. Matt should have pushed him off 15 seconds before that after jones was getting gassed from unloading on him, Matt could have easily overpowered him if he didn’t lay there like a chicken s***.

abu-dhabi Says, in 12-6-2009 at 04:09:49 from    

Nice… You have to get the Kimbo Slice Suplex Gif on here… I was jumping off my seat when I seen that.!

Mataeus Says, in 12-6-2009 at 04:09:54 from    

jon*— my bad..

Jurkerbor Says, in 12-6-2009 at 07:17:58 from    

Nasty elbow…

Gonzalo Says, in 12-6-2009 at 07:39:22 from    

the fight was goin one direction – BONES! sad he had to loose the fight by DQ

noni@yahoo.com Says, in 12-6-2009 at 08:05:53 from    

im a fan of jon jones but when i see the video im very disappointed with his moves. he’s killing mat hammil.

sskott Says, in 12-6-2009 at 08:07:28 from    

I never recall seeing this rule in the books. That’s like saying overhand punches are illegal. Steve Mazzagati is hopefully done for. He was doing these elbows nearly the whole fight and should have been warned sooner. Not attempting to deduct a point when one guy is half dead. Jones looked up at the ref many times wondering why nothing was happening. Mazzagati was too busy enjoy the onslaught.

Knuckles Says, in 12-6-2009 at 09:32:11 from    

DQ was the right decision.

Zubsta Says, in 12-6-2009 at 10:10:04 from    

Either way, Dq or not, the dude DOMINATED Hamil, he was a broken dude at the end, and heartbreaking to see, cause he is such a nice guy….

makingmmamoney Says, in 12-6-2009 at 10:33:23 from    

That was nasty, hammill was obviously out skilled…wtf was he thinking giving up full mount that easy? If you keep being sloppy at this level of competition this is what awaits you…props to Jones, abide by the rules and you’ll take home the W next time.

clei Says, in 12-6-2009 at 10:49:37 from    

Jones is going to be the champ later…

AOR Says, in 12-6-2009 at 11:17:50 from    

ufc should update their rules. the athletic commissions got rid of the 12 o clock to 6 o clock rule, so y does the ufc still have the rule?

Bermuda Triangle Choke Says, in 12-6-2009 at 11:33:16 from    

Man Mazzagatti is the worst ref… Hamill wasn’t intelligently defending himself, Jones threw about 80 unanswered punches and elbows from full mount for 90 seconds and he didn’t stop it. WTF!!

I’m tired of this whole matt hamill sympathy story, the guy quit on tuf, quit against franklin and quit against jones. He hasn’t got the heart of a fighter and thats not something I can sympathize with!!

Shaikan Says, in 12-6-2009 at 12:06:48 from    

Jon Bones Jones is a force in LHW division, he’ll go pretty far in the sport. This loss is just a technicality but everyone knows who was gonna win that fight with or without those illegal elbows. Sucks for Jones…. didn’t get paid the win bonus.

nagear Says, in 12-6-2009 at 13:41:36 from    

You know the MMA antagonists are gonna have a hay day with this reel in their anti-MMA arguments.

ah brother I can here it now..”def guy gets pummeled by vicious elbows in his socket!”…

Morning Star Says, in 12-6-2009 at 13:49:30 from    

Got enough exclamation points Bermuda? Give me a break with the Hamill has no heart crap. Hamill got outclassed pure and simple. The guy is fighting world class fighters and you’re criticizing him from a keyboard.

As far as the fight goes Jones dominated and had Hamill finished. The ref could have stopped it but that was all on Jones. Obvious foul with those elbows. Hopefully they give Jones a tougher test instead of a rematch.

mefninja Says, in 12-6-2009 at 14:13:25 from    

jones had hamill mounted for over 30seconds raindown strikes with no sign of hamill getting out… should have stopped way before the illegal elbow

TioChel Says, in 12-6-2009 at 14:43:35 from    

That was “old school”.

jasonicus Says, in 12-6-2009 at 15:14:34 from    

If the ref would have just stopped it sooner, this wouldn’t have happened. Hamill got destroyed and had no chance to get up even before those elbows. Absurd.

fworn Says, in 12-6-2009 at 15:23:20 from    

Jones needs to put more power behind those ground and pound punches. Excellent uses of greco-roman techiques to trip and take the world-class wrestler (Hamill) to the mat.

j_satan_666 Says, in 12-6-2009 at 16:44:59 from    

i like how someone thinks bones is going to be the champ….lol
he hasn’t fought anyone in the top tier yet. he’s damn good but we need to see him against stiffer competitors before we make comments like this. put him against shogun, a. silva, rampage, machida, or rashad and i bet he gets his ass handed to him quick.

dc84 Says, in 12-6-2009 at 16:51:22 from    


do you have a copy of the NSAC handy? I can recall other fights where joe rogan mentioned that downward elbows from top position are illegal (although, why they’re legal from the bottom is a mystery to me –> florian, sanchez, etc). Jones knows he was wrong to throw those elbows – that’s why he didn’t dispute the ruling. He made a mental error and lost a fight he was clearing winning

IMO Mazzagatti did a fine job. Hamill was blocking a lot of those shots, even though it was clear to see that it was only a matter of time before Jones put him to sleep or caused even more cut damage

theetompster Says, in 12-6-2009 at 17:11:08 from    

DQ was fair.

Jones got pretty tired after that gnp flurry. Matt did a good job at blocking most of those shots. If Hamil was able to continue it would have been interesting to see how much gas Bones had left.

Connor Says, in 12-6-2009 at 17:54:27 from    

There was actually four of those, but it looks like one missed. Oh well, Bones should have known not to throw those but it was going to end soon regardless.

Connor Says, in 12-6-2009 at 17:57:35 from    

I think mazaggati did a good job for once, well over half of Bones offense was blocked, and for those who are calling hammil sloppy, didn’t he say something about not being able to move his arm?

nel Says, in 12-6-2009 at 21:43:52 from    


i think the reason why its legal in da bottom is bcus when u r down on da mat, well ur on ur bak n givin elbows like that its not as strong compared to being on top n just pounding down, ur back is in to it plus gravity..that can seriously fuk u up. like the whole weight of ur body is on that pointy elbow. it can crack sum1′s face open

ROB “THE TRUTH” KEGAL Says, in 12-6-2009 at 23:35:09 from    

sskott didn’t know you had the “Official rule book” of whats legal and whats not. ASSCLOWN!! AOR, what the f*ck do you know about the athletic commisions getting rid of the rule? Athletic commisions got rid of it for what, boxing? You’re a fool!! Bermuda Triangle, what are you retarded? Not intelligently defending himself? Every elbow thrown from the side was hitting Hamill’s arm. Fworn, I don’t know what you’re smoking, but Hamill is not a “world-class” wrestler buddy!

Mazzagatti did fine and Hamill was baiting Bones.

p Says, in 12-7-2009 at 00:55:45 from    

Now not only can Matt Hamill not hear but thanks to Jon Jones he can also not smell through his busted up nose

dnice Says, in 12-7-2009 at 01:16:19 from    

2 guys fight in a cage … but no 12 to 6 elbow strikes yea that makes sense. That is why Pride was so good. Too many rules create stalemates.

is it up to the ufc or does the athletic commission decide on these rules ?

this fight should have been stopped anyway

paddedummy Says, in 12-7-2009 at 02:47:14 from    

Wtf is this 12-6 B.S.? Since when is that illegal? USA is ruining mma by adding all of these extra stupid rules

nel Says, in 12-9-2009 at 03:18:41 from    

if it can crack bricks in half imagine it on ur head. theres a reason why its illegal. yes its in the freakin rules! he knew he was wrong that why he took it like a man. da NSAC decides the rule, gives the refs. in japan u cant elbow on da ground. but u can stop or kick ppols head wen they r down n they dont give a s***

Derick Says, in 12-10-2009 at 00:13:03 from    

Jon Jones almost kill Matt Hamill. At that moment i though Hamill is near dead. Is terrify me!


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