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tonysnow Says, in 2-17-2012 at 09:40:42 from    

what a dick….he knew he was tapping and almost let him pass out

swiss_mh Says, in 2-17-2012 at 09:48:11 from    

Can’t stand that dude.

J-Bone Says, in 2-17-2012 at 10:22:12 from    

Hilarious. I would of put him to sleep!

Manfred Says, in 2-17-2012 at 10:58:23 from    

I hope Rashad knocks him out. F*** you Jones.

mmalover Says, in 2-17-2012 at 11:04:07 from    

check out Jones’s smoking hot blonde girfriend on the couch. Damn….lifes good!

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-17-2012 at 11:15:19 from    

An asshole like always.Kept the choke 3 seconds.Sure the guy tapped the second he locked the choke but it’s still an asshole move by Jones.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 2-17-2012 at 11:22:52 from    

whats the matter jones dont u like black women?

Savage Says, in 2-17-2012 at 11:35:12 from    


I believe thats his wife, he has 2 kids with her!

samuraikato Says, in 2-17-2012 at 12:04:30 from    

This assh…ego is over the roof..same situation happen at the fight with Lioto Machida.and droop him on the camvas like a dead body..this person do not have any control and he claims is a true martial artist…BS.He will learn the wrong way after causing permanent damage to one of the contenders..

Anon Says, in 2-17-2012 at 13:39:38 from    

War Rashad!

Biggle Says, in 2-17-2012 at 14:17:25 from    

I see a buck-toothed, horse-faced girl who’s trying to pretend she’s hot by wearing ridiculous boots. Is that who you’re talking about, mmalover?

shocktime Says, in 2-17-2012 at 15:50:36 from    

He’s been with that girl well before he was even in the UFC, so its legit. She’s mother of his kids, and to me she’s kinda busted looking. Too skinny and Alien Face.

schab Says, in 2-17-2012 at 16:38:37 from    

why did he hold hit after he tapped?

Doyle Brunson Says, in 2-17-2012 at 17:05:06 from    

lol dude that was funny. Jones is a legit dude people hate him just cause they can

blzd Says, in 2-17-2012 at 17:33:47 from    

what a f****** douche guy was tapping n jones still held it

Scorpius Says, in 2-17-2012 at 18:09:55 from    

Another bag of laundry gets ruthlessly dropped to the floor!

Amosaback Says, in 2-17-2012 at 19:06:47 from    

Jones has gotten a lot of hate undiservedly, IMO. However, this was truly dickish. You HAVE TO let a guy free if he taps, otherwise you’re just another Palhares.

Mcrocop Says, in 2-17-2012 at 20:45:05 from    

F*** this little brat jones…

i don’t like rashad but i hope he knock the ass of this cocky kid

Onecrazy Says, in 2-17-2012 at 21:20:46 from    

If I recall Joe Rogan choked this dude unconscious in half the time.

billybobby Says, in 2-17-2012 at 23:29:15 from    

Jones get the chip of your shoulder and you would have a lot more fans. such a peace of s***. he kept the choke on cause he could not choke out some fat guy on a radio station. F*** i hope sugar breaks your jaw.

Genghis Khan Says, in 2-18-2012 at 03:06:50 from    

I see how Jones is playing it here…indirectly claims that once he puts a choke on he can’t tell when the other person taps or passes out. Trying to justify for what happened to Machida.

Yoplait Says, in 2-18-2012 at 10:12:01 from    

Why don’t you all haters go change your tampons? Evans has zero chance of winning this fight…nor does anyone else for awhile. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it…easy fix unless you just want to cackle and bitch like a bunch of teenaged girls.

Jeff Says, in 2-18-2012 at 17:57:15 from    

@marvelous mad madam mim That was the most stupid Comment I have heard since malcom x was marching against King… BITCH it’s 2012 Get your head out of your ass!

jake Says, in 2-18-2012 at 23:01:18 from    

@Biggle LOL I agree!

And yes Jon Jones comes across as a total dick in this, let someone go when they tap!! ESPECIALLY when they obviously have no MMA training!

I hated EVANS and MACHIDA before this, but I was rooting for Machida and now rooting for Evans to knock this guy out. I think it’s something about having a loss on your record that makes you humble and favorable to the fans, except for Shane Carwin, I love watching that guy fight!

RickJames Says, in 2-19-2012 at 01:58:52 from    

That fat guy should’ve not asked to get choked in the first place. Why would you do that?


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