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Iron_Cobra Says, in 9-18-2013 at 10:52:16 from    

That is just plain stupid. Jones just worry about mma but I would like to see how jds would fair in a boxing ring.

High Stakes Says, in 9-18-2013 at 11:35:23 from    

LOL don’t get me wrong I am a huge jon jones fan but what kind of crack is he on to think that he could stand a chance against either Klitschko….. IDIOT ….on other news I would bang holly holms…screw ronda this is my new fantasy fighter !! woohoo

Genghis Khan Says, in 9-18-2013 at 12:22:20 from    

Jesus would make sure Jones wins… I believe in miracles

Chargerzfan88 Says, in 9-18-2013 at 12:33:38 from    

Lol this is stupid no need to respond to this

panman Says, in 9-18-2013 at 12:33:49 from    

Jones must be insane! That Ego has really blown up. Either Klitchko would knock his head straight off. I thinh Dos Santos Woulkd smash Jones in in boxing match.

Amosaback Says, in 9-18-2013 at 13:32:00 from    

This has everything to do with the projected $100,000,000 payday that Mayweather is expected to earn from his latest fight.

I understand why they do it, but I’m as tired of MMA fighters calling out boxers as I am of boxers calling out MMA fighters.

He just wants some sweet boxing money even if he has to get tooled up to earn it. It’s the “Here Comes the Boom” mentality: “How much do I get if I lose?”

shocktime Says, in 9-18-2013 at 13:58:13 from    

I just think Jon is trying to get paid. Smart man if you ask me. I’m sure he know he gets wrecked in a boxing match with a pro boxer 90% of the time. It’s like BJ Penn and Nick Diaz calling out Mayweather. LOL Mayweather would eat BJ and Diaz alive in boxing. These MMA guys are just trying to get paid that big fight boxing money. I mean Canelo lost that fight and probably got paid 15 million after the PPV buys! I sincerely doubt Anderson Silva has even made 15 million in all his fights combined to the one Canelo just lost.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 9-18-2013 at 14:07:16 from    

i dont buy s*** but i woud watch jones get KO’d

Joe Dog Says, in 9-18-2013 at 17:31:07 from    

Jones vs the Klitschkos? He might want to take one at a time.

Noel Says, in 9-18-2013 at 18:13:33 from    

No mma fighter as in Zero Percent of them would have a chance against a top ranked boxer in a boxing match. Not a single one of them. JDS would get the snot beat out of him just like every other mma fighter.

Noel Says, in 9-18-2013 at 18:18:08 from    

edit: I mean Jon Jones would get the snot beat out of him…
Well, JDS would, too. )

Tim Says, in 9-18-2013 at 19:57:20 from    

You call that training? LOL! pffft.pfffftt.pffffttt!!!!

T’Challa Says, in 9-18-2013 at 20:16:24 from    

Agreed. Pro boxers would crush the top MMA guys in a straight boxing match. But I can’t knock Jon for trying to get paid..

wcoastassassin Says, in 9-18-2013 at 23:26:57 from    

Get your money while you can

SEEKTRUTH Says, in 9-18-2013 at 23:28:45 from    

sure Jones teeters between confident/cocky I’m labeling this news in another category called dream on.
Has he seen himself in the octagon? That doesn’t work in boxing and it’s best he stays in MMA.
If only Anderson gave us that fight with both weidman and roy jones we would’ve seen a real MMA fight and a real Boxing fight.

wEz Says, in 9-19-2013 at 01:08:57 from    

This is nothing more then attention seeking talking points. Bones doesnt really believe he could win or stand a chance against either. Enjoy nibbling on the bait though.

Meat Drapes Says, in 9-19-2013 at 02:02:57 from    

Perhaps after that he can win an ironman triathlon and climb Everest without Oxygen?

He’s not even a good boxer in MMA, has he ever won a pro boxing match? Klitschko’s? Ahhhahahahahahahaha!

paddedummy Says, in 9-19-2013 at 06:06:58 from    

LMFAO, Forget about BJ or Diaz losing to Mayweather, Jones would lose to Floyd even though Jones has a 5 foot reach advantage! Jones would get ktfo by a 75 year old Muhammad Ali with Parkinson’s disease!

Twana Says, in 9-19-2013 at 06:33:35 from    

I guess drugs got to his brain when he made this fantasy and stupid comment.

Vitali can teach this idiot a real lesson in boxing.

Metta87 Says, in 9-19-2013 at 14:52:33 from    

Lol nuff said alreaxy, why is it always mma guys calling out boxers and not the other way around ?Oh and by the way JDS boxing sucks, i just saw a vid on him on youtube sparring a boxer and it was hi-la-ri-ous !!Funny tho that some people say he is one of ufc best boxer,along with A. Silva who just got ktfo… Terrible

greengiant Says, in 9-20-2013 at 00:21:22 from    

Kind of weird when Anderson wanted to fight roy jones he looked past chris and payed for it. Now jon jones is talking about boxing the klitschko’s and is looking past gus. Will we see the same thing?

dalnkwnt Says, in 9-20-2013 at 02:46:45 from    

where is the proof that jon jones actually said this??

Faiel Says, in 10-22-2013 at 06:48:26 from    

Boxers don’t call out MMA fighters because its a completely different skill set. They don’t have to worry about getting clinched or taken down or submitted. All it would take for a boxer to lose an MMA fight was to get grabbed and it would be over. Likewise for an MMA fighter to try to fight someone who trains ONLY in standing up and trading punches is absolutely ridiculous.


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