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Assapopalous420 Says, in 8-30-2012 at 22:43:53 from    

jon fitch is a piece of cum. his last 9 fights by decision…..

Assapopalous420 Says, in 8-30-2012 at 22:45:52 from    

last 9 wins i mean. i forgot he also got ko’ed in 12 seconds.

serigu Says, in 8-30-2012 at 23:24:40 from    

agree with above

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 8-31-2012 at 00:08:58 from    

His interviews are just like his fights.

gogoplata Says, in 8-31-2012 at 00:10:55 from    

Rory McDonald is a F***in FA****. n this fool is a piece of time wasting trash. BJ Penn’s lazy as can be, but at least he brings the heat and puts on shows and doesnt back outta fights like sOOOO many fighters these days.

WTFson Says, in 8-31-2012 at 00:29:06 from    

Silva will look to finish you before you can even think to drag him out…that will nullify your gameplan mr.fitch. And while silva is young he isn’t stupid, Ill be looking for the finish mr.fitch, not for your or the decision.

Morbidcro Says, in 8-31-2012 at 00:43:08 from    

I can’t wait for his fight with Silva. I think Silva has a lot of potential for the WW division. His striking seems excellent and his TDD was good against Brenneman (I know he’s not a great fighter but he’s good at holding you down), and he’s young. He’s only going to get better.

MMA_Masta Says, in 8-31-2012 at 10:26:46 from    

Fitch seems like a cool guy. I wish him the best against Erik Silva but I have a feel with Erik’s explosive strikes the night might not end well for him.

dddddddddddddddddddd Says, in 8-31-2012 at 11:30:30 from    

again you guys prove that you dont know mma …. jon fitch is a serious competitior in the ufc just because he got ktfo by johnny hendricks …. for those who dont know jon fitch almost beat gsp back in ufc 90 or something…. but most of the users on this site were too young to watch ufc 90…so i wont even argue

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 8-31-2012 at 12:03:53 from    

i think you need to rewatch his fight vs GSP or change your definition of almost beating GSP.Fitch lost all 5 rounds vs GSP,That’s not close to beating GSP,it’s getting your ass kicked.

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 8-31-2012 at 12:10:15 from    

ddddddddddddd, You’re a condescending d-bag, so I won’t even argue.

Drew Says, in 8-31-2012 at 12:11:29 from    

Fitch almost beat GSP at UFC 90??? I’m not sure which fight you were watching, but Fitch was battered and dominated for 5 rounds. He was on the verge of being finished once or twice. His face was a mess.

That being said, I don’t hate the guy like a lot of people do. I think Silva is a bad matchup for him and he gets finished inside 2 rounds.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 8-31-2012 at 12:59:33 from    

You’re pretty funny calling people kids who aren’t old enough to see UFC 90 when you probably were still in the kindergarden…

Not anonymous Says, in 8-31-2012 at 13:11:19 from    

I remember my friend begging his mom to buy ufc 1 on PPv for $25. Then I remember being scared that someone might die. I’ve been there, saw almost every one except 20-40 when they weren’t available on PPV. So F*** off.

Fitch wants to go to “deep water”, no s***?

dddddddddddddddddddd Says, in 8-31-2012 at 13:15:00 from    

yea good one i am still in kindergarden!! good joke… its not your faults that you guys dont understand mma .go watch wwe american r tards

dddddddddddddddddddd Says, in 8-31-2012 at 13:23:02 from    

@ thank you beast w8 limbs
@kungfufagget: with that last comment you have just further proved my point.

dddddddddddddddddddd Says, in 8-31-2012 at 13:30:56 from    

@ not anonymous

good i respect that but alot of the people who comment on this site have no clue what they are talking about.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 8-31-2012 at 13:54:12 from    

Stop trying to defend yourself…You didn’t saw Fitch vs GSP.You said Fitch almost won when you clearly never saw the fight.

dddddddddddddddddddd Says, in 8-31-2012 at 15:47:13 from    

@ kung fulowkick
well let me stop your uneducated a$$ right there and tell you the proper english would have been “you didnt see fitch vs gsp” but since you are not educated you would not have known that.. that being said … i actually remember that ufc very well it was brock lesner vs heath herring … dont talk to me until you get an education lol

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 8-31-2012 at 17:18:55 from    

Since you are so educated how many languages do you speak??English is not my first language.And like every kid talking s*** on the internet,you try to divert the fact that you said Fitch almost beat GSP when he got his ass kicked so your memory might be foggy.

emrb Says, in 8-31-2012 at 20:53:20 from    

I like Fitch. But GSP beat on him for 5 full rounds. I give Jon respect for not quitting, BJ did, and most others would have too. But not Jon Fitch – he kept coming into the face of a terrible beating for 5 full rounds. And I guarantee you he would have come out for a 6th round if they would have had one, because he is no BJ Penn style QUITTER. Poor Beej, he couldn’t answer the bell for round 4 against St. Pierre, even though he was on his feet.

This isn’t hype Says, in 8-31-2012 at 21:40:51 from    

Fitch’s game plan: Take down and hump for 3 rounds. 5 if a title fight.

ramrod Says, in 9-1-2012 at 04:36:48 from    

this guy seems professional and has great questions i was looking on the net to see how many people ariel helwanni has pissed off and it was like 3 or 4 fighters do you guys like ariel?

zmayo Says, in 9-1-2012 at 09:46:00 from    

He is a hump machine

KronicKT Says, in 9-1-2012 at 12:37:04 from    


You are a fool. First of all ufc 90 was silva vs cote. Fitch lost 50 to 45 50 to 44 and 50 to 43 at ufc 87!!!!! Get your facts right before you bitch about other people not knowing mma. Fitch was dominated for25 straight minutes? Wtf fight were you watching you clown????

dr doom Says, in 9-1-2012 at 23:57:10 from    

Unless Silva gets a knockout, this Fight goes to Fitch. Silva has very little wrestling experience and Fitch is one of the best at it. I suspect it’ll be another Guida vs. Pettis, with the better striker getting schooled by a gritty wrestler.

Survival Lobby Says, in 9-3-2012 at 02:35:57 from    

“more looking at it in a science kind of way” lol bush league interview


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