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PitFighterZ Says, in 8-9-2009 at 00:46:31 from    

Great upset or reality check?

Darkmetal Says, in 8-9-2009 at 00:52:20 from    

Wow, that stop seemed premature to me. Not only that, but I think Amir was hit on the back of the head at least 3 times. I don’t think it should have been stopped, but stood up and then the Dr could have seen if it was ok for Saddalla to continue. If not, it should have been ruled a “no contest”.

Crappy, hulking Mergliotta–bad ref.

sterling Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:06:26 from    

NOOOOO! It was early. He wasn’t even hitting him.

I can’t blame the ref, though. He couldn’t see where the punches were landing.

eizmed Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:36:20 from    

a very disappointing fight ………

ccruz Says, in 8-9-2009 at 01:47:28 from    

Thank you Bruno for the quick post!

CrockerNut Says, in 8-9-2009 at 02:00:17 from    

Miragliotta should be reffing middle school wrestling. That was absolutely awful. You cannot stop a fight because you have a bad angle. Freaking hack!

deathblade Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:00:28 from    

I think that Dan needs a new career. I thought maybe the first couple times were bad luck but he isnt getting any better.

C A L I Z M O Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:31:50 from    

not only that, right when amir was getting up they stopped it…

OriontheKiwi Says, in 8-9-2009 at 03:34:34 from    

IM FROM RICHMOND AND IM PISSED!! Amir got hit once and then fell over and then Hendricks following barrage of s*** punches that didn’t even land caused the fight to be stopped?!!? F*** THESE MOTHER f****** REFEREES. THEY NEED TO START TRAINING THESE IDIOTS BETTER.

danada Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:07:02 from    

Bad stoppage. Amir got rocked but I think he lowered his head to dodge those punches and THEN get up. Hendricks missed with about 4 punches in a row AND he was throwing them to the back of Amir’s head. HORRIBLE stoppage.

noseel Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:09:21 from    

Check on the fighter before blindly turning your head and stopping the fight!

Dont they learn this in Ref school??!?!

johnny wu Says, in 8-9-2009 at 04:22:38 from    

^ no doubt. Murgliotta is notorious for this s***. he doesn’t know what he’s doing. This would have been a slugfest. Hope there’s a rematch in the works.

jamie Says, in 8-9-2009 at 05:19:18 from    

rite first thing first early stoppage when u watch the replay amir was getting back to his feet also he was got hit on the back of the head 6 times really bad reffing if u ask me i was ragin last night really wanted to see amir in action for like a year then it finally happnens nd this is what i get aghhhhh it bloody pish

Beastie Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:01:19 from    

badddd stoppedge he was clearly on his way to getting back up..but at the same time safety alwayz first..

…. Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:08:21 from    

Everyone thinks every stoppage by this guy is premature. I know let’s let Hendricks hit him over and over until the round ends so he kills him. Amir didn’t try to move until the ref got in between them. As far as the guy complaining about angles. I think the guy standing five feet away has a better angle than everyone watching on tv. Amir was a fraud like most “Ultimate” Fighters.

unoe c. yetecinko Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:11:14 from    

i agree with darkmetal… early stop and there were some blows to the back of the head. miragliotta should have taken time and restarted. lame finish.

H Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:14:02 from    

Premature stop by referee. I agree with these guys being taught a bit better!
Hendricks should have been warned for the back of the head hits!! The punches were VERY poor by hendricks!

Very dissapointing by the outcome!!


makman Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:30:14 from    

what song did Amir Sadollah come out to? that was ridiculous? i’m genuinely curious to know what song that was though, so if anyone knows..thx

thestank Says, in 8-9-2009 at 07:29:57 from    

Amir got uppercutted a billion times. Yea it looked like a few strikes to the back of the head but he was done anyway. He would have just got tore up even more. He was just to aggressive.

cooler Says, in 8-9-2009 at 07:47:13 from    

Dan miragliota is a f****** retarded he f***** lot of fights in UFC and in Strikeforce

saer Says, in 8-9-2009 at 09:33:38 from    

early stop for sure! amir got rocked but the fight should of went on…

Duyhuni Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:38:34 from    

FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK This early stop this is fake ultimate fighting chempionship:(( fighters spend every thing training hoping for win this mather f****** FUUUKC all this

koralfighter1 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 10:57:59 from    

what the F*** was this?
this reff is a f****** faggid!
go home m***********

Candymand07 Says, in 8-9-2009 at 12:09:36 from    

amir wasn’t even out his legs never went limp and his head never dropped either. DAN is the worst ref in the business. I miss you BIg John.

Iconoclast Says, in 8-9-2009 at 12:56:01 from    

What was that? 12 unanswered, undefended punches to the head? Yeah, f*****’ ridiculous stoppage.

Savage Says, in 8-9-2009 at 14:37:02 from    

I’d like to know why Hendricks out of no where started bending over like he was in some intense pain. i noticed it after his last fight he went to stand up and he made the exact same motion as he did in this fight. it seems to be maybe a rib or hand injury by the way he was walking? does anyone know?

smiley Says, in 8-9-2009 at 15:00:56 from    

Wow to the guy that posted that the ref was right and he ha d a better angel than us. you are a f****** goof!!. Clearly u dont know s*** about mma or fighting in general. That was a horrible stopage not only was Amir getting back to his feet BEFOR the ref steped in he was getting punched in the back of the head. If the fight was being stoped it should of been for a point taken away from HENDRICKS for ILLEGAL blows to the back of the head not because Amir wasnt defending himself . SO no only is Mirgiota a f****** DUMASS BKIND GOOF BALL DOUCHE BAG YOU ARE MORE OF A WASTE OF AIR THAN HE IS… dumass douche bag goof

…. Says, in 8-9-2009 at 06:08:21 from

Everyone thinks every stoppage by this guy is premature. I know let’s let Hendricks hit him over and over until the round ends so he kills him. Amir didn’t try to move until the ref got in between them. As far as the guy complaining about angles. I think the guy standing five feet away has a better angle than everyone watching on tv. Amir was a fraud like most “Ultimate” Fighters.

mowgli Says, in 8-9-2009 at 15:24:23 from    

Sadollah got dropped like he was hurt, then made no attempt to defend himself.
Regardless of if the shots were on the back of his head, he HAS to defend himself: 1. For his own good, of course, and 2. To show the referee he’s ok.
Dropping like that (1) and not attempting to defend himself (2), are not coincidences, it’s an obvious trend.

DFA Says, in 8-9-2009 at 15:36:39 from    

Doesn’t matter who you where rooting for, terrible stoppage. I don’t understand why Miragliotta still has a job reffing. This eye poking, fighter pushing, wrong hand lifting embarrassment to MMA needs to lose his job after his newest ruined fight.

theudnerfighter Says, in 8-9-2009 at 15:58:54 from    

Oh my god… every punch he threw at Amir on the ground was to the back of his head. Shoulda called the Doc in, and it woulda likely been ruled a no-contest.

taao Says, in 8-9-2009 at 16:12:26 from    

yes, the punches were to the back of the head.

no, sadollah was not intelligently defending himself.

yes, he was getting back to his feet.

no, he was not going to win that fight and miragliotta probably saved him some brain damage.

bigbob Says, in 8-9-2009 at 19:06:41 from    

was this dirty ref margoliotta
doing , im sure amir was pissed at
him along with his 50 000 fans.

#1 Rashad Says, in 8-9-2009 at 19:24:58 from    

what the F*** was this. he was f****** fine, that dumbshit stopped it when he got up. and that idiot hendick just kept landing shots to the back of the head.

Steamer Bean Says, in 8-9-2009 at 20:58:07 from    

Glad to see a wrestler from OK doing well, but that WAS a bad stop. I watched this live on a ’65 in HD, it was crystal clear. Amir, was rocked for sure, but he was looking right at Johnny and was getting to his feet. He was probably going to get finished either way, but you can’t end a fight on speculation. I’ve seen fighters recover from much worse and win.

robert Says, in 8-9-2009 at 22:03:24 from    

that was kinda controversy stopage.

but Amir Sadollah was almost knock out, he fall like 3 times, i dont think that Amir was going to be able to recover.

(Sakuraba and Nogeira has getting beat up even harder and they recover but hey lets face it Amir Sadollah is not Sakuraba or Nogeira)

woolslayer Says, in 8-9-2009 at 22:46:58 from    

Maybe he wasn’t knocked-the-F***-out, but that wasn’t horrible stoppage like all these lunatics are raving. He got rocked hard by the uppercuts from the clinch and took some very nasty haymakers to the side and even the back of the head it looks like. Would you honestly have rather seen him take another 10 of those for no reason? He wasn’t coming back after that, he was rocked and Hendricks was on him like stink on s***.

…. Says, in 8-9-2009 at 23:17:15 from    

Smiley your right I don’t know anything about losing fights which you clearly seem to be an expert on. I only know everyone came running to another Ultimate Fighter alums defense who got smashed, Josh Koscheck. You really shouldn’t invest so much emotion into guys who fight on reality tv shows. Did you cry when Rashad and Forrest got knocked out? Did you cry foul? Did you suspect Machida of juicing or using plaster of paris? Lighten up. Amir lost. Unnecessary punishment is going to get someone killed. You probably watch Nascar for the crashes too….

…. Says, in 8-9-2009 at 23:22:01 from    

Does everyone think this was early because you think so or because Joe Rogan thinks so?

…. Says, in 8-9-2009 at 23:43:58 from    

Smiley let me help you out.

Wow to the guy that posted that the ref was right and he had a better angle than us, you are a f****** goof! Clearly you don’t know s*** about mma or fighting in general. That was a horrible stoppage. Not only was Amir getting back to his feet before the ref stepped in, he was also getting punched in the back of the head. If the fight was being stopped it should have been for a point taken away from Hendricks for Illegal blows to the back of the head, not because Amir wasn’t defending himself . So no, only is Miragliotta a f****** dumbass,(I have no idea how to fix this nonsense)douche bag; you are more of a waste of air than he is… Dumbass-douchebag-goof.

dayzaway Says, in 8-10-2009 at 02:58:04 from    

rogan is starting to become as biased as frank mir. Just beacuse hes a friend of amir’s and wanted him to win, it was premature. Goldberg Disagreed but he always submits to rogans opinions. Sadollah was out he hit the floor and kept getting hit without pulling guard, or blocking. Fights over. I knew Johhny hendricks would win anyways if you hadnt seen him fight before google his previous fights. Hes bad ass.

mills Says, in 8-10-2009 at 04:45:00 from    

bullshit!! dan is a f****** piece of s*** ref!! i rather watch steve mazagatti’s mustache ref, then this asshole!!!

JJ Says, in 8-10-2009 at 06:54:09 from    

So annoying with that early stopping! Amir is so much better figther than Hendricks! Hopefully Amir will learn by his misstake – if you set out to do one thing (like amir was here – trying to get the clinch) and get hit – stop trying and get out of there! I´we seen it many times in mma. Not that easy when youre in a fight thou….
Amir will be back, he´s one of the best 170p-fighters, but still have much to learn.

astac07 Says, in 8-10-2009 at 07:45:02 from    

again with the stupid Miragliotta!

patrickl187 Says, in 8-10-2009 at 13:54:40 from    

Amir got hit with some huge upercuts… he was hurt no doubt…. from our angle the REF allowed some major blows to the back of the head. Thats our angle though. REF had a much better look than we did.But if he wasnt hittign to the back of the head, would john have hurt his hand hitting the side of amirs face? prolly not…

xtcmma Says, in 8-10-2009 at 15:53:14 from    

jj how is Amir a better fighter than Hendricks. If he was he should have known that step back two was coming. They share the same coaches at xtreme couture. The straight left was the punched stopped him in his tracks that’s why he went for the thai plum but was all ready rocked then got hurt by the uppercuts. Early stoppage yes 30 more second would have just meant more punishment

Blandz Says, in 8-10-2009 at 18:31:32 from    

That stoppage was terrible.
if you look at the replay, only one uppercut landed flush, but on top of that, when Hendricks was stiking from the top, all of those shots hit the back of Amir’s head, which is beyond illegal.

That should be a No Contest.

dharmaboy Says, in 8-12-2009 at 13:21:40 from    

Bring back Big John to Ref. atleast he knew how to do it properly

woolslayer Says, in 8-14-2009 at 22:52:43 from    

whoever said only one of those uppercuts landed flush needs to get their f****** eyes checked.

jptest22 Says, in 8-29-2009 at 03:18:05 from    

let’s not mention that the last 3 punches were to the back of the head


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