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Justsayin Says, in 3-22-2010 at 00:55:41 from    


Roundballrock Says, in 3-22-2010 at 01:21:08 from    

Damn sick KO doomsday, let’s not forget about the doctor’s amazing elusiveness to avoid the back flip

conundo Says, in 3-22-2010 at 01:23:22 from    

Daniel Roberts got a doomsday to the

mb=KO Says, in 3-22-2010 at 01:53:11 from    

fuk howard .. those three blows after roberts was out where totally unnecesary.. that could cause roberts some serious brain damage… hope anthony johnson KOes his ass and delevers some of those same cheap shots after hes out

rza808 Says, in 3-22-2010 at 07:55:04 from    

Heavy hands there

gibby35412 Says, in 3-22-2010 at 10:19:52 from    

@ mb=ko

John Howard has shown nothing but respect to all of his opponents before, during, and after fights. I’m sure those shots were the result of pure adrenaline after a back and forth grappling war on a tough opponent. I dont think any of them were intentional and he probably didnt realize Roberts was out cold. Still it was awesome.

BLOODY KNUCKLES Says, in 3-22-2010 at 10:53:53 from    

Adrenaline is a powerful thing my friend.. DOOMSDAY apologized to the other guys corner after the destruction. A fights a fight, stop bitching about how its UNSPORTSMANLIKE like, the ref should have been quicker. haha

Manny Says, in 3-22-2010 at 13:15:21 from    

If you saw the start of this fight Howard goes to touch gloves and Roberts immediately shoots in and starts working for multiple submissions. If anything he deserved a few extra after. But it’s also the refs fault he was SO FAR away from the action when the KO first happened.

fworn Says, in 3-22-2010 at 13:44:24 from    


anthonyv13 Says, in 3-22-2010 at 17:01:52 from    

that was brutal!!!!! doomsday packs bricks in his gloves

ml Says, in 3-22-2010 at 17:51:34 from    

Yeah, the ref stops the fight, not the fighter. It is the refs duty to get there in time. With that said, “extra” licks are bound to happen, as the ref simply can not be on top of the action the whole time.

shocktime Says, in 3-22-2010 at 17:56:56 from    

Yeah Doomsday is a good dude, not like hes Royce Gracie and keeps choking guys after they clearly tapped and the ref is tryna pull him off and he stills tryna choke them!

imhungry Says, in 3-22-2010 at 19:03:20 from    

@ gibby35412, BLOODY KNUCKLES and ml

Does that make what he did alright?

Answer: No. It does not.

The whole adrenaline thing is a cheap excuse and even he didn’t see his legs stretch out, he did see his face and hands. All those shots were uncalled for and he deserves to be penalized for it not rewarded extra money with a KO of the night.

Moments like these and comments like the ones you three are posting make the sport look bad. Grow up.

Not saying it’s Howard’s fault completely, ref should have been close to the action and acted much faster, but Howard definitely has fault in this as well.

AngryBurger Says, in 3-23-2010 at 07:03:21 from    

Ref was amazingly slow…..

kimboslam76 Says, in 3-24-2010 at 02:55:08 from    

howard surprised me,i thought roberts was gonna use his ground skills to win….

Yung AL Says, in 3-24-2010 at 16:09:58 from    

Wow are you serious? omg he hit him three times quit cryin issa dam fight if this was real situation he woulda been getn stomped out while he was ko’d. it wasnt evn that bad, he dint feel em anyways aha

the one Says, in 3-24-2010 at 23:04:08 from    

the dude went right after john when john went to hit cloves he showed john no respect so thats what he got he should of touched cloves johns a nice guy to nice he got john mad so thats what happend


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