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FailSonnen Says, in 3-13-2012 at 09:27:58 from    

A lot of good that did him…. -_-

why Says, in 3-13-2012 at 12:34:11 from    

Good warm up. the concept is you don’t want to go from 0 to 100% all in one shot. u will fatigue quickly. work up to it. skill is another story.

Savage Says, in 3-13-2012 at 13:57:45 from    

if you have to tell yourself youre the baddest m*********** on the planet, you dont have the confidence to step in the cage.

bob hopeless Says, in 3-13-2012 at 14:16:37 from    

i really enjoy these “behind the scenes” type of videos. thanks for posting it, Bruno.

i never would have run across it on my own.

Bruno: no problem.

rza808 Says, in 3-13-2012 at 14:37:43 from    

A lot of fighters need that false bravado mindset to fight. Most of them dont have faith in their talent…

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-13-2012 at 16:43:42 from    

2 words.Napoleon Complex.

T’Challa Says, in 3-13-2012 at 17:31:29 from    

Mini Chael Sonnen got what was coming to him…

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 3-13-2012 at 20:01:49 from    

He got the baddest M*********** beating on the planet! He was partly correct…. man I would to see that ass beating again, and again, and again…and again. Please don’t retire!

turboobsessed Says, in 3-13-2012 at 21:00:51 from    

What does he say at the end? From what it seems, he is made about the warmup possibly messing up the fight for him?

O Says, in 3-13-2012 at 21:46:38 from    

You all are a bunch bitches honestly either you have never competed a day in your life and realize that hyping yourself up to a point of which you believe you can achieve anything is a part of some athletes routines. Secondly could it not just have been that Curran was a far better athlete on that night? To me it seems that Warren was been thrown into deep waters because of his experience in wrestling but is still a developing product who managed to accomplish a lot with a very limited tool set. He managed to beat Kid at a time in which we all thought Kid was still relevant and Yamamoto has shown in his last few outings that his abilities have seen better days.
Just wish Warren would have started competing in MMA 10 years ago.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 3-14-2012 at 11:45:58 from    

s*** Joe is still the man. Maybe was never the baddest man on the planet but who thought he was. I will say very few people truly believed Curran would beat him though.

tally2312 Says, in 3-14-2012 at 18:11:27 from    

LOL…..reminds me of Stifler getting ready for a fight


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