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mangymongoose Says, in 10-6-2013 at 14:51:29 from    

I’ve listened to Joe for years talk about this stuff, and after a few months break from his ideas, he’s still interesting.

icolater Says, in 10-6-2013 at 16:25:00 from    

Ledgend!! 12.25 Who is Joe interviewing, looks like a future fight from the current season of TUF

Doyle Brunson Says, in 10-6-2013 at 16:32:57 from    

I agree with pretty much everything Rogan has to say….Great minds think alike.

nexstory Says, in 10-6-2013 at 16:50:13 from    

Joe, while psychedelics do produce dramatically altered states of consciousness, meditation practices alternatively focus and refine awareness as an organically unfolding experience and expression of self in relationship to one’s world. Every drug is a catalyst for either exciting or inhibiting some aspect of our body chemistry. The heightened states of euphoria and perceptual awareness from drugs are basically powerful neurological reactions to them. Not a bad thing if on the flip side there weren’t a number of potentially damaging side effects to both the body and mind. These side effects do include destabilized behavior that does have a consequences for families and communities as a whole. Many practitioners of Mixed Martial Arts appreciate the spiritual origins and serious disciplines associated with their practice. Most, in their day to day life are among the most gentle people you would want to meet. Drugs and alcohol are terrible change agents that can basically alter both your mind and even your Bentley as well.

Chicago Says, in 10-6-2013 at 17:24:00 from    


oreilzac Says, in 10-6-2013 at 19:45:13 from    

Joe Rogan is a sophisticated Hippie, he is not aware of it because he is so high on his own intellectual dribble.

Xformat Says, in 10-6-2013 at 22:16:36 from    

Nexstory….well said!

As for drugs, including the “harmless” marijuana joint, I certainly wouldn’t want my heart surgeon performing surgery on me or anyone else on ANY kind of drug, including caffeine (the shaking hand syndrome). I certainly wouldn’t want my jet airline pilots smoking even one simple, harmless joint before taking flight. And more than this, I certainly wouldn’t want my pastor, one who is relaying spiritual principals, to be using any kind of drugs while in the pulpit.

My God teaches that it is best to have a sober mind, thus a sober mind produces sober thoughts. Sober thoughts produce sober actions and this, I feel, is the best way to raise our children.

YODA Says, in 10-6-2013 at 23:02:11 from    

As much as i love Joe Rogan he is indeed full of himself, but so would I…

Ozinator Says, in 10-6-2013 at 23:02:38 from    

I listen to select JRP shows and always cringe when he justifies the “gangster” aspect of capitalism by pointing to tools and distractions as if life would suck without “cool buildings”. He’s a smart guy with some large blind spots.

Going on RT may force him to address another area he’s blind to when his buddy Ari yells at him for being an “anti-semite”.

jammyman Says, in 10-6-2013 at 23:18:10 from    

Evil is evidence for God. In the absence of God there can be no evil or good just differences. If God does not exist then objective Good and evil do not exist. Evil exist (molestaing a child or genocide) therefore God exist. Its that simple.

TRA the Mens Rea Says, in 10-7-2013 at 00:41:34 from    

Joe is a pimp. The dude is great example of having goals and meeting goals. From comedy, to reality tv, to martial arts, to commentating, to podcast, and so on. Nice dude, up front, honest to his beliefs. The guy is an inspiration.

Skeptical Says, in 10-7-2013 at 06:40:36 from    

Looks like her bush was on fire :) Joe is probably going to taste it to see if there’s DMT in it.

Jon Says, in 10-7-2013 at 14:19:31 from    


Amosaback Says, in 10-7-2013 at 14:22:34 from    


No, molesting a child doesn’t mean that God exists. Bad things could/would happen with or without God. Your fouled logic only works in the context of supreme bias.

Virodust Says, in 10-7-2013 at 15:16:09 from    

Abby has a cute giggle

T’Challa Says, in 10-7-2013 at 16:49:58 from    

@Jammyman..Define “evil”.. Your “God” condones murder, genocide, r***, and all kinds of “evil” stuff in the Old Testament, and other religions as well. Just like how nobody literally believes in Zeus or Apollo anymore, the “God” concept will eventually fade out.

wEz Says, in 10-7-2013 at 16:53:02 from    

evil can still exist without a God. That being said, Atheism is more or less a belief system for the privileged. If there is no God its certainly nothing to celebrate for those who have been given a bad shake in life or who experience things like r*** or paralysis. regardless I don’t see how its anything to celebrate as death and Bodily breakdown will eventually hit alllof us. But enjoy the ignorance selfish pride of youth I guess.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 10-7-2013 at 17:04:09 from    

It’s too bad the the evil you describe is mainly done by priests or Men of God. With or without religion there will be evil. The only difference is there wouldn’t be hypocrite a******* saying they talk to God and 5 seconds later F*** an altar boy in the ass…

Facefrack Says, in 10-8-2013 at 00:37:16 from    

@nexstory: Your response generally strikes me as lucid n I definitely think that there is a deep n central place for meditation in the cultivation of awareness in the maturation of civilization. What you said certainly holds together for drugs like Crystal Meth n Heroin, but the effects of psychedelics stand far away from those of such physiologically destructive drugs. First of all, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that psychedelics are damaging to human physiology n there have even been studies that suggest medical efficacy for the treatment of cluster headaches, etc. They can definitely destabilize various behavior patterns, but my experience has been that this is largely an opportunity to reflect on how the various behavior patterns I live with affect myself n others, so I become more capable of recalibrating my actions to the genuine needs of the world I live in. As I see it, the real danger is in expecting such experiences to yield specific knowledge that is beyond their capacity. I can’t reliably trace the visions that I had of the Mother Goddess that was woven into an intricate matrix of forms in the clouds to some objective knowledge of God, but I also can’t deny that my experience reflected a profound explosion of cognitive creativity. And while the kindness of Mixed Martial Artists in their home-lives is wonderful, they also aren’t generally involved in thinking through the deep systemic problems that need to be understood for the continued survival of humans on Earth. Psychedelics have definitely played a role in many interesting discoveries n innovations. And who could deny that they have helped to catalyze some of the awesomest art n music that has ever been made? The guy that won the Nobel Prize for inventing PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) as a means for replicating DNA for biological experiments said that he wasn’t at all sure that he would have ever thought of it without having taken LSD. Steve Jobs in the emergence of Apple as a society-dynamics transforming phenomenon is probably the most prominent example of something interesting that was LSD-inspired. I certainly wouldn’t want the pilot of a plane that I was on to be tripping with psychedelics, but I wouldn’t mind if his flight attendants were. In short, the “drugs are bad” bumpersticker slogan doesn’t represent a true understanding of the effects these drugs have on individuals, or on the community. I came away from my last experience with psychedelics feeling more deeply connected to myself and my community than I had for a long time previous.

greengiant Says, in 10-8-2013 at 07:02:05 from    

Abby is one gorgeous women. Damn.

nexstory Says, in 10-8-2013 at 14:45:39 from    

I hear you my brother and while I would contend that flooding the gates to awareness might help you to swim, still, I have seen many a friend go that path and metaphorical drown.

Connection is the very nature and fabric of the “uni”verse. Disconnection is the illusion. Mediation is simply the art of sustaining that connection. Psychedelics activate or excite centers in the brain that remain otherwise relatively dormant. Would be a good thing if not for every high there was a consequent low. Somewhere down the line, the system can no longer handle the load and begins to off balance and breakdown. This conversation between meditation and psychedelics has been going on for thousands of years. Whereas meditation, like with martial arts requires serious training, psychedelics requires only a source and a dime.


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