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Yojimbo Says, in 2-2-2010 at 18:13:17 from    

That kids never seen a penis so small. That’s why he stares

sooooopernate Says, in 2-2-2010 at 18:28:34 from    

what a creepy kid.

BlakeBogosian Says, in 2-2-2010 at 18:39:19 from    


bob Says, in 2-2-2010 at 19:28:48 from    

hahahah everybodies got there own king.. great line..

very funny… quite creepy… but funny

CravenMorehead Says, in 2-2-2010 at 20:06:24 from    

This must be that kid from “Superbad” Who loves to draw dicks!! Someone needs to talk to this kid or he’s gonna get his ass whooped at school!!

CravenMorehead Says, in 2-2-2010 at 20:07:09 from    

I’d hate to be that kids dad!

tonysnow Says, in 2-2-2010 at 20:37:51 from    

kinda gay

QMan Says, in 2-2-2010 at 20:54:20 from    

I know this guy. His name is Eugene. He’s not a bad kid; he’s probably in on this video with Rogan.

Greatwhite Says, in 2-2-2010 at 21:43:13 from    

Making a video about a strange teenage boy constantly checking out your dick in the changing room???

HaVoK Says, in 2-2-2010 at 22:01:05 from    

We all get a creepy stalker at least once in our lives.

Jon Dough Says, in 2-2-2010 at 23:51:25 from    

That ‘kid’ is the one playing the joke. That’s no boy, that’s a girl. You know, one of them ‘softball chicks’ who can easily pass for a dude. She has a crush on the Rogester. She fooled thyem enough to be able to go back into the ‘mens’ locker room.

PuNcH Says, in 2-2-2010 at 23:55:47 from    

lol rogan is buff – no homo

championman Says, in 2-3-2010 at 01:25:40 from    

lol jesus. This guys life is ruined….but if rogan continues to catch this, F*** em

Morning Star Says, in 2-3-2010 at 06:41:23 from    

Lolz, wtf is with that kid.

Dr. Says, in 2-3-2010 at 17:52:35 from    

“We all get a creepy stalker at least once in our lives.”

Sounds like something a stalker would say.

cheesetoochalk Says, in 2-3-2010 at 21:20:34 from    

idk what’s more disturbing the kid or the documentation of this…….. wait what am i saying!!!??? That kid is creepy as F***!!!!

bwa_z Says, in 2-4-2010 at 00:08:14 from    

thats pretty damn funny.

Rick Says, in 2-4-2010 at 00:08:20 from    

Thanks for wasting 2 minutes of my life on this.
Not funny, just Joe peacocking,look at me with my shirt off.
Joe’s the best cadgeside though. You really appreciate his quick wit once you watch a Strikeforce card and have to put up with the guys speaking there.

Ninjatits Says, in 2-4-2010 at 02:48:59 from    

I wish the producers of all the mainstream western MMA events would give the viewer an option to turn off the shitty commentary ONLY- and keep the rest, like the ref, the trainers, grunts, groans, the important stuff – and just get rid of the rubbish.

Justsayin Says, in 2-4-2010 at 03:41:41 from    


TJ Says, in 2-4-2010 at 07:33:32 from    

WTF, I’m a Rogan fan but this was just weird and stupid. Oh and one thing, use a towel and dry off before you put your clothes on, seriously…

bigsexy Says, in 2-4-2010 at 15:33:08 from    

this proves rogan is a pole smoker at 1:49 he gives the guy behind the back five, so this is staged, he probably lets him triangle choke on his cock after every practice

mmagod4life Says, in 2-6-2010 at 01:39:19 from    

man joe looks at every fighters ass when they take off their pants at all da weigh ins…lmao…watch n see…he does!!!!

paddedummy Says, in 2-7-2010 at 02:43:13 from    

Man that’s nothing, I once had this black dude start beating off right in front of me in the steam room at a gym. When I got up and left and called him a f-ing f** he actually followed me out and was peeking around the corner while I got dressed! I think he was foreign and didn’t understand english. I thought about bashing him but I chose not to because I was afraid of catching hepititis if I cut my knuckles on his teeth

YimmysWyzrdry Says, in 2-8-2010 at 17:13:06 from    

Who wouldn’t want a look at steroid Jeremy Piven?


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