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jona Says, in 3-14-2013 at 21:04:13 from    

ho boy…next fight, just aim for joe scar :(

Goomba Says, in 3-14-2013 at 21:14:25 from    

Does that actually work?

knuckles Says, in 3-14-2013 at 21:19:52 from    

yea poking a scar with some metal will surely make it less prone to opening again.

Dave Says, in 3-14-2013 at 21:23:40 from    

WTF?? no gloves??? what kind of health professional is that?

Ozinator Says, in 3-14-2013 at 22:43:41 from    

hmmmm….chiropractor mixed with bro science? I am open to chiropractors and alternative medicine but without backed up explanation, I throw them into that 99 percent of BS quackery.

Any experts want to debunk this?

LoneRonin Says, in 3-14-2013 at 22:45:21 from    

@Dave…There’s no leaky fluids or an open wound, and I’m pretty sure he probably washed his hands. What Joe needs is the Wanderlei treatement, he had plastic surgery to remove it and I think they even shaved down the bone on his brows.

Roe Jogan Says, in 3-14-2013 at 23:09:58 from    

Why he doesn’t just see a good plastic surgeon with a laser is beyond me. It is far more effective and far less painful and far less time consuming. The healing factor is faster too.

FailSonnen Says, in 3-14-2013 at 23:27:57 from    

Learn proper head evasion and footwork against strikes Joe so you don’t get hit next time.

Why does it seem only Anderson Silva knows this?

Aikido4Life Says, in 3-15-2013 at 00:12:40 from    

Lol fail sonnen! I’m no expert but its cant be that simple.

Joe Dog Says, in 3-15-2013 at 00:46:53 from    

At $200 per pop, of course it works, 75 treatments over six months and you’re ready for the laser.

sakurobbedya Says, in 3-15-2013 at 02:03:24 from    

anyone else notice Hiero playing in the back?

cigronne Says, in 3-15-2013 at 04:29:11 from    

Joe, come over with your vanished scar tissue that I will rub it all over and make it more visible. Ok it is 500 bucks, thank you

Stranger Says, in 3-15-2013 at 05:32:17 from    

give me a butterknife, I fix you up

VisionQuest Says, in 3-15-2013 at 11:10:11 from    

You are all fools. This works on soft tissues, and adhesion ( scar tissue) in the joints. I’ve had it done, and if someone applied Active Release techniques to this on the regular, you may even be able to prevent scar tissue build up in the facial area.

I’ve used chripractors from 12-30 years old, and never had an issue when working with a legit practioner, and no session should cost you more than $30 or $40 bucks max! Insurance covers this stuff, its considered myofascial release.

Iron_Cobra Says, in 3-15-2013 at 22:41:36 from    

Is ur brow considered a joint??? Looks painful. Not completely convinced.


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