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mk Says, in 5-29-2012 at 09:08:39 from    

obviously drunk and/or high.

muppetoflove Says, in 5-29-2012 at 09:37:51 from    

i was in a pretty good mood before i watched this…holy s*** this is the most depressing interview ever…He is like a non-homo vampire sucking the fun out of my day.

johnny6pack Says, in 5-29-2012 at 10:09:28 from    

Or just really bummed out and exhausted. The guy just ended a major chapter in his life, cut him some slack, mk.

None Says, in 5-29-2012 at 10:11:51 from    

Man, the man hurting. Worried for him.

def Says, in 5-29-2012 at 10:44:20 from    

seriously a bummer. probably drunk, but i genuinely feel bad for him. i think he is better than his last fights have showed, and i got a lot of respect for him not milking an injury that a lot of other people are happy to milk for him. he literally has no excuses which is refreshing to hear in a way

Marc Says, in 5-29-2012 at 11:05:57 from    

its kinda hard to take someone seriously who’s always acting like an ass-clown. he’s a talented fighter but his last 2 fights were lack luster. looks like his mind is set on something else, maybe hollywood.

dharmaboy Says, in 5-29-2012 at 11:48:40 from    

I love Mayhem hope he doesnt do anything stupid. He is a fun loving guy. This is a tough listen.

maGicka Says, in 5-29-2012 at 11:53:15 from    

Mayhem is kewl i wish him luck for all his future endeavours

greengiant Says, in 5-29-2012 at 12:54:28 from    

i feel for the guy.he will snap out of it no doubt.we all have low moments but true warriors find a way.he should do a show of him touring the united states doing random unplanned things,im sure a lot of people would watch it.

V. Says, in 5-29-2012 at 13:08:00 from    

Wow, between Miller and Nick Diaz, this is one weird f****** year. A lot of odd s*** happening in the UFC world-perhaps the corporate/ ca$h motive is a bit too much. UFC has gotten too big for its britches. Mayhem Miller was/is a thrill seeker. Stepping away from fighting is important, he’ll be back in some other form. Find your bliss Jason and find your peace.

op_of_faith Says, in 5-29-2012 at 13:10:46 from    

Ya know…MMA is HARD on your body…I don’t know if anyone does themselves good with 15+ years of hard training. Mayhem sounds emotionally burnt out, and, after suffering an embarrassing loss to Bisping and fighting through what appears to be a bad knee injury while recognizing that he was going to lose…I think he’s just over it.

ruddo293 Says, in 5-29-2012 at 13:29:23 from    

I had the pleasure meeting Mayhem back in 2003 in the begining of his in Honolulu. He was younger, he was passing out promotion cards at the door of the event…. not really a noticeable guy, but after he beat Egan Inoue, he career took off…

p*********** Says, in 5-29-2012 at 15:31:17 from    

to the majority of the public mayhem is only known for taking a beating from gsp, getting ktfo by frank trigg… i’m not even gonna mention bisping or his most recent fight. his only notable win was over a run down, past his prime sakaraba. people need to get off this guys sack…
if he would have spent more time working on his stand up rather than working on his entrances or what stupid s*** he’s gonna say in interviews (cause he knows what he’s gonna say everytime.. none of this s*** is candid) maybe he could have been a force…but he focused more on being a complete douche bag and not he’s paying for it. sad to see anyone go through an emotional breakdown but we all know what choices we need to make in life… yea it sucks what he’s going through but we shouldn’t have sympathy for dumb decisions.

funnt Says, in 5-29-2012 at 15:32:42 from    

yea PLEASE DO GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE ! oh he means base jumping ok forget it… this guy is a washed up loser if you “care about ” miller then your an idiot who doesnt know anything about mma! miller is a terrible fighter he has always been a terrible fighter ! he has never come anywhere near becoming a #1 contender he has never even been in the top 10?! let him go do drugs and die end of story!

BamBam Says, in 5-29-2012 at 15:47:34 from    

Dana has out for some of the fighters,always has! he has out for mayhem,whatever he did he didn’t like it! he hates Roy Nelson too! let people be! Roy likes his beard and his mullet,that’s his choice! Dana always has favorirtes(Brock for one) but there’s people that he truly dislikes,glad Roy said straight to him and Lorenzo -F*** you! after KTFO Herman! hope Mayhem doesn’t go and starts fighting(if he does comeback) in some shitty ass promotions!

bruce360buffer Says, in 5-29-2012 at 16:19:18 from    

Wow poor guy..

whitekimbo Says, in 5-29-2012 at 16:43:50 from    

hope he keeps fighting … Japan would be the place where his antics are fully appreciated

YouKnowNothing Says, in 5-29-2012 at 16:58:54 from    

Heard 4 minutes of this guy intoxicated and feeling sorry for himself, he has been a so called atheist for so many years..stop being a girl Jason

sp1n Says, in 5-29-2012 at 20:14:56 from    

well done FUNNT, idiot message of day. regardless oh his skills ability what a load of rubbish why write that crap?

Dan Blankenship Says, in 5-30-2012 at 00:35:53 from    

All he had to do was work on his stamina, and he didn’t! He had a hard punch but could only throw like 3 or 4 of them a round.

london_Jones Says, in 5-30-2012 at 06:08:06 from    

Dana=Devil …cares not for humans just money FACT!!!

c Hill Says, in 5-30-2012 at 10:41:12 from    

Dana Speaks when he should think..

He’s acquired money…and a power position for not giving a s*** about others

but if enough people hate him and stand up to his judgmental bullshit, he will crash!!

wow Says, in 5-30-2012 at 19:43:32 from    

i dont think he was high or drunk.

just upset and so he should be, i love the guy… i will miss him.

i love ariel hewani so much he asks everything u want to know.

Sweetlander Says, in 5-31-2012 at 02:13:05 from    

I sell life insurance Mayhem!!! lol I really do

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 5-31-2012 at 16:35:53 from    

Dana White takes issues with MMA fighters who like to beat the s*** out of their sisters…Still a shame to see someone who always brings a solid fight getting cut/retiring from the sport. He has always looked like garbage against solid wrestlers just like Rampage does.

champ Says, in 6-1-2012 at 17:21:49 from    

Do some research or stop the bashing bud. Beating the s*** out of his sister? Was that the same incident he stopped her from getting in a car with a drunk driver? Seems an awful lot like the same incident but completely blown out of proportion by an idiot


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