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failsonnen Says, in 10-23-2012 at 17:41:39 from    

So there’s a method to his madness?

Joe Dog Says, in 10-23-2012 at 18:26:20 from    

Sacha Baron Cohen did Ali G, Borat, and Bruno and pulled off all three characters brilliantly. Miller fails in his character acting miserably. It is not working. His friendship with Helwani will have to remain private. He has no relevance as a fighter or actor and is simply uninteresting in this context. Good bye and good luck Jason Miller.

ultimate fighter Says, in 10-23-2012 at 18:38:01 from    

crazy like a fox eh?

He should join the upcoming superhulk tournament, greatest matchups ever

arie211 Says, in 10-23-2012 at 19:04:43 from    

did he mention he was gifted by ALLAH? as in muslim god bruno?

sandro.s Says, in 10-23-2012 at 19:09:08 from    

i met crazy people….and this guy is def. one of them….100%

Fight_Watcher Says, in 10-23-2012 at 19:19:33 from    

He seems a little crazy, but I think most fighters are.

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 10-23-2012 at 19:44:38 from    

Great final words….. “That hotdog dog turned me into a man”

sibel Says, in 10-23-2012 at 20:01:08 from    

Joe Dog speaks the truth .

championyouk Says, in 10-23-2012 at 20:27:00 from    

Lol and you guys totally match what hes talking about. I doubt anyone knows who u are, do they?

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 10-23-2012 at 20:36:04 from    

i seem to of got the jist of this from reading the comments, thnx guys cause no fkin way im watching this idiot for an hour.

Doyle Brunson Says, in 10-23-2012 at 20:56:17 from    

Unless he musters the energy to get a few solid wins and revive his MMA career and possible 3rd shot at the UFC, he is done. His MMA career as as right now is over. He not an actor either, He is done.

wcoastassassin Says, in 10-23-2012 at 21:33:32 from    

He will be out of the spotlight without fighting. He needs to go out and make as much money as he can doing whatever on tv and internet before we forget who he is.

Oswald Cobblepott Says, in 10-23-2012 at 22:01:08 from    

Didnt someone in the last room say his sister was a harlot?

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 10-23-2012 at 22:13:46 from    

Wow, all of these comments are exactly what he was talking about… kinda sad how right he was.

Chacarron Says, in 10-23-2012 at 22:38:44 from    

LOL@your picture description-Jewwani LOL

Non Troll Says, in 10-24-2012 at 02:44:04 from    

Jason is right. people are heartless on the internet. Just because you can post your negative comments and be anonymous. Ask your self what have you do lately and try posting it on the internet and see what kind of comments you will get. Most will be negative comments.

Nadie Says, in 10-24-2012 at 02:50:39 from    

Im glad hes doing well

OscarMayhem Says, in 10-24-2012 at 03:26:06 from    

We’ve all been “Mayhem Miller” acting as “Patrick” acting as a “regular person” acting as “knowledgeable person” but few have the balls to be as much of an “experienced individual” as Jason.

longshot Says, in 10-24-2012 at 03:54:17 from    

Ya have to agree with muay thai THe people that made those types of comments clearly missed the whole point of what he was trying to say. Rampage is in a similar place with fans of mma.

greengiant Says, in 10-24-2012 at 04:00:45 from    

mayhem is a passionate man with a big heart and big dreams.can any of you s*** talker haters even say one of those things about yourself?probably not.most people in society just float through life without really trying anything.when they talk s*** so quickly it proves who they really are.it comes from ignorance and insecurity.

london_jones Says, in 10-24-2012 at 05:26:45 from    

have any of you met this man in person to judge him…like really? smh

fightdontbefake Says, in 10-24-2012 at 05:32:13 from    

people can say that hes a bad actor thats fine, but lets just remember he was on 4 seasons of a tv show and then a movie with a budget of 43 million, many people cant say the same thing. anyways, he does have a bit of anger issues…hes sorta like christian bale, a complete asshole at times (he prolly beats his gf if he has one).

Vic77 Says, in 10-24-2012 at 07:47:01 from    

i like Jason but….naked church incident + glazed over eyed “patrick”… i think he has serious multiple personality disorder caused by trauma based programming

Randy Couture Says, in 10-24-2012 at 08:29:29 from    

Allah is not “Muslim God”
its an exact translation of the word GOD in Arabic. The greater being.
Thanks for the post Bruno.

Bruno: no problem.

thejkj Says, in 10-24-2012 at 08:44:31 from    

@arie211 Technically Allah is the same God as the Christian God…

Roderic Says, in 10-24-2012 at 09:14:42 from    

I really liked his line of “I’m a gladiator who’s won his freedom.” Hopefully, he keeps that mentality.

kaution35 Says, in 10-24-2012 at 09:56:44 from    

He said alot of points that seem to hold merit. Like where did the UFC go from promoting fighters and the art form of fighting to being Bosses that tell you what video games to be in, who can or can not sponsor you, what you can or cant say online and building up fighters. Are you forgetting the situation with BJ, Tito, Rampage, both Franks, Randy and many others? For all you Dana White bashers do you realize when you “turn” on a fighter its damn near what he wants? Cuz then it shows we don’t support the fighters just the spectator sport. It truly has come to resemble a gladiator sport. We want to see blood and death and cheer a fighter but hunger for them to be devoured by a lion. I honestly cant see how anyone who looked at it didn’t walk away seeing a guy who LOVED MMA–see his love for it tainted. Rampage use to love interacting with fans now you can see his hatred and I don’t blame him or any fighter. Alot of you are just like the fans that loved pro wrestling and then turned on it pretending you didn’t watch and have group parties with your friends as you watched WCW or WWE. Its almost like a deep frigging envy or something. I know when I love something I sure as heck dont turn on it. Guy was right—ppl online say cold heartless s*** and think its ok just becuz they did it on a site and no one knows that they are fat midgets with club feet and monkey toes.

psxdogg Says, in 10-24-2012 at 12:23:58 from    

Agree with @thejkj

It is the same God, but Christians think God has a son. That’s the difference

Oswald Cobblepot Says, in 10-24-2012 at 13:51:11 from    

Cry me a f^cking river…we all have to adhere to the demands of our BOSSES!

BisbeeHighGrade Says, in 10-24-2012 at 14:33:25 from    

Kaution35, non-troll, OscarMayham & some others have really done an excellent job of covering anything I would have conveyed myself. I remember the first time I saw Jason and it was the GSP fight, he was a tough little bastard. I kept thinking this will end soon, GSP finished well in those days and had a huge strength advantage but dang Jason was tough. BTW, GSP will defeat CC or so its my opinion that he will. Jason thank you for more than a dozen years of awesome s*** that had my attention at all times. Brother I hope you win the lotto or something, cheers

anakonda Says, in 10-24-2012 at 16:14:26 from    

Just live on your flat earth which sun orbits and sacrifice innocent people, if they get too smart. (!)It’s stone age to believe in God.(!) You can only create war and hate with religion. When will people learn… Religion is the reason for 9/11, so many wars, Hitler created a religion of his own. Only a dumb ass follows a religion.
Anyway great move from Ariel to let Jason speak his mind and clear a bit those weird things happening in te last interview.

Cletus Says, in 10-24-2012 at 17:08:16 from    

agree with muay thai he brings out the hater in a lot of people. ive met mayhem and he’s genuinely a genuine, fun-loving good guy who likes to eff around ALL the time, you have to take everything from him with a grain of salt.

Dnomyar Says, in 10-24-2012 at 19:25:05 from    

Two good guys, (who are men enough to show their affection) having a chat. I loved it. Everything isn’t about fighting, even MMATKO.
Thanks Bruno.

The Jizzle Says, in 10-24-2012 at 20:05:29 from    

Its ironic how people are humbled after doing something horrible. All the sudden you come down off the crack & we need to look at you as a professional? BTW no one I know ever liked a Mayhem fight.

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 10-24-2012 at 21:27:08 from    

Ariel should do a follow up video to this interview with Miller’s Doctor…. Working title …” A boat ride across the Hudson with Miller’s Doctor”…….

paddedummy Says, in 10-24-2012 at 21:44:20 from    

How do kids watch this and still decide that they want to try to be a pro mma fighter? For every GSP who got lucky enough to make millions by representing an emerging market in a shallow weight class by beating midgets like Serra/BJ and getting underarmor and online casino sponsorship deals, there are thousands of poor, broken down Millers. You really got to suck at math not to understand the odds of making any decent money in a corrupt monopoly that puts a short expiry date on your body and is run by a greedy pos like DW, but sucking at math is probably the main reason why so many kids throw away their future by trying to make a living doing mma or any “art” form for that matter. LOL, that gossipy little queer Harvey Levin is definately on a higher rung of the Jew “entertainment” biz ladder than Helwani is!

paddedummy Says, in 10-24-2012 at 21:50:58 from    

Helwani is trying to move up a rung though by relentlessly insinuating that Miller and his priest were having a naked late night lover’s quarrel in church. Miller is single with no kid’s and a priest takes a vow to never get any poontang, just sayin. The worst part is Miller is probably dumb enough to think that this parasite is actually his buddy

canguy Says, in 10-24-2012 at 22:32:00 from    

I can’t stand listening to Mayhem; he’s so nasal and keeps saying “you know”. He tried extremely hard for this interview to sound intellectual, with words like “interject”, talking about dying for his country and fighting in the war, wearing those glasses… Also, this guy is a typical victim type, he’s always blaming dana white and not giving him favourable matchups. At the end of the day he was given the TUF coaching job, but he can’t stop complaining. He also lost his fight and was given a completely winnable fight in Dollaway, but is complaining about the matchups. Someone should bring up the matchmaking for Sexyama! This guy is just going to complain and blame everyone else with his selective reasoning no matter what happens and what the facts are.

Drew Says, in 10-25-2012 at 16:22:37 from    

I’m not buying what Mayhem is selling. I feel bad for the guy. So many times his stories don’t make sense, or he looks away, or evades the question. The whole thing sounds as if to prove to everyone, “See, I’m not crazy, It was all an act.” I don’t think Ariel believes him either.

jeff_figmb Says, in 10-25-2012 at 22:32:27 from    

Wow, and I thought Ken Shamrock had a bad departure from MMA. Trainwreck, suicide watch…

Jindod Says, in 10-26-2012 at 02:09:18 from    

Mayhem is obviously having some issues, he needs to take a break. Go to Thailand, take a few months off. If you need work, there are plenty of gyms that would pay well for him as a coach. If not, come to the uk.
We have nobody’s running “martial arts academy’s” that are millionaires.
Miller has legit experience.
Take a break. Talk to someone, not the press. Battle the demons.
Get it together.
Best of luck.

Genghis Khan Says, in 10-26-2012 at 07:03:14 from    

he’s having a really hard time adjusting… can you blame him though?

Dave Says, in 10-29-2012 at 02:22:09 from    


there is no such thing as Muslim god or Christian word,
Allah means GOD in a different language that’s all!

rickjames Says, in 12-18-2012 at 03:09:52 from    

“Best in the world at one time”???… Wow no way not even slightly close at any point in time!


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