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GetSome Says, in 9-16-2011 at 08:44:07 from    

Wow, domestic violence loser gets on prime time. Sad.

concealedweaponclothing Says, in 9-16-2011 at 08:59:25 from    

getsome get your story straight before you trash talk like the enquirer. do you even know what happened???? no. go look it up

GetSome Says, in 9-16-2011 at 09:36:22 from    

If he wasn’t a dumbass in the first place I wouldn’t have to assume anything.

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 9-16-2011 at 09:54:16 from    

Who told you that GetSome? Was it the geriatric down the street? Are rumors enough for you to pass judgment on people? Don’t you think that if had actually abused someone he would be in jail?

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 9-16-2011 at 09:54:59 from    

Also I think you have a skewed idea of what Primetime is.

Op_of_Faith Says, in 9-16-2011 at 10:03:37 from    

Domestic violence loser??? He prevented his sister from driving drunk by restraining her without striking? That’s your definition of a loser???

mahahaha Says, in 9-16-2011 at 10:25:57 from    

Getsome – go get some dick in your mouth. How is he a dumbass if anything what he did was understandable i don’t even like mayhem but you have to know what was the reason. He didn’t choke out his sister on purpose. The bitch got drunk she turn retarded called the police on his ass. Either your jealous because hes funny and get attention or not funny and just a complete clown he still get more attention than you do!

xformat Says, in 9-16-2011 at 11:39:09 from    

@getsome –

The case was dropped because after she sobered up, she realized that her brother, Jason, did the right thing by restraining her before she jumped into a car to drive off. Get your s*&t straight.

jeff_figmb Says, in 9-16-2011 at 11:56:22 from    

‘Getsome’ You’re a huge tool! Get your story straight ya little bitch

cbears034 Says, in 9-16-2011 at 12:09:26 from    

It must be primetime tv to him in lala land time zone

asbarran Says, in 9-16-2011 at 12:43:53 from    

GetSome = MORON and too much TMZ!!!!

neovvl Says, in 9-16-2011 at 13:23:32 from    

primetime, haha he must think network tv is primetime no matter what time it is

cms Says, in 9-16-2011 at 13:38:30 from    

don’t feed the trolls >:O

whitekimbo Says, in 9-16-2011 at 13:50:07 from    

@getsome is it difficult to walk with so many crybabies hanging off you dik ?

Monster Says, in 9-16-2011 at 13:52:06 from    

you guys leave getsome alone, we need f*** they keep life interesting….

shocktime Says, in 9-16-2011 at 13:57:23 from    

Wow getsome hows ur butt feel? After everyone here reemed it out bigger N bigger? Guess you better research more before you post LOL.

MMAMessiah Says, in 9-16-2011 at 14:44:20 from    

What a terrible time to end the video…I was looking forward to his entrances.

iamgloverj Says, in 9-16-2011 at 14:53:31 from    

Jimmy and Jason own Pink belts in their respected fields, I hope one day Diaz goes HAM and bites Millers ear off. Oh by the way, i beat up brock lesnar.

fufc Says, in 9-16-2011 at 14:54:38 from    

LOL, “get some d**k in your mouth”

Pope Says, in 9-16-2011 at 15:59:09 from    

dont bother responding to Getsomes comments. he is easily the dumbest poster on this website or just a troll

nocomeoahu Says, in 9-16-2011 at 16:39:32 from    

Love this guy!but he came to hawaii and got his ass beat.and now this is like his second home.would love to see him vs nick diaz or a jake sheilds rematch or even a gsp rematch.he is a fun guy to watch fight.get off that personal stuff…

haha Says, in 9-16-2011 at 17:28:20 from    

Miller could take on 56 GetSomes at the same time. gtfo punk.

mikephoshow Says, in 9-16-2011 at 18:01:45 from    

@ getsome:
Let say u got charged with manslaughter b/c a witness said she/he saw u. At a result, a warrant is out for ur arresst then get charged for the crime. Before u prove your innocence (prob by an alibi), a newspaper company gets a hold of the story and releases ur name and charge….

So r u a murderer????? Lets say ur not guilty and was proven not guilty b/c the real murderer made a confession of the crime. Would u like it if i still called u a murderer/ criminal? Stop being ignorant and learn a thing or 2. Also, understand that spreading ignorant rumors is very immature and infects other ignorant ppl alike.

GetSome Says, in 9-16-2011 at 18:08:21 from    

One minor comment and the rest of the losers on here starting crying. Maybe if he didn’t pick fights on national TV, as he did with Shields after he won, I wouldn’t think he was an idiot.

f_u Says, in 9-16-2011 at 18:24:54 from    

Getsome is either a crappy troll or a total retard. I cant tell which.

Doughhh Says, in 9-16-2011 at 19:09:53 from    

Mayhem has reached the level of ascended saiyan.

sledhead Says, in 9-16-2011 at 19:49:28 from    

@ getsome that has to be the most ignorant comment i have ever read on this site. get a clue before you post

rgood Says, in 9-16-2011 at 20:53:22 from    

@ doughhh,

That is the best comment yet, great DBZ reference there!

k9aid Says, in 9-16-2011 at 22:03:26 from    

Will not play for me do not know why

Dr steel Says, in 9-16-2011 at 22:17:52 from    

Getsome??? are you jason’s sister????

ElMaestro Says, in 9-16-2011 at 23:05:41 from    

Mayhem Miller is freakin awesome and a gem to the sport. As for Jimmy Fallon, that guy is a freakin awkward loser. He truly doesnt deserve to be where hes at now. He super awkward, and in turn makes his guests awkward. He’s uncomfortable with himself cause he knows hes not funny. With that being said, i dont doubt this will be an awesome season for the ultimate fighter. I look forward to watching it and Miller beat the S### out of Bisping!

steamer Says, in 9-16-2011 at 23:57:21 from    

god he’s obnoxious, still hope he kicks Bisping anywhere on the head or neck and kills him

Georges St. Pierre Says, in 9-17-2011 at 12:38:19 from    

Come on guys, it’s obvious that Getsome is trying to get everybody worked up and getting all sorts of satisfaction out of this. I’ll never respond to a comment of his again. You are a ghost on this site to all of us.

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 9-17-2011 at 13:15:24 from    

Picked a fight?!? He went up to ask for a rematch, and those Cesar Gracie p*ssies jumped him…..


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