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Freaklegion Says, in 3-21-2012 at 08:18:39 from    

Miller barely looked like an MMA fighter in that Bisping fight.

TheMMAmaster Says, in 3-21-2012 at 09:10:09 from    

He’ll be fine. He was just out of the game too long. Also Bisping isn’t an easy fight for anyone. Hopefully Mayhem can beat CB Dolloway. If not, well then I guess he might not belong in the UFC.

Izzdogg Says, in 3-21-2012 at 10:20:42 from    

He was doing very well in first round, hope he’s working on conditioning.

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 3-21-2012 at 10:54:42 from    

Bisping is hard to takedown and control as well as never gets sub’d. C.B is prone to getting sub’d and is a much lesser fighter than Bisping. Hopefully Mayhem can finish him.

jdogg Says, in 3-21-2012 at 15:38:28 from    

Miller is a good fighter, but he was just way too emotionally involved in the Bisping fight. You could tell with how red he got all over in the first rd of that fight. He came into that fight angry at Bisping (which is not a bad thing lol) but he couldn’t keep his mind right imo. You can be a great fighter and have good conditioning, but if you can’t control your emotions you will gas early every single time. That’s one tactic Diaz uses when he fights is to get into your head before, and during the fight so you make mental mistakes. Miller will be fine, but I doubt he’ll be a title holder in the UFC.

Lodovik Says, in 3-21-2012 at 16:48:53 from    

That’s pretty crazy haircut he has. I never saw anything like that on Mayhem before.

MMAfan#1 Says, in 3-21-2012 at 18:12:55 from    

miller shouldnt be in the ufc he should fight in japan,if they’ll take him, hes a f***** joke, coming to the bisping fight, im not kidding, i would make a way better fight against bitchping, mayhem suck, boycut the event this F*** is going to be in, its bs, i want to write dana white personally, but i know he wouldnt read it.F*** mayhem, i better no see this F*** on the main card.

MMAfan#1 Says, in 3-21-2012 at 18:17:00 from    

@jdog, henderson came to the fight angry as well, turned out differentley, because henderson is a legit fighter and actually got skills other than a big mouth that mayhem has that loves the cameras and the media, and then looks like a drunk metally challange person with no fighting skill or athletic skills what so ever. bye bye mayhem i hope CB crushed u go die ur hair or something queer.

Newfie Jitsu Says, in 3-21-2012 at 18:18:45 from    

thats right! don’t piss off your sponsors!

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-21-2012 at 19:43:58 from    

I like that when the Bisping fight was over,everybody were saying how bad Jason looked.I didn’t see that,I saw Bisping looking GREAT.Of course he made Jason look like an amateur,he’s a top 5 MW.Right after Bisping won the Sonnen fight(we all know Sonnen lost that one and only got the win because of the hype behind Sonnen vs Silva 2),people stoped saying Miller sucked because he looked as good as Chael vs Bisping.And Chael is “supposed” to be n.2.And only idiot MMA fans really beleive that a fighter is as good as their last fight.it’s not because some bald idiot keeps saying that or some stupid reporters repeating what the bald idiot is saying taht it makes it true.

robj4y Says, in 3-21-2012 at 20:54:27 from    

nice subtle logo bruno ;-)

jdogg Says, in 3-21-2012 at 22:32:55 from    

@MMAfan – I agree, but Dan knew how to keep his cool and use his emotions to his advantage. Miller, while normally composed, just let Bisping get to him. Bisping mouthed off to the wrong guy in Dan Henderson. And we all saw how that came out!

Mory Says, in 3-21-2012 at 23:35:11 from    

Bisbing is a tough fighter! you gotta come with a plan to beat the guy. He could have beaten Sonnens but sonnens was smart to hump him at the finish

DaBigFish Says, in 3-22-2012 at 00:46:40 from    

I hope Mayhem comes back with a vengeance – I don’t think he’ll be an UFC champion, but he’s an entertaining personality and a decent fighter. Bisping has long been an under rated fighter, and a heel. ( I hated when he won the Hamill fight) I have a lot of respect for Bisping after he brought it to Chael, but I believe he lost that fight… It was a close fight, but it was the hype of Chael as unstoppable in contrast to the reality of the fight that has people doubting Chael and giving Michael due respect. To quote Chael “I’ve never been hit so hard”. I think Mayhem might be better suited at a lower weight class, Michael was defiantly the bully and gave him the beatdown. I can’t speak to his emotional state, and he was feeling the “music” to get him psyched.

Pope Says, in 3-22-2012 at 07:50:07 from    

Why is MMAfan#1 so mad?

jdogg Says, in 3-22-2012 at 10:10:36 from    

@ MMAfan – you weren’t on Bully Beatdown were you?


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