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joker Says, in 7-6-2010 at 10:02:38 from    

Time to make an example of this boxing,delusional,crazy,stupid oh dam got of track. In short hope he got submitted after getting pounded on the ground(Key word is Ground) for 2 minitue or so.

juggernautakira Says, in 7-6-2010 at 10:06:08 from    

Some hilarious stuff, but dickish most of the time.

Yourmom Says, in 7-6-2010 at 10:58:35 from    

Mr. Toney, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

RandyisStillChamp Says, in 7-6-2010 at 11:30:09 from    

lol this video made me like heywani more than it made me like or dislike james toney, great reporter

TruNYC Says, in 7-6-2010 at 12:17:05 from    

Ariel is a true professional. Holy crap, hats off to the guy.

The UFC can learn a few things from James Toney. This guy sells fights. I really like this guy, he is hilarious and is definitely a character.

ml Says, in 7-6-2010 at 12:54:03 from    

Ariel was being somewhat abnoxious, I would have irritated to.

NdakotaStGnP Says, in 7-6-2010 at 13:21:01 from    

Wow, he said He wanted Brock, he would of been on his back being smashed in the head, than Chuck hahaha Chuck would throw head kicks and call him names, easy since he is a boxer, than he disrespects Randy Couture, I got a feeling Toney is gonna get 3 rds of ass beating and than choked.

USMCeagle1 Says, in 7-6-2010 at 13:42:52 from    

Who the hell is this walking clusterfuck? The dude sounds like a half-retarded monkey. This moron is the reason blacks will never move forward in the USA.

babyslayer Says, in 7-6-2010 at 14:14:21 from    

wow this guy is so ignorant, it’s funny. :D

ronmar Says, in 7-6-2010 at 14:16:47 from    

Hey Yourmom, isn’t that a line from a movie…Tommy boy or something from Adam Sandler? Classic!

Well I totally agree. Toney felt disrespected by Dana and his comments about boxers and that’s why he came to the UFC. Then, in the next sentence he says that he doesn’t have a problem with Dana. Hello….did you not just remember what you said a couple of seconds ago? Of course you have a problem. But what makes this even more funny, is that Dana never disparaged boxers..he likes boxing, he just doesn’t like the promoters. And, how does Toney know about this negative comment by Dana? Well, he heard them from “people”. Oh great! Heard it from a friend who told a friend who told a friend? Dude…the whole purpose for you entering the UFC is the a complete misunderstanding…unreal.

Then later in the interview, Ariel challenged him on a few of his comments which later resulted in Toney walking away pouting and sitting in his chair like a little child. Is he that insecure and sensitive? He can deliver smack talk but not receive it?

If Toney wins, it will be a complete fluke and disaster for the UFC. His boxing style, however, does not lend itself well to mma. All the shoulder rolling and bringing your torso down to waste level won’t work and that’s what he’s known for.

shocktime Says, in 7-6-2010 at 14:33:23 from    

Harsh words from a supposed marine Ceagle? Did the marines teach ur dumbazz nothing? Toney is a individual he doesn’t represent all black ppl. What u just said is worst than anything Toney has ever said in his interviews for the Couture fight you ignorant prick.

Knowles Says, in 7-6-2010 at 14:36:23 from    

Randy is going to clown him, the world will then keep on turning

Big Nate Says, in 7-6-2010 at 14:58:50 from    


rob Says, in 7-6-2010 at 15:10:25 from    

lmao wtf is he saying

big jagr Says, in 7-6-2010 at 16:44:10 from    

F*** I hate all these ufc nut huggers. James doesn’t care what Dana says. He’s in for the money and just proved how easy it is to get into the ufc. Any one with some sort of name or reputation can do it. And Dana is not a fan of boxing, the only thing he’s a fan of is the ufc. He’d piss on boxing just to make the ufc more recognizable.

HaVoK Says, in 7-6-2010 at 17:04:59 from    

Punch Drunk Mother f*****. I remember the days when James Toney was normal. Quite sad to see actually. I have never seen a man contradict himself so much. Literally contradicts himself every 20 seconds. Astonishing!

spyder Says, in 7-6-2010 at 17:12:13 from    

That was the funniest interview I have ever seen in MMA. Ariel is the BEST! I love James Toney. I really want this guy to stick around more just for the laughs.

The doll was CLASSIC!

bob Says, in 7-6-2010 at 19:12:08 from    

Yep.. i hope Toney wins… he has more than a punches chance.. great interview!

Lights Out 4 MMA Fans Says, in 7-6-2010 at 19:56:07 from    

To all the gayboys who think James will lose.. Think again.. Randy wont even be able to handle a body punch


USMC0341 Says, in 7-6-2010 at 19:59:50 from    

Hey shocktime. Take a long hard objective look at where Blacks are in the the US, progress wise and then come back and tell me that my comments are “ignorant”…. When Blacks in the US have been given every advantage, subsidy, welfare, etc etc. over every other group or ethnicity. People like you are the most blissfully ignorant morons on earth,turning a blind eye to truth and reality. The fact of the matter is there are far more blacks like James Toney than not and the leaders of the black community are two pathetic racist opportunists by the name of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Wake the F*** up jackass.

pugz1985 Says, in 7-6-2010 at 20:30:59 from    

lol @ YOURMOM…. O’doyal RULES!!!

JR Says, in 7-6-2010 at 20:54:56 from    

@USMCeagle1- Hey stupid F*** u said Toney is the reason why black ppl wont move foward , i think u take orders from our ”BLACK PRESIDENT” LMFAO wat a turd u are!!!haaaahaaaaa

Brave_Fencer Says, in 7-6-2010 at 20:57:27 from    

We can say all that we want, but the bottom line is that James Toney knows how to sell a fight. Big time. LoL

buttonsmcboom Says, in 7-6-2010 at 21:22:02 from    

You know he’s really not like that in real life he just plays to the camera. I met him in N.y. really cool dude. Did you hear when he said “rectify” Rashad will see this interview & faint. lol

bigdaddy Says, in 7-6-2010 at 21:22:56 from    

james toney is hilarious! cant get enought of his interviews and video posts! props to ariel, professional as ever! best reporter around!

Unexpaix Says, in 7-6-2010 at 21:23:07 from    

loooooooooooooooool his diction is right up there with a retarded drunk after dental surgery

foolishness Says, in 7-6-2010 at 21:43:04 from    

Why don’t James Toney’s friends let him know he’s a complete idiot, maybe he’d talk less… Same goes for USMC

dabrewz Says, in 7-6-2010 at 21:57:28 from    

Toney is starting to grow on me! haha 12 loses, aint that a bitch LOL

Mao Says, in 7-6-2010 at 22:41:33 from    

spyder beat me to it.

USMC0341 Says, in 7-6-2010 at 22:42:22 from    

How did I just know one of you morons would bring up “the Black President”??? It’s racist F*** monkey morons like you who love to ignore the truth and reality and bury your heads in the sand. He’s mixed you jackasses. He’s as much Caucasian as he’s African. Hell, how many black dudes do you know that are as articulate as Obama? I guess that would be his entire upbringing by his Caucasian mother and her white family huh?? While his “black father” aka Bobo the sperm donor ditched his ass when he was 3 years old. Funny how so many of you morons are so quick to call Obama a black man now when a few years ago, you were the same ones that said he wasn’t “black enough” when he declared his intent to run. Hypocrisy at its finest.

boonching Says, in 7-6-2010 at 23:03:18 from    

classic! this dude is 100% street. he absolutely represents old school. @5:06 he says “im tryin to be nice to you” lol!! it almost looked like he wanted to square off with him too. i think hes uncomfortable talking to people that arent street. get kimbo to do an interview with him and see how it goes. hats off to ariel heywani

USMC0341 Says, in 7-6-2010 at 23:13:44 from    

Hey JR. Why don’t you take a look at Obama’s background you ignorant racist fuckhead. YOu along with every other ignorant moron who like to call him black make me laugh.

kc243 Says, in 7-6-2010 at 23:34:18 from    

“hes gay” omg! f****** hilarious ahahahahahahah, no but seriously david haye might beat him, coutur has only one way to get toney and that is to take him down ad make him tired, dont try leg kicks to risky, cuz i think 1 hit and it will be out for randy

fedor tapped like a badass Says, in 7-7-2010 at 01:00:39 from    

whats up? first to mention fedor in this thread!!!

Turbor37 Says, in 7-7-2010 at 01:28:00 from    

@ USMCeagle1 or USMC0341 you are truly an ignorant asshole.This is an MMA site not a stomping groung for a dumbass redneck racists,
Bruno,your site is my favorite MMA site but guys like this just leave a bad taste in my mouth,Toney has taken a few to many blows but doesn’t represent the entire balck race, but he is selling the fight and is a great boxer,& im sure USMCeagle1 or USMC0341 you will tune in for the fight when they do meet BTW if your ever in MTL look me up I train @ Tri-Star would love to go a few rds with you douchbag!!XD

Fatty_Sam86 Says, in 7-7-2010 at 02:36:03 from    

Big Jagr, I’m pretty sure Dana ran an inner-city boxing club before he made it big with the UFC. And this clown is in for a pretty hilarious and rude awakening after getting choked out… I dunno if his brain will survive with any less oxygen, though…

vintage1chi Says, in 7-7-2010 at 03:17:54 from    

THis guy HAS ZERO chance.

TOney will get pressed against the cage, eat some randy elbo’s and really learn the definition of dirty boxing.

M1 Says, in 7-7-2010 at 04:17:31 from    

give boxers some props

Fedor is p**** Says, in 7-7-2010 at 08:50:02 from    

I like james toney cause he is funny but in all reality he might be retarted he should go to the doctor to get him self checked out he could also possibly have tourette’s or so could be dangerous for him to ever fight brock is carwin couldnt knock brock out with 5 xl gloves i dont think james toney has a chance at all toney would leave the ring after fighting brock with many brain injuries possibly a broken skull but he isa fuuny guy in his retartedness

kanebhoy3 Says, in 7-7-2010 at 09:27:09 from    

judge toney after the fight hes a fighter that talks trash NO BIG DEAL!!!!!

BigBadAl Says, in 7-7-2010 at 10:17:01 from    

Can we have a little less of the racist comments please. Very unnecessary

USMCeagle1 Says, in 7-7-2010 at 10:55:53 from    

Funny how my freedom of speech is curtailed when the people in charge don’t agree with it. Hillarious…..

spyder Says, in 7-7-2010 at 11:09:36 from    

@Unexpaix !!! FTW!!!! hahahahaha

USMCeagle1 Says, in 7-7-2010 at 12:44:52 from    

When did the truth become racist?

shocktime Says, in 7-7-2010 at 14:38:58 from    

You fake azz marines! LOL must really sting u racist donks to know that Obama is Black and has his black wife and kids in the white house, you must be ready to slit ur throat hun? Do it plz do us all a favor. By the way no way in hell you guys are marines. Marines don’t give a crap bout race its a brother hood. Your a marine 1st! black, white, brown, yellow, green don’t matter, so stop pretending cuz ur giving the real warriors a bad name!

paddedummy Says, in 7-7-2010 at 15:25:45 from    

“Only freakshow is between my legs n****” after Ariel followed him around and perched himself on his shoulder like a jewish vulture LOL! You dumbasses that think Carwin hits harder than James are on crack, especially after that weak ass ground and pound on Lesnar. If Toney hit Lesnar with a clean shot like Carwin did in the stand up Lesnar would be ktfo! Being freakishly big doesn’t mean you hit harder than a pro boxer! Roy Nelson would kick Brock’s ass if he got on top of him like Carwin did because Big Country actually has a ground game and even though he has the belly and doesn’t do any Chaimberg vertical jumps over hurdles he doesn’t gas after 5 minutes! Hey USMCeagle1, you should take that challenge match at tristar gym in montreal because the only guy who trains there who doesn’t suck balls is GSP, that’s why he has to travel to the states to train with decent sparring partners! In there last fights Loiseau and Claveau were owned on the ground, Ricci and Goulet got ktfo and Cote was on the receiving end of piledriver! lmao @ tristar

paddedummy Says, in 7-7-2010 at 16:04:19 from    

Oh ya, I forgot about Dennis Kang gettin a beat down from british Bitchbing

USMCeagle1 Says, in 7-7-2010 at 16:50:46 from    

Not to mention homeboy wannabe gangsta punk here was stripped of a win and title for taking roids. Not sure how someone a little bigger than Ariel could ever possibly pose any serious threat to Randy. No offense to Ariel, great MMA reporter.

GRIMTHUG Says, in 7-7-2010 at 16:59:07 from    

black version of DON VITO.
guys have you ever watch JACKASS?
you know BAM MARGERA?
WHAT ABOUT BAM MARGERA’S uncle? DON VITO = james tony lol

PitfighterZ Says, in 7-7-2010 at 17:13:43 from    

To the both USfakeMs: You can talk all you want as you are as free as Toney to say your retarded b.s. But,
1- Don’t use the Marines name. You are not Marines. If you were a real soldier, a proud one, you would use your real name when posting your hate here. People in this site use nicknames for fun and to talk about MMA, not for political propaganda.
2 – You are also cowards and, I won’t call you homosexuals because that would be an offense to them. But I am pretty sure you like it up there.
3 – I kicked a lot of redneck, skinhead butt in my time as a fighter and I never see one of you being educated or doing anything useful with your lives. Actually, if you check the real numbers (not the one your papa told you while he stuck a large object up your rear end), you unneducated skinhead rednecks are much less socially developed than a black street gangsta.
So, before you talk about other races, which if you had any education you would know that, scientifically speaking, there are no races among human beings–it’s called the human “race” for a reason–and we are all 1% away from being chimpanzees.
You can check that with your own nazi sources: Hitler’s scientists found that out before changing the results for political purposes.
And in case you get mad at me for telling you some truths about yourself, I am probably whiter than you are and I have direct German ascendance. The only difference between you and me is that after I stop fighting I read a few books, did my own research, and got a Ph.D. while you were taking up your nazi ass and lying about being a soldier.
So, if you want to talk about freedom of speech, please let’s. That’s one of the main topics of my dissertation.
And if you think the fact that I am white proves your thesis that black people are going nowhere in America, well: from 15 people who entered the Ph.D. program with me, 3 were black, 5 were American white, 3 Chinese, 1 Korean, 1 Indian, 1 Ukranian, and 1 Brazilian (this is me). Three people failed the program: the Indian (from India, not one the First Peoples in America, as you nazi skinhead rednecks call them), and the other 2 were American white.
So, it seems that black people are actually using their much less numerous chances better than the white.
If you want to talk policy issues, that’s different, but don’t blame a whole group of people because a bunch of white male politicians don’t have a clue about how to handle society. And that might be changing now that women and non-white politicians are finally getting a shot at leadership.
And next time you want to talk about anything else but MMA and fighting, please find the right place for doing so. Bruno is too busy to deal with your crap.

USMC0341 Says, in 7-7-2010 at 20:06:18 from    

Shut the fu#%$ up pitfighter. You haven’t done s*** you little punk. Kick a lot of redneck ass. Gimme a friggin break. While you’re at it, learn some f****** english you retard. Not use my real name? The pot calling the kettle black there “pitfighter”?? Wait… you probably don’t even know what that means. And for the record, you don’t know s*** about the marines, I served 8 years in the Corps and have been on multiple combat deployments so shut your ignorant little mouth before I have some big gay dude named bubba stick something in there. What a f****** jackass.

shocktime Says, in 7-7-2010 at 20:10:36 from    

Well said PitFighter. Preach the truth LOL.

USMC0341 Says, in 7-7-2010 at 20:12:29 from    

PHD… That’s friggin hillarious. You aren’t even capable of using proper grammar and diction and you want to tell people you “read a few books and got a PHD” after “fighting”. I think you’re confusing a GED with a PHD there retard. If you did get a PHD, where the hell did you get it? At a community college in the ghetto? One of those “get your GED, Bachelor’s, Masters, and PHD in 6 months” scams? Obviously you did. I suggest asking them for a refund. LOL. You never fought a day in your life so shut the F*** up and stop trying to act tough, talking about how many peoples’ asses you didn’t kick over the internet. Loser.

vsmoove Says, in 7-7-2010 at 21:19:50 from    

Seriously though… Randy has 10 losses… he’s like 18-10; how does that make him some feared legend? And he should have lost to Vera not too long ago… I give him props for being in so many wars but he can get knocked out easy… no matter how crazy Toney talks.

vsmoove Says, in 7-7-2010 at 21:27:55 from    

By the way USMC0341, once your life starts heading in a better direction, you won’t be so bitter and lonely. Never give up.

USMC0341 Says, in 7-8-2010 at 00:04:07 from    

ON second thought, take Obama and claim him as a Black Man only because he’s been a giant walking clusterfuck ever since he stepped into office. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

yo Says, in 7-8-2010 at 04:14:18 from    

usmc0341 has a lot of time on his hands, biggest internet bully ever lol, watch out he’ll post all over dat ass:) :)

turbor37 Says, in 7-8-2010 at 05:39:51 from    

Pitfighter speaks the truth XD$$

PitfighterZ Says, in 7-8-2010 at 08:20:22 from    

Did I hit a nerve nazi boy?
Suddenly, you went all out of arguments and went back to sheer agression…
I never mentioned my education before, and I’ve been following this website for a long time, because I don’t have the need to parade it around.
I fought when MMA didn’t really exist, it was vale-tudo, streetfighting and pitfighting. Yes, fighting in a hole with people throwing beer cans at you.
I use my nickname because I am not fostering political propaganda, you are, and very poorly I must say.
Now, go back to “your hole” poser. Nobody is buying what you you’re selling.

thankyou Says, in 7-8-2010 at 08:38:30 from    

whats toneys problem?

he seeems to have a huge chip on his ageing shoulders.

couture for the win.

however – i think toney winning, will show us that boxers can do mma.

vintage1chi Says, in 7-8-2010 at 14:24:28 from    

I cant wait to see him get slammed

vintage1chi Says, in 7-8-2010 at 14:24:59 from    

couture wins via verbal tapout. slam toney until is back folds

Dastardly_Dave Says, in 7-8-2010 at 14:48:41 from    

It all depends on what sort of control Couture can impose on Toney, while I’m definitely cheering for Couture I can see him eating a hook going for a clinch or takedown.
Big Nog put Randy down a few times and while he is an accomplished boxer he is not on the level of Toney. Although unless Toney is some sort of mutant super athlete who can scramble after a takedown I don’t see him learning enough of the ground game to defend against Couture. Basically Couture wins the ground+clinch fight Toney the standup, problem for Randy is that fights start standing

mikymo Says, in 7-9-2010 at 13:18:42 from    

hes so punch drunk

Arod Says, in 7-9-2010 at 18:56:52 from    

i got a feeling that randy just might get knocked out hes a boxer hes gonna land more punches but if it goes to the ground well i think kimbo has a better ground game than toney and we all saw what happened to kimbo


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