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gorrhar Says, in 11-4-2011 at 17:01:55 from    

Maybe diaz doesnt has the raw KO-power like some others do, but damn he’s excited and can definitely knock people out. Punches in bunches.
Don’t see them fight very soon. Like to see diaz win because he has better fights bus gsp will find his way to victory.

jake1220 Says, in 11-4-2011 at 17:05:02 from    


SEAN_VANCE Says, in 11-4-2011 at 17:12:53 from    

Hmmm Diaz has no punching power? Maybe right..question is, can u avoid getting hit in the face 1000 times until ur face looks like u were violated by a gorilla. Ellen-burger doesn’t have the balls to stand with Nick…only chance is to take him down and hump him for the 3 rounds. I want a 1,000,000$ for my birthday!

mmaboxingfan2 Says, in 11-4-2011 at 17:12:54 from    

easy there… nick diaz would distroy you give me a break. Jake shields has no stand up and his dad just died when he fought you. Dont get to ahead of yourself.

mike Says, in 11-4-2011 at 17:50:15 from    

the time to talk about who you want to fight next is in the ring when you’re being interviewed after winning a fight. so many of these fighters are just pawns. make a power move goddammit!

nogi_revolution Says, in 11-4-2011 at 18:00:55 from    

This guy’s legit, look at what GSP did to Jake vs what he did. He made Jake, who is touted as one the best at the Cesar Gracie camp, look like Bob Sapp with a hangover.

drewblood Says, in 11-4-2011 at 18:02:44 from    

I thought it was pretty comical when people would insult Nick’s striking / stand up BEFORE the BJ Penn fight. Now it just makes the person look like an idiot.

You think Nick is a jerk, great fine whatever… but to not acknowledge his stand-up? c’mon.

murell Says, in 11-4-2011 at 18:17:15 from    

Awesome,get em Jake!

Trent Says, in 11-4-2011 at 18:35:59 from    

Don’t be scared, homie. Diaz would F*** you up worse than he beat up a f****** LEGEND. If you think you are on BJ’s level you are a f****** twat. Stockton m***********.

icolater Says, in 11-4-2011 at 18:42:00 from    

Hey mister Ellenberger Diaz would destroy you with ease. I really hope Diaz fights this guy because I would put every penny I have on a first round stoppage by Diaz. Some guys just think there better then they are.

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 11-4-2011 at 19:03:05 from    

I hope Jake Ellenberger gets his wish and fights Nick. Nick Diaz will make mincemeat out of this guys face, liver and kidneys and serve it with a nice chianti.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 11-4-2011 at 19:07:05 from    

Ellenberger doesnt have the balls to stand with Diaz??Ellenberger is one of the most powerful striker in 170.He KOed Pele that Even Chuck couldn’t KO…

J_satan_666 Says, in 11-4-2011 at 19:28:26 from    

sounds like some ho s*** to me.

lol Says, in 11-4-2011 at 19:32:52 from    

you guys are delusional, diaz of course has better standup than ellenberger but jake is a human tank. he has ko’ed guys with top level striking in one punch and he has world class wrestling and a good shot and diaz’ weakness is the tdd. if he tries to back ellenberger to the cage like he does with all the cans he has been fighting in SF (and unfortunately a gassed bj) ellenberger will put him away or take him down with ease. however the td might be a bad idea because i think diaz could sub him. either way it should have been diaz vs ellenberger for #1 contender and condit gets his shot as promised. big F*** up by the ufc screwing condit, makes them look bad as a ethical company when they promise and guarantee a guy a title shot and then revoke it when a fighter is being disrespectful and beliggerant like diaz was. you dont reward people when they act like that, even if it means a nice payday for your company.

cloudst Says, in 11-4-2011 at 19:43:43 from    

looks like Ellenberger wants to become the ceasar gracie fighter killer xD

give him Nate Diaz he’ll work from there.

ice ice baby Says, in 11-4-2011 at 19:53:43 from    

I guess monkeys like diaz would have other monkeys as his fan…no suprises there..bet some are crack heads who are frothing in the mouth writing their comments because they spent it on the internet cafe instead of getting a fix..heheheh morons Jake is a real deal but sadly will not face diaz cause after GSP demolishes coacroach diaz he will be fighting guys like noon and cyborg again.

American MMa Says, in 11-4-2011 at 19:54:23 from    

Nick Diaz would slap this kid around the octagon.. take a number at the back of the line J.E.

Hanabahn Says, in 11-4-2011 at 20:21:23 from    

Ellenberger would destroy Nick. You remember how fast he ended his buddy Shields. I like Diaz as a fighter, but I believe Ellenberger is the next belt holder, the division just doesn’t realize that yet……emphasis on the yet.

Freedomfit Says, in 11-4-2011 at 20:26:00 from    

so pissed at BJ for being a fat lazy coconut head… How could he go in there and let DouchDiaz use him as a punching bag, all cause he got tired. IMO BJ has never lost a fight he was in shape for, except maybe the second Edgar fight. Now we have to put up with the RetardDiaz nation of fools jocking him…. It’s all BJ’s fault, that and Frank Shamrock, letn this troll steal their mojo. JE is just calling it like it is.

ness2k Says, in 11-4-2011 at 20:35:04 from    

Ice your a dumb ass! Ur just mad because nick beat the s*** out of BJ. The hits add up in the end!

Reallynow? Says, in 11-4-2011 at 20:57:59 from    

Last heavy handed striker that said he’d smash diaz, got smashed.

Lazer212 Says, in 11-4-2011 at 21:02:11 from    

This guy is the real deal and I could see him smashing Diaz. Diaz is exciting but he’s fought a lot of bums and lets be realistic here guys BJ is not near as good as the UFC hypes him to be. Especially at 170.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 11-4-2011 at 21:27:43 from    

YEah whatever, word words words…. the biggest win Burger man has is against Jake shields and it was a lucky knee…kind of like when Matt Serra KOd GSP….the fight hadnt even started and it was over…talk is cheap, let them fight, Burger man has nothing on Diaz and until then keep dreaming and talking like Sonnen in his “parallel universe” were losers are winners.

Sephy Says, in 11-4-2011 at 21:56:37 from    

I say props to Jake Ellenberger for saying what he is really wanting to say instead of going the route of choosing my words carefully so he don’t make people mad.. I hope he does get to fight Diaz eventually and I hope he smashes his dumb ass..

Grape Soda Says, in 11-4-2011 at 22:27:31 from    

He’ll have to fight Nick coming off a loss because GSP will run right through Diaz.

The Facts Says, in 11-4-2011 at 22:42:00 from    

Ellenberger will destroy Diaz, don’t be blind just because you saw Diaz fight longer than Jake, Ellenberger is the superior fighter in every way. And I believe Shields was weak in that fight because he went vegan… need to eat meat son! red meat!

Kid Fury Says, in 11-4-2011 at 22:49:05 from    

Lucky knee? There’s not such thing as luck in MMA. Ellenberger shrugged off Shield’s TDs like he was a small child and then unleashed hell upon him. That wasn’t luck. Either way, both Ellenberger and Diaz are Top 5 WW’s and that would be one hell of a fight.

SinkTheHooks Says, in 11-4-2011 at 23:06:15 from    

Shields gg is way better then this guys and his father-coach-bestfriend just died..nice win..

Bernardo Says, in 11-4-2011 at 23:09:21 from    

This guy is shallow, can’t even speak in a complete sentence without pausing and straining his brain. “Ummmm, I can beat Nick bc ummmmmmmmm…”. Douche sounds like a hater. Nick is fighting for the championship and has been undefeated for more years than you been training!! Lets see what all you Diaz haters have to say when he beats GSP!! I can hear it now!!

Common Sense! Says, in 11-4-2011 at 23:57:08 from    

“When he punches a heavy bag, you can hear a butterfly doing push ups” LMAO!!!!!!

nocomeoahu Says, in 11-5-2011 at 00:45:15 from    

Nick Diaz has a gift like any fighter has a gift.weather its punching power or what ever.Nicks gift is cardio.thats how he wins.it may not be strong but his last punch is just as strong and crisp as his first.but his punches is weak though.he put a beatin on Penn cause penn has weak cardio and he had to put on alot of weight he was eating @ the weigh ins so nick greatest strenght is his cardio….

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 11-5-2011 at 00:52:37 from    

nice butthole chin

kuelniss Says, in 11-5-2011 at 01:00:29 from    

Wow,I’m amazed at the number of posters that think Diaz would smash Ellenberger. Of course I think it’s possible but I would peg Ellenberger at least at -230. Ellenberger is stronger, bigger, has KO power and infinitely better wrestling. I’d lean towards a little better standup as well only because I think his power trumps Diaz’s more technical volume based striking. Diaz’s only significant advantage is obviously his bjj which could be easily avoided by him easily keeping the fight standing. He could also easily take him down if Diaz is indeed getting the better of him there.

dman Says, in 11-5-2011 at 01:47:01 from    

haha ellenburger is a f***** hater…hey dog get on that level and maybe you can get a shot. Diaz doesnt need to waste his time fighting you dude.

baller Says, in 11-5-2011 at 03:38:45 from    

u guyz r delutional, dis guy will F*** daiz up, dis dude iz no joke, with dat fight against condit, a lot of refs would have stopped it declaring it a knockout. dis guy is a treat n will beat daiz

YGHURRICANE Says, in 11-5-2011 at 04:54:20 from    

Dont be scared homie! Lol

YGHURRICANE Says, in 11-5-2011 at 04:55:14 from    

Asshole chin

keyboardcowboy Says, in 11-5-2011 at 10:45:58 from    

haha diaz has no punching power? u obviously have never don the gloves yourself. you dont throw all of your power into every punch…youll end up like carwin.

yourmomsucks Says, in 11-5-2011 at 12:09:14 from    

who is this guy anyway?

starvin marvin Says, in 11-5-2011 at 13:08:08 from    

pffffffff i wish he gets to fight nick diaz, so nick can put a beating on him

TheMythTheManTheThickness Says, in 11-5-2011 at 18:19:06 from    

this guy is a can, wow you beat jake f****** sheilds, diaz would beat this guy everywhere it went

idgaf Says, in 11-5-2011 at 19:00:01 from    

im pretty sure diaz will outclass and out last GSP.

dub Says, in 11-6-2011 at 07:46:19 from    

outclass and outlast gsp? that’s a joke. running a million miles is probably equivalent to a 10 minute wrestling session non stop which GSP does for half an hour at a time. Outclass? I don’t see that either. With all that said, i think Diaz has a good chance, but he wont outclass or out last gsp..

Dsrren Says, in 11-6-2011 at 09:17:03 from    

I no Nick can fight,,But Im the same way I dont like him..He’s a thug.Nick dont set good example for up coming fighter’s.

Master Yoda Says, in 11-7-2011 at 13:43:40 from    

All you “experts” go Watch the Ellenberger vs Condit fight.

Ellenberger almost KILLED Condit.

NOBODY ever done that, no one ever f***** up Condit like that.

He would f****** KILL Diaz & GSP bad Style match-up a huge wrestler that can PUNCH.

Just like he f***** UP Jake Shields, NOBODY ever f***** up Jake Shields like that not even Diaz in Sparring.

I like Ellenberger vs ANY of the Top 5 Guys at 170! He will F*** EM UP.

Diaz vs Ellenberger would be a f****** WAR!

Tempdeisel Says, in 11-8-2011 at 00:14:27 from    

GSP fought a great wrestler with “heavy” hands in Koscheck. As much as I hate to say it I don’t see a fight with Ellenberger going that much differently. I do think J.E. has a ton more power than Koscheck, but he’s shorter and stocky and GSP will jab his way to a decision if they fight. Mind you I don’t like GSP and would very much like to see him laying on the mat unconscious.

I would like to see Ellenberger fight Fitch


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