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Pope Says, in 9-17-2011 at 23:30:16 from    

Ellenberger is a terrible matchup for shields. Good tdd and great power. This is what Hendo was supposed to do to shields but he was injured and gassed out. I expected this to happen, but not that quicks. They should have the winner of Bj and Diaz fight ellenberger for #1 contender spot. I believe ellenberger matches up well with diaz and bj.

Scottc Says, in 9-17-2011 at 23:34:08 from    

WOW! Jake Ellenberger is a dangerous man!! Congrats to him executing his game plan and taking out Shields in just a minute-twelve! I hope he gets to fight Shields buddy Nick “The Mongoloid” Diaz and make him look even more ugly if that’s possible.

Terry Says, in 9-17-2011 at 23:50:12 from    

Ref has a pretty good sprawl.

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 9-17-2011 at 23:54:23 from    

This dude could take out GSP or Condit, and Condit is my favorite. That looked too easy for him.

Maximumpain Says, in 9-17-2011 at 23:59:15 from    

Wow! What a beast.

candle Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:19:05 from    

shields’ footwork is still atrocious…

fsdf Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:27:18 from    

shields father died 3 weeks ago…when I heard that it was clear he would loos. you cannot fight with something like that on your mind even if you try

casemax Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:29:38 from    

About time somebody smoked jake, he has no standup but I’ll give him props for flicking the jab.

just0 Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:32:10 from    

Shields sucks. I’ve never liked him.

I hope he can improve his stand up.

MattyP Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:34:25 from    

Yes!! haha… so happy, another “strikeforce champion” bites the dust against a non-champion ufc fighter. Whats the score now, like 20 to 1 for UFC over strikeforce? Next on the list is Nick “No-Show” Diaz. The ONLY legitimate fighters from strikeforce are Benson Henderson, Donald Cerrone, and the Heavyweight division.

Goomba Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:07:18 from    

@MattyP: Cerrone has never fought in Strikeforce.

Ground St. Pound Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:09:02 from    

Well he did just lose his father 3 weeks ago. I doubt he was able to pull it all together. Sorry Jake. Congrats Jake.

Jake looked like a juggernaut out there for real.

Somewhere GSP is rolling his eyes thinking about the comparisons about to be made… and probably shuddering…..

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:09:27 from    

@mattyP benson and cerrone are not from strikeforce you donkey, way to fail hahahaha

Goomba Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:12:41 from    

And if you’re referring to Benson Henderson, as in, the person who just whooped miller’s ass, then you’re wrong again…he’s from WEC too….good going pal

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:30:06 from    

I’m sorry to see Jake lose such an embarrassing fight at suck a low point in life. That did not go well for him at all.

mushroomstamp Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:30:31 from    

@fsdf Says, thankyou. there is no way anyone can compete at this level when something like that happens. neither fighter looked good.

joeyjojo Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:32:49 from    

Props to Shields for still being determined to fight after his father passed. Good win for Ellenberger.

Powertele Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:50:56 from    

Much better than the Ortiz vs. MayFlower fight. That fight was whack.

LeftHook Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:44:41 from    

F*** jake shields….all he has is bjj. no striking skills at all. how in the hell can he expect to win like that

Freaklegion Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:51:06 from    

The Hendo fight really should have gone to Dan, this fight as well as the GSP fight were pretty easy picks. Wish I had money to bet.

Nocks Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:53:56 from    

why would Shields say “it was the ref’s call, but i wanted to keep on fighting.” when he was clearly out of it. he’s a fighter, he’ll be back.

ami Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:06:51 from    

I agree that Shields should be given props for fighting after his father passed away. But that being said…if I recall correctly, in a recent interview Jake said he was a little disappointed to be fighting a not so well known fighter. Maybe he underestimated Ellenberger?

Rocco55 Says, in 9-18-2011 at 06:24:55 from    

Early Stoppage yet again. Shields had a leg and moved his hand to defend punches to head

cutu2bad Says, in 9-18-2011 at 06:29:36 from    

Nice fight thanks bruno you are the man !Also props to Ellenberger for puting shields away so strongly ,

McClinchey Says, in 9-18-2011 at 07:02:20 from    

its the post gsp curse you go the distance with him and you think your the second best fighter in the division, untill your being woke up by the doctors, ask dan hardy, and jake shields…

poorjake Says, in 9-18-2011 at 07:30:17 from    

Shields is a clearly a stud, but his father’s passing got in his head…at one point, he said “dad, is that you?” Yes, son, come give me a kiss (says Ellenberger’s knee, pretending)….then it was smack!! I screamed at the screen “That’s his knee pretending, don’t kiss your dad! It’s not really him!!”……..

HAC. Says, in 9-18-2011 at 08:40:35 from    

Is Ellenberger training out of the same camp as Mayhem?

ericsson Says, in 9-18-2011 at 09:01:21 from    

this doesn’t make GSP look took good

f_u Says, in 9-18-2011 at 09:41:55 from    

I was cheering for ellenberger but Shields was NOT out. YOu can see his hand attempting to block the shots to the face before the ref gets in the way of the cam. The match should have gone on longer, but i still see the same outcome

PitfighterZ Says, in 9-18-2011 at 09:54:10 from    

Too many layers to this fight:
1 – This is what is supposed too happen to Shields in every fight he ever took because of his horrible striking skills, but the guy always found a way to overcome adversity and win fights;

2 – It’s a mental game, and sadness and depression take a toll on your training, but most of all, it takes a toll on your mind. It makes you feel physically weak;

3 – Ellenberger may have finally been the one who hit Shields hard enough to completely take him out while other only rocked him;

4 – @Nocks: When you get KOed like that and your body keeps going, you don’t know you got KOed. That’s why everyone was trying to show him the replay on the big screen. He probably didn’t know he went out.

5 – Ellenberger threw Shields around like he was nothing. That’s either a lot of power and wrestling technique against a top wrestler or Shields’ mind was really f*cked up. I guess a bit of both.

6 – @MattyP: What’s the point? At least you could have some knowledge of the sport before doing something absolutely meaningless. Support a gym or a fighter, but leave the orgs. out of it. Orgs. are not competing in a sport, they are bleeding you for your money.

willienugget Says, in 9-18-2011 at 10:14:16 from    

Yeah I live a half hour from Omaha so I should have been rooting for Ellenberger but I always liked Shields. When I saw him get tossed and his takedown attempts get shrugged off with ease, I knew he was in big trouble. From there I knew it could only end horribly for him. The strikes that dropped him were both inevitable and impressive. It kinda sucked to see him trying to fight the ref but I couldn’t help but giggle a little.

Big ups for taking the fight. Hope he looks better next time.

jpkrunch Says, in 9-18-2011 at 11:03:29 from    

Ellenberger was just too strong. @MattyP, you are an idiot. Do you even follow the sport? Look at the list of top guys Shields has beaten. He is a step below greatness but still an excellent fighter.

JoeDog Says, in 9-18-2011 at 11:11:53 from    

Shields at 3:40 on the video….read my lips.

tone Says, in 9-18-2011 at 11:18:07 from    

Props to Sheilds for even fighting, considering the passing of his father just 3 weeks ago.

Reallynow? Says, in 9-18-2011 at 11:22:01 from    

Jake E made GSP look like a complete soppy vagina for not FIGHTING sheilds. I hope Jake does the same s*** if he does get to GSP. Time for a champ who is exciting.

Danby Says, in 9-18-2011 at 12:04:46 from    

Hey finally a guy who can give gsp a run. Tossed around jake shields like a sack of potatoes. A monster. Hope to see him fight gsp in the next year or so.

gamblore Says, in 9-18-2011 at 13:04:25 from    

shields didnt look like himself and shouldnt of fought.. just my opinion.

dman Says, in 9-18-2011 at 13:23:42 from    

damn good fight for ellenberger

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-18-2011 at 14:06:34 from    

Ellenberger is one of the few guys I call a MONSTER :P The guy knocked Pele out in one punch(it can be debatable because Pele was older)and Pele fought a crazy fight with Chuck Liddell.And Chuck couldn’t knock him out.Now he fights in WW and has the power to knock 205s…Damn a real monster :P

But I also might be one of the few who actually beleive Jake S could do better if his dad didnt die so close to his fight.I’m not taking away anything from Ellenberger he’s great but it must change soemthing in Shields’ training and mental state.

dankarelli Says, in 9-18-2011 at 15:50:43 from    

I am a GSP fan, but his lackluster winning (as of late) is only further undermined when the guys he bores to death for 5 rounds are getting KO’d by their next opponents. Doesn’t bode well for GSP and his performances.

and I’m not hating. Just stating clear cut facts.

dankarelli Says, in 9-18-2011 at 15:58:15 from    

CANDLE*** re: Shields footwork:

COULDN’T AGREE MORE. its actually VERY amateur. His back leg is locked out and his toes are poitned 3 O’Clock. His striking is terrible on all levels. I know guys training KickBoxing for 6 months that could give Jake a run for their money (stand up only I mean).

Jake has been exposed, and he wont make another run at the title. period.

murell Says, in 9-18-2011 at 17:11:28 from    

reallynow? G.S.P is an exciting fighter to watch,very intelligent, and takes very little damage. if you fight just to please the crowd you will have a short career.

Buttsecks Says, in 9-18-2011 at 18:05:14 from    

this is a shame for gsp.

nuno Says, in 9-18-2011 at 18:05:21 from    

GSP p**** YESSSSSSSSSSS… That’s the way you should be fighting not being the king of UD. Dan Hardy after UD with GSP ko in first round with Condit shields the same. Look out Kosheck!! your next fight have GSP CURSE

j-me Says, in 9-18-2011 at 20:32:20 from    

Beast w/ 8 Limbs. Condit and Ellenber, have already faught. Condit won. And would probably win again.

Rico Suave Says, in 9-18-2011 at 21:26:29 from    

WOW! Ellenberger just made Shields look like a first timer, Shields’s 6 previous fights was 5-1 with wins over “Semtex” Daley, “Ruthless” Lawler, Coach “Mayhem” LOL, Dan Henderson (you know, the guy who beat “The Last Emperor” Fedor), “Hitman” Kampmann, and went 5 championship rounds (15 minutes) with “Rush” (GSP) in a loss, somebody help me with my math here, 15 min with the Champ, but only 53 seconds with “The Juggernaut”! what does that equal?!?!

dgaf Says, in 9-18-2011 at 21:51:17 from    

Jake E. will ruin GSP.

shiznit Says, in 9-18-2011 at 23:11:15 from    

Jake E. will ruin GSP.. Really? Do you really believe that. I understand the comparison, and people looking for the competition to bring back the pre-Serra GSP, but it is hard to scratch GSP given his style, let alone ruin him… GSP is not going to shoot on Ellenberger like a drunken zombie like Jake S….Ellenberger is a smaller, slower, less technical version of GSP.. Better luck with Condit

freee Says, in 9-19-2011 at 01:25:03 from    

LOL. too funny. not sure why anyone thought Shields was a badass to begin with!

Shields has no standup whatsoever! i knew Jake Ellenberger was going to put the hurt down! glad i made tons of money on this one.

STREETFIGHTER50 Says, in 9-19-2011 at 01:25:20 from    

All bad for Shields :( I don’t think he was all there since his father just passed a few weeks ago. I think it was stopped just a little too early as well. I remember when guys were bleeding profusely (Oleg Taktarov to mention one) & they’d let the fights keep going. Not like Shields was totally out & not defending

casyboy Says, in 9-19-2011 at 01:42:43 from    

ref should have let that go , Jake was semi conscious the whole time and may have finished the single! feel a little bad for Jake! way2go smellin-burger

truemmafan Says, in 9-19-2011 at 02:47:40 from    

So glad to see Shields go down! It’s about time his true status has been revealed. D class fighter under the wing of Douche White made to seem larger than what he really is! Remember making a comment about him a while back, after I ran into Shields in Vegas and he walking around like his s*** didn’t stink! Someone responded saying that I was the loser that night, well…looks like karma finally caught up!!

Joseph Says, in 9-19-2011 at 09:18:18 from    

I think it’s obvious that his father’s death took his head out of the game and he wasn’t able to train properly. I mean he was probably physically prepared for the fight.. But mentally? More than likely not. The Juggernaut is just lucky he wasn’t able to get this to the ground or it would’ve been over just as fast. All the Shields haters can enjoy this minor F*** up while it lasts because I’m sure he’ll be back!

PUBLIC7ENEMY Says, in 9-24-2011 at 22:56:58 from    

think he was not really hurt. he was just covering. early stoppage. u can see his hands was up and covering, and his legs is there.


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