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sterling Says, in 10-2-2009 at 10:09:27 from    

*Raised eyebrow*

james2648 Says, in 10-2-2009 at 10:14:49 from    

Wow, what a great find!!!

deadp00lica Says, in 10-2-2009 at 10:19:18 from    

who cares who kimbo’s fighting? The fight is still gonna be a turd sandwich…

KieranMac Says, in 10-2-2009 at 10:19:42 from    

Nah, Kimbo’s done – it sounded like Roy was just “dispensing advice” to Schaub to prep him for his next fight, not necessarily against Kimbo.

Kimbo was just getting the “you lost, so now learn whatever you can in the time you have left” speech.

grezza Says, in 10-2-2009 at 10:40:29 from    

Just goes to prove tubster had that s*** fight all planned in his head, “put em in that crucifix position and just count em to the ref” he’s a f***** joker, hope he gets ktfo!!

On Tape Says, in 10-2-2009 at 11:21:48 from    

Intersting, I think you might be on to something here, but who really knows with how they edit it it could mean anything, but it looks like it.

JEF Says, in 10-2-2009 at 11:43:59 from    

wow genious whoever spotted this

chibbz112 Says, in 10-2-2009 at 11:47:06 from    

sick awesome find

hond2dciv Says, in 10-2-2009 at 13:10:01 from    

@ grezza: As if having a gameplan and sticking to it is somehow a bad thing?

Kimbo fans immediately stick out because most of you know next to nothing about MMA.

Whisker Biscuit Says, in 10-2-2009 at 13:24:32 from    

hmmmmm, kinda figured they’d find a way to keep Kimbo in the mix….I wonder if this was intentional or just an editing mistake?

mr. x Says, in 10-2-2009 at 14:39:42 from    

Great find.

jaycity Says, in 10-2-2009 at 14:41:55 from    

great find man… thats impressive lol although i would rather see someone either than kimbo fight because that last fight was horrible lol he layed on his back and didnt move. oh well, ratings i guess

mysryluvscmpany Says, in 10-2-2009 at 15:16:05 from    

holy s*** man i watched it twice on tv and never caught it until i watched this..that was definatly a F*** up in editing…and yeah i agree hond2dciv most of the kimbo fans do stick out.you can spot them by the blatant biased comments usually consisting of how roy is fat or how they hope he gets knocked out.. haha oh well it may not have been fight of the year but he won..he didnt get all jacked up or take many shots and hes gonna be 100% for the next fight…smart if you think bout it..

BigBuscuits Says, in 10-2-2009 at 15:19:13 from    

Wasn’t there this highly debated scene from the promo trailer for the show that showed a bald headed black dude working some GnP and everybody was trying to figure out if it was Kimbo or not, because to me it always looked like the dude on the bottom was Schaub.

CS Says, in 10-2-2009 at 15:23:03 from    

I don’t know. I still think the best strategy is to show up for the biggest opportunity of your life completely unprepared so you get winded after like 25 seconds.

Jasonicus Says, in 10-2-2009 at 15:40:11 from    

Interesting, I wonder if that was just clever editing though.

damyouz Says, in 10-2-2009 at 15:58:01 from    

oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i thought roy predicted how he was gona win but yahh i see it now… or hear it watever. worddd.

New New Says, in 10-2-2009 at 16:00:41 from    

Just throwing this out there: People that are pissed at Roy aren’t doing it just to defend Kimbo. (though I think you’d have a hard time making the case that Roy is more likeable than Kimbo)

The fact is that I have no urge to watch Roy fight again after that performance. Period. It was boring. He won the fight, but I would still rather watch Kimbo fight again.

I don’t necessarily care that Kimbo wins either. I just know that in the stand up Kimbo will strike, and if he’s put against a better, more exciting fighter than Roy, than watching him get worked over on the ground could be exciting, too.

If I never have to watch Roy lay on a guy and tap him on the top of the head again, it will still be too soon.

New New Says, in 10-2-2009 at 16:03:00 from    

Also, I see no need to put down other commenters on the site because they like a fighter that you don’t.

I’ve been following MMA since the glory days of Pride, and I would like to see Kimbo succeed.

He has the right attitude, if not all the right skills.

Gt03champ Says, in 10-2-2009 at 16:05:01 from    

i dont like kimbo. but Nelson is getting on my nerves… let the ref do his job, no your not babe ruth. Just stop. BE THE BIGGER MAN (hhhhaaaa cause he’s fat)

Mexguit Says, in 10-2-2009 at 20:23:34 from    

HAHAHA this was on the last show!! This happened before the fight between Kimbo and Nelson!!

Ya’ll need to get spike!! LMAO.

Bruno: Did you even read the page content?

copani Says, in 10-2-2009 at 20:41:58 from    

This could be a talk of what Roy was doing in practice.

new new Says, in 10-2-2009 at 20:52:31 from    


ihatehaters Says, in 10-2-2009 at 21:35:27 from    

wow dont know how i missed that.great job to whoever picked up on it.is kimbo ever gonna be able to defend against a crucifix

BLOODY KNUCKELS Says, in 10-2-2009 at 21:57:47 from    

We have spike u Tard! If u listen ROY was talking in PAST TENCE.

RSparrow506 Says, in 10-2-2009 at 21:58:55 from    

kieranmac, you’re an idiot.

He’s saying how he’s a bobblehead (KIMBO)

Great Find, and I know for a fact Kimbo wins this one, because Dana made an announcement that episode 8 was f****** insane.

Kimbo is going to win the show

Andrew Says, in 10-2-2009 at 23:18:52 from    


So they mistakenly put that Roy segment in before the actual fight? How could they be that dumb?

And no i dont buy the fact that the Shivers chat was for another fight. Sloppy editing IMO.

CTROB Says, in 10-2-2009 at 23:29:17 from    

He didn’t Bruno, these young kids today don’t read a thing. Maybe if you put the page content in video format he would have paid attention.

dattebayo Says, in 10-3-2009 at 00:10:30 from    

Elite XC and Tuf 10 show you just how much those people in the backyard fighting suck ass (including kimbo)… kimbo still made 10,000 a fight in backyard fighting + 500,000 a fight in elite xc and probably made a good x amount of money for being on tuf 10 (100,000 a episode??).
Kudos for him from me for making allot of money ^^

dattebayo Says, in 10-3-2009 at 00:12:02 from    

he said he has 8 kids on jimmy kimmel or jimmy falon (don’t remember), making money for them kids and probably not spending it like a crazy moron ala rampage jackson buying a truck and playing gta4 in reality and buying a r8 and saying I need money for ma kids ya dig LOL!

Pocker Says, in 10-3-2009 at 00:18:21 from    

sorry but you guys are all idiots….

the guy in the gray shirt, brendan, is the one that says “you know like I was”

he then gets cut off by roy who says:
“no, no” …

listen to their accents, totally different…

stonedwheat Says, in 10-3-2009 at 00:19:56 from    

Ahhhh wow someone was paying attention

BigBuscuits Says, in 10-3-2009 at 02:47:42 from    

Mexguit, way to miss the point friend.

King of da ring Says, in 10-3-2009 at 04:53:07 from    

Mexguit this was after their fight obviously because roy is talking about the way he finished kimbo.

seriously Says, in 10-3-2009 at 10:19:43 from    

lol at “titties” getting all into it with the shadowboxing and mimicking Nelson’s advice.

mmaoreo Says, in 10-3-2009 at 12:10:19 from    

Actually roy does say “like I was” brendan says “no” as if he doesn’t like the sound of the crucifix position (IMO), and the roy continues on with “no no no” so that he can continue his point. That how it sounded and looked to me.

ihatehaters Says, in 10-3-2009 at 14:58:15 from    

roy say “you know like i was” which means past tense.anybody not catchin on to this is an idiot.

Nickb Says, in 10-3-2009 at 15:20:28 from    

He say’s “like how he was” referring to his fight against james thompson is elitexc… come on people I thought you guys we’re better than

Nickb Says, in 10-3-2009 at 15:20:55 from    


junbo79 Says, in 10-3-2009 at 15:25:32 from    

@ Pocker: Watch it again buddy.
@ mmaoreo: Spot on

Country even does a little hand movement as he was accentuating the point (at the exact time he says “you know like I was”)

I could have made some serious money had I of picked up this little tidbit before the fight.

It’s a safe assumption that there was a reason why country was talking directly to Shaub.

DumbGerbil Says, in 10-3-2009 at 16:03:15 from    

they always edit spoiler video like that to fool us like the last week when we see kimbo drop roy in the video but its not true its just a punch of kimbo who didnt land. but they stop the scene just before we see nelson movin from the punch…im sure kimbo didnt fight schaub

Bob Says, in 10-3-2009 at 19:46:08 from    

Was roy nelson told not to damage kimbo so he can make a comeback in TUF if needed? When he crucifix’d him he in theory should of been able to land some serious blows / damage on kimbo?

I think Dana wants to cash in on the Kimbo dollar some more… Is dana the new don king? lol

KieranMac Says, in 10-4-2009 at 18:21:12 from    

Rsparrow, you’re clearly a mentally gifted individual – I can tell by the way you start your post with an insult because you don’t agree with me. Truly an intelligent person of thought and wit.

If you’ve watched the show AT ALL, you know they love to edit things around to make you believe s*** that just ain’t true. If you really think Kimbo’s gonna fight Schaub in the next episode after losing on the last episode, you’re only reinforcing my opinion of your intelligence.

Seriously man. How f****** stupid can you be?

If by some miracle Kimbo actually is fighting on the next episode, it’s further reinforcement that TUF isn’t about anything but ratings. Kimbo offers them and I wouldn’t put it completely past Dana to exploit it anyway he can.

But sure, I’m an idiot for stating what should have been obvious to you.

Hey Says, in 10-7-2009 at 11:21:51 from    

Pocker…you’re the idiot…its obvious Roy was the one talking about the crucifix


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