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jasonfn22 Says, in 12-4-2013 at 16:23:19 from    

I’m telling you the girls are doing it right they are working harder in every aspect including the promo shows. I was fuc king glued to my computer screen watching that because it was more about getting to know the fighters outside of fighting and what drives them to do something that most people think is nuts and show that they are not nutty people in fact most of them are brilliant people. When i am watching a UFC promo i am usually doing something else but listening somewhat because its the same ole crap about so and so being a different fighter blah blah blah he is the biggest test for blah blah blah so and so has faced stiff competition but never anybody with this kind of blah blah blah……………….blah. Another yah for the girls and a nah for the boys. I guess the media has pitted me against everybody opposing WMMA because god damn every time they get ask a question its something about do you finally feel you belong here blah blah blah and its funny because they are fighting and that media motherf u ck er is sitting on his ass blogging asking a fighter do they belong there? WTF is that ? I thought in order to criticize you must first have been there and done that and know what all goes into it to be there but not in this MMA media s***, I mean god damn the media is the ones ranking the fighters and they are terrible at it. I am sick of the media controlling everything in this country. We have the dumbest son of a b itc h on this planet as president thanks to who ? The media so we know they fuc_ k everything up.

arih Says, in 12-4-2013 at 20:36:58 from    

Agree, now we just need 200M more americans opening their eyes, to end this mtf system we live in, do not give up your courage nor your guns.. we will need it soon


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