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wreckitralph Says, in 1-3-2014 at 19:59:42 from    

Rousey the one trick pony lol. Seriously tho its a matter of time before other women fighters are able to neutralize her. She will need to improve her gnp I think. Just my opinion

dankarelli Says, in 1-3-2014 at 20:33:52 from    

Hey, let me make an instructional video and be sure to select camera angles that are totally opstructive for the most intricate parts.

Matt Says, in 1-3-2014 at 23:09:57 from    

@ Dankarelli there is only one camera angle, it’s on a tripod.

coutura Says, in 1-3-2014 at 23:30:04 from    

Rhonda is ahead I’m sure

Drewzilla Says, in 1-4-2014 at 00:05:26 from    

They did show multiple angles to see the intricate parts/moves.

MONTE Says, in 1-4-2014 at 00:18:44 from    

This counter has a few different steps to it, and not all of them happen from one side or angle. No one shot will capture the entire move. Don’t be an ass. He showed you this move multiple times and from different angles. You want better, go take a class with him. You got your moneys worth so shut up.

dankarelli Says, in 1-4-2014 at 01:08:38 from    

rewatched the video – was having a hard time with R hand placement but was able to find it.

Hey monte – make me.

Rugburn Says, in 1-4-2014 at 02:08:56 from    

This will not work because they left out the most important fact, leg control!! When going for this armbar you need to grab the ankle as Rousey did and that allows you to control the opponent when you roll and then submit them!!!

paddedummy Says, in 1-4-2014 at 05:24:16 from    

Or he could just do a front roll before the other guy jumps on his back instead of curling up in the fetal position on his forearms and knees like he is assuming the position to take it in the butt.

judomaster Says, in 1-4-2014 at 09:49:43 from    

@wreckitralph don’t be so sure about an one trick pony theory. There are multiple armbar tehniques in judo. Just google a little bit, I’m sure that you are a pro in googlying. You have to learn for every belt exam some armbar tehniques.

wreckitralph Says, in 1-4-2014 at 11:50:08 from    

She has not shown anything but the same technique over and over. Its her bread and butter. I understand there are many variations and what not but what I am saying is the more the other women roll they will be able to neutralize this. Rhonda is ahead of the game right now compared to other women on the ground much like Royce was back in the day. Rhonda needs to evolve to stay ahead and she hasnt shown any evolution. But hey she’s the champ so I guess its king of the mountain

coutura Says, in 1-4-2014 at 12:04:32 from    

Did you see how Rhonda held tate in the air with an arm .she’s a freak of power
I think she’s to strong for some girls in the division

wreckitralph Says, in 1-4-2014 at 12:13:52 from    

Yah she is strong for sure. Other women arent at the level of athleticism and skill that Rousey is.

kidfrosty Says, in 1-4-2014 at 12:22:44 from    

I agree. I am waiting for some opponent, then many, to neutralize the threat of her armbars to some degree. No doubt there are chokes and other submissions in Rousey’s game, but it seems like it is always just a matter of time until Rowdy gets that arm just once…and snap!

Do chicks ever get KTFO, cuz I think Ronda has the power for that, but want to see her pretty little ‘chin’.

Danby Says, in 1-4-2014 at 13:20:51 from    

You can teach all the technique you want, but rhonda is just way stronger then all the women she faces. She just over powers them. Plus shes an amazing grappler.

Its boring to watch. They might as well pick girls off the street and put them in there. The outcome will be the same and it will look pretty much the same anyways. Misha did the best against her out of any opponent, and all she did was not get submitted for a while.

There is a reason she doesn’t want to fight cyborg. She wont be able to over power her.

Karson Says, in 1-4-2014 at 15:43:35 from    

people aren’t very smart calling Rhonda a one trick pony. I have to call everyone out again who is taking this stance.

oh well call me arrogant but its slightly entertaining to set the mma fans right who are again assuming a faulty position.

Again, this being only to those who call her a one trick pony and think she’s just so simplistically putting all her figting on one dependability or technique.

1) Its not that Rhonda simply knows one move that makes her so good; its that she knows how to drag someone from the beginning of the fight to the end to that move.

Did you also call Chuck Liddell a one trick pony cause since he knocked out all his opponents in the prime of his prime of rain. All he did was hit their chin with his hand. What a one trick pony right. They just need to duck or keep their hands up lol.. right.. What if a boxer usually ends it with his left hand. Twelve grueling rounds and yet again he finishes with a left hand knockout.. is he a one trick pony,, or are you just perhaps not the smart one..??

Randy couldn’t take chuck down into his strong suit enough to keep him there the majority of the time; chuck had great ways to avoid the take down going into those positions where he wasn’t as strong; but he got the win, by knockout.

2) arm bar is not one move, its only one way to finish with multiple ways of execution and multiple variations to armbar, multiple setups. The elbow being fully preasurized and extended is just the very last part of the move. Hello. In a sense Rhonda should think of her armbars starting once the bell rings cause that’s how it goes. Any move that attacks the elbow joint in a certain way is called an arbar, but again the setups for that are highly dynamic.

Just like a boxer who has to set up the knockout; you can’t simply credit him for having a one trick pony ability just cause the fight always ends with his fist hitting a chin.

In rhondas last fight her judo throws were stunning. Everyone critized Meisha for a bad game plan; as if there’s would be so much better. Rhonda should be credited for dynamic throws we’ve never seen. Again not a one trick pony. Hello..!!
Without rhondas throws, wearing her opponents she may not have been able to eventually drag her apponent to the end of their destruction in her power position where they were weaker.

She is a Judo Olympion. Not an armbar olympion. Look up Judo and you’ll find armbar is only part of the art..

Now you can say I’m a Rhonda ass kiss bla bla bla.. just cause I call it like it is but I really just wanted to vent on this for the hell of it.

Once someone learns to counter rhondas armbars, yes she may have a much tougher time getting the finish.. but for them to counter her armbars, they are going to need to master defense in much more than just one simple armbar position; they are going to need to master the art of the armbar

With that said I think Rhonda will in fact have steep competition coming up. Kat is a fighter who could pull off an upset, who knows.

I really like Kat as a fighter. she may even be my favorite.

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 1-4-2014 at 19:50:37 from    

@Karson: WTF!

wcoastassassin Says, in 1-4-2014 at 23:43:26 from    

Karson wins the award for longest reply ever. I have read full articles that are shorter, maybe you should start a blog.

FailSonnen Says, in 1-5-2014 at 01:30:40 from    

I had a feeling Miesha was going to be rolled like that when she curled up instead of flattening her body out when Ronda tried to grab her arm.

coutura Says, in 1-5-2014 at 21:53:05 from    

Maesha gave up she knew rosey was to strong for her she broke her will

karson Says, in 1-7-2014 at 18:19:25 from    

yes you mother f’rs I wrote a blog. and I don’t care that you don’t like it. ;)

beetle Says, in 1-7-2014 at 21:28:10 from    

I think karson made a very strong point

beetle Says, in 1-7-2014 at 21:29:09 from    

but meisha is still hotter

Raife Says, in 8-31-2014 at 19:42:09 from    

Yes, long comment by karson and so what? I liked reading it, write some more, why not? Ronda is my favorite fighter ATM, and I love watching her go. I do Submissions and Judo too (in my humble little amateur world) Her skills are amazing and I hope she wins everytime. Armbar Nation Ninjas!


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