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Ozinator Says, in 10-12-2013 at 10:48:57 from    

another late stoppage ruins a fighter’s chance to recover and win

sve Says, in 10-12-2013 at 11:37:44 from    

^ Indeed :)

Never seen Holly Holm fight before, but if her ground game’s as good as her kickboxing then damn.

anakonda Says, in 10-12-2013 at 11:51:46 from    

Same weight class?

YODA Says, in 10-12-2013 at 12:06:14 from    

I would love to see holm fight cyborg in a kickboxing style match

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 10-12-2013 at 13:32:06 from    


Holm is a beast. She’d take honda and guyborg easily.

The Voice and Pat are the best announcers in the biz.

Skeptical Says, in 10-12-2013 at 14:05:12 from    

@ozinator you’re not making any sense dude. Put the bottle down.

tysdad10 Says, in 10-12-2013 at 15:00:28 from    

this be-atch looks bad ass !! super crisp punches and kicks …

squeaky Says, in 10-12-2013 at 15:43:26 from    

Holly can and will take out Rousey. Its going to be great watching Rousey ket KOed in the ring. Cant wait!!!

Joe Dog Says, in 10-12-2013 at 15:43:40 from    

One can only believe that Dana and the boys have been in touch with Holly Holm. She certainly looks like a contender.

ETK Says, in 10-12-2013 at 17:56:45 from    

@ Skeptical
Regarding Ozinator’s comment
I think the comment is a suggestion that the fight could have been stopped on the grounds of Holly completely dominating Nikki. I think the term is “outclass”. I would sorta concur. Nikki is being a “catcher” catching all Holm’s strikes. Kicks to the head, legs, mouth. Knees to the liver, solar plexus, (face?). At one point Nikki is not the same girl that stepped into the ring, her threat has greatly diminished, and she was outclassed to begin with. That is the argument in favor of stopping it.
There is the argument that you never know what will happen. Nikki might land a KO shot, or somehow hurt Holm. That might have been the case at the beginning of the fight, but like said, at a certain point Nikki was not the same as when she stepped into the ring. It never looked like Nikki could do that to begin with. Or maybe Nikki could submit Holm.
Maybe Holm could pull or throw out something and Nikki could win that way.

shocktime Says, in 10-12-2013 at 18:23:36 from    

Dude that finish was like the video game Mortal Combat. Side kick hurt her bad, then she just went in for the kill like a roid raging Wanderlei Silva in Pride. Ronda cannot stand for one sec with this girl and a match with Cyborg will be very competitive.

GODless Says, in 10-13-2013 at 01:47:19 from    

i am not impressed at all. the opponent just stood there as a target!

damnitrudy Says, in 10-13-2013 at 02:09:31 from    

Can Holm’s grapple?
If so I would love to see her fight Cyborg

underscore Says, in 10-13-2013 at 04:57:54 from    

Really good show by Holly Holm. I will be tuning in for this chicks fights!

wink Says, in 10-13-2013 at 12:15:07 from    

bad-asss fighter. holly holm dont forget the name

Thxer Says, in 10-15-2013 at 03:12:32 from    

Definitely one of the most dangerous female strikers on the planet, but I wasn’t impressed with her confusion when she practically had her back with double under.


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