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YB3000 Says, in 1-12-2013 at 17:20:03 from    

I’m bit pissed that Lombard doesn’t have balls to admit he’s doing roids too. Natural my a$$

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 1-12-2013 at 18:48:03 from    

Please Lombard has fought a ton in the USA well over 10 fights im sure he got tested everytime. Either he is not a dumbass like Palhares and gets popped or he does not do it, therefore your comment has no legs YB3000.

BigGameJames Says, in 1-12-2013 at 18:49:17 from    

I agree with YB3000

Naturally taking steriods, Thats about it..

Sammy Says, in 1-12-2013 at 20:06:25 from    

Lombard is taking steroids too, you’d have to be a dummy to believe otherwise

alex Says, in 1-12-2013 at 21:24:26 from    

if you really believe Lombard doesn’t take steroids than you’re either an alien from a different space or you’ve never had anything to do with a professional sport

kaution35 Says, in 1-12-2013 at 21:38:14 from    

I swear its a witch hunt with ppl looking for any fighter to be on something just to have a decent physique. Stop and think about it, guys in prison work out and look better than most pro fighters. They on PEDS too right? And before you say something stupid remember alot of prison facilities have organized boxing teams and hold competitions. I don’t know what his genetic background is and no one else does. Truth is, its getting ridiculous to read or hear too many ppl crying enhancement and the only weight or gym or exercise regimen they know is watching old azz Billy Banks Tae Bo videos and working a sweat up watchn him in those tight spandex.

*Stop bitching at fighters and get on the half ran commissions that organize poorly ran testing programs so the sport stays respectable or STFU. Damn.

shocktime Says, in 1-12-2013 at 22:46:41 from    

Lot of haters here. I think he’s clean. The guys a pro athlete, a pro fighter. It’s his job to EAT Lift weights and train. His physique is easily attainable considering it’s his JOB! 60% of the guys in the NFL have his build, and I know most of them are clean.

fightdontbefake Says, in 1-12-2013 at 23:21:32 from    

I guess time will tell if Lombard if clean or not, many people say they are clean but aren’t and just never get caught…from what I have heard from other fighters that are around Lombard is that he is a freak of nature when it comes to lifting/power, he might be taking roids to aid him, but he does possess a lot of power.

leapingkyle Says, in 1-13-2013 at 01:05:58 from    

As long as there is steroids, there will always be, steroids.

W1la Says, in 1-13-2013 at 01:51:00 from    

do u have a twitter i ant to follow your twitter lol
why are yall focusing on the negative aspect like steroids when hes not even the one who tested positive?!? dummies!

Freaklegion Says, in 1-13-2013 at 04:09:12 from    

I’d imagine most guys have taken them at one point to get ahead, might not keep doing them though once they reach the big time.

greengiant Says, in 1-13-2013 at 05:20:58 from    

Wait a minute you ignorant tunnel vision morons!…Its pretty sad when you accuse someone of something without any proof? He might have taken something just like anyone might have but to say “he iz built so he have takeen sumthang” is as stupid as it sounds.Maybe the finger pointers don’t have the work ethic to know you can get big with hard work and no roids,genetics helps too.Use your heads and not your jealousy/hater attitude.

Musclefixer Says, in 10-13-2013 at 00:22:09 from    

Lance tested clean too…


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