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Hollywood Henderson Says, in 1-7-2010 at 09:58:31 from    

Double leg skate takedowns…lol

Machete Says, in 1-7-2010 at 10:00:58 from    

Another mma fighter who thinks he can become a big movie star. These guys don’t realize that acting is really hard.

Stifle Says, in 1-7-2010 at 10:11:34 from    

Damn…13 yrs of fighting…and taking some hard beatings I might add…..the fact he can still walk, talk, and see is a testament to his physical prowess.

thewhiteobama Says, in 1-7-2010 at 12:34:58 from    

herring wil be back and thats awesome hes actually making money cause we all know if your name aint brock he dont pay you s***

madona Says, in 1-7-2010 at 13:10:06 from    

bad acting

glassjoe Says, in 1-7-2010 at 13:21:19 from    

A right cross from Brock that knocks you across the ring will change you thought about an MMA career.

Grape Soda Says, in 1-7-2010 at 13:39:18 from    

Acting is really hard? Yea that’s why rap stars and sports stars are in movies all the time, because you know acting is based on talent and not shameless promotion and name brand identification.

Very few actors have actual talent. Any slobbering idiot can be an “actor” in some cheesy action film.
Most movies now are just special effects with NO acting skills, story line or character development.
Mainstream Hollywood movies are designed for the stupid masses.

TheBlackSpoon Says, in 1-7-2010 at 13:48:06 from    

You dont have to be a good actor to make money in Hollywood.

Burned1981 Says, in 1-7-2010 at 16:24:40 from    

I really dont blame the guy. Most guys with a few exceptions are done by thier mid 30′s with nothing to show for thier efforts. He is thinking smart by looking for other means of putting food on the table. I’m sure the movies are horrorific but at least he is enjoying it and making some money WITH health insurance.

Drew Says, in 1-7-2010 at 17:49:36 from    

Good for Herring. As much as I’d like to see him back in the Octagon, who are we to say what he should be doing? He’s been in the game a long time, let him give acting a shot.

theetompster Says, in 1-7-2010 at 18:48:00 from    

I was just wondering about Heath today and where he was. Hopefully he comes back soon.

jaws Says, in 1-8-2010 at 03:18:46 from    

This dude is a friggen warrior. good for him!

bigbob Says, in 1-8-2010 at 11:08:55 from    

enuff with the acting promo
lets see u back in the octagon
where u belong and make a run for
the title or send brock back to
the wwf. u can do it.


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