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Hugh Jardon Says, in 12-9-2010 at 16:50:49 from    

I’d been waiting for this one. You’re the heat, Bruno.

expose13 Says, in 12-9-2010 at 17:37:47 from    

Thanks Bruno.

Bruno: Thanks for the help. I will let you know.

El Vergudo!! Says, in 12-9-2010 at 18:36:20 from    

Bruno as always ur the UCKEN MAN!!!

bearlythere Says, in 12-9-2010 at 18:50:08 from    

geez, now that I watch this again I see all sorts of stuff.
first, how did 2 judges give koscheck the 1st? GSP had the first 3:30 easy. How does a minutes and half at the end win the round.
Second, why didn’t we all get pissed at Koscheck holding his own shorts in Rd 2. The only reason he didn’t get subbed then was because he had a solid grip on his own shorts. Big John told GSP he’s allowed both during the round and between rounds, but I’m pretty sure he also said it was a dirty move, but he can’t do anything about it. This rule should be eliminated immediately.
Third, GSP won standing and on the ground. Elbow after elbow. He played it safe, but no way was this lnp.
Fourth, Koscheck, get ready for deja vu, but worse – the whole arena delighting in your loss. Just don’t suckerpunch GSP after the bell once you realize you really are a dick.

greasegate Says, in 12-9-2010 at 19:20:27 from    

i honestly don’t know why gsp is consider a top p4p mma fighter. he is top 3 takedown specialist but not an overall MMA fighter.

epitome of a boring blanket fighter who sits on top and does NO damage. when does he finish? he fights once every two years AND he cheats with vaseline… what a joke

josh r Says, in 12-9-2010 at 19:54:16 from    

funny how Koscheck says GSP has been afraid to stand since the Serra loss, 3rd GSP was lighting him up and forced Kos to go for the TD.

beever Says, in 12-9-2010 at 20:18:34 from    

Wish I was in Montréal this weekend, best city on earth IMO.

ekania85 Says, in 12-9-2010 at 20:51:06 from    

Grabbing your own shorts is legal.

Mulch Says, in 12-9-2010 at 20:51:39 from    

I miss those days. That was a great fight. And a reminder that GSP is truly a great fighter.

Murell Says, in 12-9-2010 at 21:15:57 from    

GSP is Awesome! kockcheck is a tool! greasegate you dont know what your talking about,you must be new to the fight game.

pope Says, in 12-9-2010 at 23:47:45 from    

if koscheck does the same as the first fight he can still win considering how judging has been going lately. because judges are just angry boxing advocates who want to make the sport of mma look bad.

Throne Says, in 12-10-2010 at 00:18:01 from    

Grabbing your own clothing is old school….Gi BJJ allows submissions using the Gi.

I really hope GSP wins….mostly because of how bad it would be for MMA to have someone like Koscheck as a champ.

Brazil_ufc Says, in 12-10-2010 at 00:18:45 from    

why so much hate towards koscheck?

He is a funny guy

RicanFighter Says, in 12-10-2010 at 01:41:39 from    

pretty bad how we can get all hyped up_ knowing that these guys will just have a WRESTLING match this saturday, as the main event- the one on top the longest wins-…how can u forget kos last fight against daley? wow what a borefest- Josh the lay and pray koscheck, YEAHH im gonna pay 50 dollars to watch that guy against George ” i just want to keep mu belt” pierre. lets all count the stand up punches in this fight-pathetic

G.O.D.ZILLA Says, in 12-10-2010 at 01:48:14 from    

The same thing is going to happen this Sat.

jake1220 Says, in 12-10-2010 at 02:36:42 from    


you clearly have no insight into what it takes to be and stay a champion. all fighters try to utilize their game plan, and GSP does that EXCEPTIONALLY well, does he know how to strike? ofcourse he does, but im sure he also wants to be the longest raining champion ever so why risk a loss with something like striking when every fighter “has a punchers chance”

paddedummy Says, in 12-10-2010 at 02:49:21 from    

@ beever, you need to travel more then

mesonto Says, in 12-10-2010 at 11:03:29 from    

How the hell did Kos win the first round? BTW -both their reaches are 75″ now-a-days GSP’s is 76″??? Saying that I think Kos is the only one who will give GSP a run for his money.

Murell Says, in 12-10-2010 at 18:37:22 from    

Hey Bruno could you post Thiago Alves vs koscheck? that would be awesome to watch again.

Bruno: Here you go. http://www.mmatko.com/josh-koscheck-vs-thiago-alves-fight-video-ufc-90-2/

Thefamousetriangle Says, in 12-11-2010 at 13:24:17 from    

During this fight i felt like GSP was older than koscheck


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