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BigPapa Says, in 8-28-2012 at 15:26:05 from    

Disagree with Greg Jackson.
In any fighting sport, will see cases of a bad-ass world beater -vs- a guy who may have lost his last 4 fights… that world-beater should DESTROY the chump in the first round to show how dominant he is.
Turning down Sonnen will go down in history as Jones’ BIGGEST mistake.
Boo’s are guaranteed.

My Opinion Says, in 8-28-2012 at 15:32:16 from    

Greg Jackson always has an excuse… he’s one of those guys!

Dormath Says, in 8-28-2012 at 15:34:46 from    

I have fought on a few hours notice a few times so for someone that is ready for a fight to turn down a fight against a lighter fighter its just sad.

Ll cool j Says, in 8-28-2012 at 16:13:39 from    

You idiots sound like typical ignorant Americans. U are American right? The rest of the world sees everything in a more realistic and less selfish way. We also don’t place blame on others for their decisions such as Dana. Ya, jones is annoying but Jackson is a class act who simply has reasonable points for you morons.

douchballz Says, in 8-28-2012 at 16:28:50 from    

Jackson is a douche, he talk like he’s smarter than the rest of us. He said he likes Chael, but at his training camp they got Chael picture in a urinal. He think people are dumb and that they don’t see past his bullshit.
“Jones go check on machida and get some fans.”
Greg Jackson

ultimate fighter Says, in 8-28-2012 at 16:52:44 from    

I would fight kayrn bryant in 2 minutes notice,
but than again I’m old school just like vitor belfort

xformat Says, in 8-28-2012 at 16:56:03 from    

It’s become clear that MMA fighting is no longer a “Gladiator” type of sport where people just fight others for the sake of fighting.

The UFC has, unbeknownst to itself, has developed such an amazing sport that the fighters are now looking at their legacy, their health, well being etc.

The lesson learned in this case, is that Dana White needs to have a better stacked card so that when a fight is unable to continue on, the fight “card” will remain, thus millions will not be lost.

I’m sorry, but no good business owner should ever stack, or bank their entire broadcast of 8 or 10 fights upon one main event. Look, Dana already knows this. Lesson learned.

ustabeluke Says, in 8-28-2012 at 17:00:47 from    

Whatever, scared is scared… JJ is loosing support day by day.

chuckjbt Says, in 8-28-2012 at 17:04:18 from    

I agree three days notice to fight is too short–but that’s not what happened here. He’s been training his ass off, presumably, in anticipation of fighting Henderson–so it’s not like he’s been sitting around for months and not ready to fight. It’s pathetic–almost as pathetic as @Llcoolj’s trolling comments…

Face Stab Says, in 8-28-2012 at 18:02:06 from    

When Lyoto turned down the fight, it didn’t get a fight cancelled. Jones was training to fight. Lyoto wasn’t. Sonnen wasn’t.

Greg Jackson is probably not a bad guy, but he definitely steered Jon Jones wrong, and this will go down as the most colossal blunder in MMA history.

wwwwwwwww Says, in 8-28-2012 at 18:18:18 from    

you guys are so stupid!!? do any of you understand mma? it would be so stupid for him to step in and fight chael i wont even get started because i could write a 400 page essay on how jon and greg made the right decision. so i wont even start.

xformat Says, in 8-28-2012 at 18:28:21 from    

Ridiculous! Come on….MMA has become mainstream. Do you think Jones would have said “no” when people didn’t care about MMA fighting?

MMA has changed and that’s what you fools don’t understand. Jones is becoming that of a phenom, like Tyson, Tiger, Jordan. The sport is changing and you’re just going to have to change along with it’s popularity.

Get over it!!!!

shocktime Says, in 8-28-2012 at 19:00:23 from    

Yeah get over it. Why you guys crying so much. Just can’t wait to see Chael get busted up again eh? I feel you there.

bobo Says, in 8-28-2012 at 19:53:32 from    

Greg Jackson is cancerous to the sport – If anyone was to refuse the fight it should of been Sonnen as he hadnt been training. Pretty Boy Jones has been training his ass off for a fight and then walks away.

I bet Evans is loving this.

ETK Says, in 8-28-2012 at 19:54:38 from    

A fight is a fight.
A sport is a sport.
You claim this is real fighting?
Why suddenly all the bureaucracy and hesitation?
You claim you want to to be the best “fighter” then fight.
Or don’t claim you are or you want to be the best fighter, but rather claim you are the best or want to be the best at this sport.
Especially since you are supposed to be in shape and ready, so great, your opponent has been beaten and hurt, and your opponent is smaller than you.
If Jones would have beat Sonnen it would have paved the way for Jones vs Silva. If Jones lost to Sonnen(the guy who lost twice to Silva) it would have been bad. That is the fear.

fyasko51 Says, in 8-28-2012 at 20:04:09 from    

Hey Bruno, what’s your opinion about this mess?

Bruno: Wish Jones would have taken the Sonnen fight but I think it is nobody’s fault but the UFC’s. Not a strong enough card to sell a PPV without Jones. Jones only signed a contract to fight Hendo. In the future the UFC may start including a “must fight a backup fighter” clause to force a replacement bout to save a show.

anderson cheats Says, in 8-28-2012 at 20:51:38 from    

Good point Bruno. by the way Greg Jackson says Hendo and Sonnen have two totally different styles? What! they have almost the same style, and Jones was already training for Hendo,i dont get it.

lee Says, in 8-28-2012 at 20:55:37 from    

to jackson, jones is already preparing for a fight for months, he should fight as well and as a gratitude to ufc who made him a star you dont fight a guy just because you studied him be a fighter thats what you guys do.
to dana make your co main event if not as good card the next good card

DavidJones Says, in 8-28-2012 at 21:08:55 from    

dana white tried to put this on jones and jackson, although refusing the fight was a very “not-champion” to say the least, if the rest of the card was decent, the event wouldnt cancel, dana put a f****** lousy card, i cant remember who else was fighting for the life of me, thats why they could go through with the event, UFC tried to max profits and only put jones fight on the card with the rest of the fights being with guys that nobody knows , thats why he had to cancel the whole event, the JONES fight was the entire event, thats it.

MoFO Says, in 8-28-2012 at 21:27:02 from    

Lol….ignorant americans, says the guy who uses an americans name as his user…..ignorance is everywhere & in everyone…including other country’s!

HatersGonnaHate Says, in 8-28-2012 at 22:00:14 from    

Greg Jackson is absolutely right … some people just dont like jon jones and they search for reasons not to like him. If you think Jones is less than a man or he’s scared then youre retarded … he wasnt afraid to fight bader, shogun , rampage , machida , evans and henderson …. but he’s afraid of chael sonnen ? He did the smart thing and thats not take a fight on 3 days notice where he has everything to lose and nothing to gain … if he destroys sonnen then so what we just saw him get knocked out , if he wins and its competitive then he shoulda outclassed him , if he loses even on 3 days notice he loses his belt …. Jones would have murdered Chael Sonnen but fighting is a tactical sport if you don’t think having a strategy and preparation for a title fight then you’ve lost your god damn mind

HatersGonnaHate Says, in 8-28-2012 at 22:05:52 from    

and if Dana White scrapped the PPV Shares and was guaranteeing fighters like Jon Jones, Pacquiao or Mayweather money i bet he’d have fought a gorilla in a phone booth on 3 days notice … but since the fighters have to seek out sponsorship money , ppv shares , and win bonuses then you damn right i’d have turned down the fight too … instead of engaging in hating try having intelligent discussion about the situation instead of bias and you’ll understand why Greg Jackson and Jon Jones are smarter then you’re giving them credit for.

Rico Suave Says, in 8-28-2012 at 22:42:01 from    

@Ll cool j, you don’t have room to talk, big talk from across the border in Canada from you, Toronto to be excact, correct? you are just another “keyboard warrior” who is not an mma fighter, all you do is stir up $hit, much like the interviewer we just watched, Ariel Helwani likes to stir the pot as well!

Ll cool j Says, in 8-28-2012 at 23:01:26 from    

You’re right, ignorance is everywhere just far more prevalent in the united states. By the way, its spelled ‘countries’. Country’s is possessive. Understand my friend south of the border?

Ll cool j Says, in 8-28-2012 at 23:05:45 from    

Chucking. What exactly is false about my statement? Provocative but true.

Ll cool j Says, in 8-28-2012 at 23:16:30 from    

Rico. Why so aggressive? Ariel asks great questions. Would you prefer he just pad the fighters egos? Stop being so close minded. I bet you believed in wmds in Iraq right? ‘go bomb them guys. Ask questions later’. Right? How did that turn out for you guys?

axepittbull Says, in 8-29-2012 at 00:53:15 from    

great answer bruno…you’d make a great president btw! i still think jackson’s a douche. haha.

DanielMcfate Says, in 8-29-2012 at 00:56:35 from    

I have to agree with Bruno. From a fan’s perspective I would have liked to have seen JJ take the fight, but I totally understand why he didn’t. I also find Jackson to be a reasonable and articulate guy. Dana reacted like a toddler who couldn’t get what he wanted.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 8-29-2012 at 02:15:58 from    

Even if you like Jon Jones and Greg Jackson comments like hatersgonnahate and wwwwwww are just simply pathetic. If you are the best in the world or so claim you should be able to fight when healthy. Jon Jones ducked Chael Sonnen when he could have easily beat him their is not much more to it TBH.

ETK Says, in 8-29-2012 at 03:12:36 from    

it was NOT 3 days notice.
Jon Jones was already training for the event.
3 days notice is when someone was not preparing to fight at all.

ETK Says, in 8-29-2012 at 03:13:28 from    

Jon Jones is a great fighter.
But he needs to prepare in advance.
Oh, OK

julian moran Says, in 8-29-2012 at 03:37:30 from    

The Jones/Henderson fight was a big fight. That the rest of the fight card was weak was not Jones´s fault.
Jones did not train to fight Sonnen.

However, As a fighter and champion, Jones could have taken the fight. Rather Jones( and Jackson) decided to put himself first, before the company, the fighters, the fans, the sport.

Jones deserves the hate he is getting.

Lol Says, in 8-29-2012 at 07:08:44 from    

Sooo much butt hurt. Sooo many idiots that need to find meaning in their life so the stop living through UFC fighters.

HatersGonnaHate Says, in 8-29-2012 at 08:27:35 from    

jon jones and every other fighter should put themselves first because when he’s fifty and speaks like james toney or roy jones or even chuck liddell … the fans aren’t going to have to worry about his standard of living he is … this idea that you get to judge jon jones or anyone because you paid for a ppv is crazy … you pay to watch him fight thats it thats all you get and he’s been tremendous in the cage. Most of you don’t even pay to watch the fights so you have nothing to complain about … you lost one nights worth of entertainment. He’s taking a risk every time he steps in the cage with his life …

storm5 Says, in 8-29-2012 at 14:38:14 from    

I have to agree with Greg Jackson. I would not let my fighter fight on 3-days if his training had been geared for another fighter. Everyone fighter is in someway preparing to fight the champion. Dana White is always looking for someone to take one for the team.

ibunn Says, in 8-29-2012 at 16:53:10 from    

It was okay for jones to step up and fight shogun for the belt at ufc 128 when Rashad Evans got injured and pulled out. Shogun didn’t refuse to fight jones just because he was originally fighting Evans and that’s the way it should be. Injuries happen in this sport and the show goes on….until now.

MoFO Says, in 8-29-2012 at 19:56:09 from    

lol….LL FOOL J! My mispelling has nothing to do with the TYPE of ignorance u display. Lumping all americans is pure ignorance & now that i know ur from Canada…..I still Like GSP, proves my point…GSP=Good guy…LL Fool J=racist! Ignorance everywhere!

Ll cool j Says, in 8-29-2012 at 22:18:24 from    


Americans are not a race!!!!! Lol. What an idiot!,

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 8-30-2012 at 00:03:07 from    

I thought that the UFC ‘evolved’ past the bullshit bar room brawlers taking fights on 1 day notice and fighting 3 men in a single night? Hell why not fight without gloves? Why not bring back groin shots and eye gouging? Why not let Urijah Faber fight the LHW championionship (without actually beating someone at LHW)? If you fake ass mma fans think a reigning champion should fight anyone on 8 days notice…

ETK Says, in 8-30-2012 at 02:26:37 from    

what ibunn stated above ^^^^^ points out a very significant fact.
Jon Jones was a replacement when he won the championship belt.

broski Says, in 8-30-2012 at 12:44:13 from    

Greg Jackson is just on a mission to make MMA as lame as possible

jonnyx Says, in 8-31-2012 at 05:19:17 from    


Jones had been training for months. he was ready to fight, and sonnen is like a shittier version of the guy he was training for. their styles are not dissimilar. he didn’t take the fight because of his ego, he’s like the lebron james of mma. this is a combat sport, born from pure cage fighting, jones chose this sport to make his living, and he has a responsibility to the fans that make his rich life worth living, he should have taken the fight. getting brain damage or injuries are occupational hazards that might occur because of the vocation that HE chose. he shouldn’t complain.

The Jizzle Says, in 8-31-2012 at 06:41:26 from    

@LLCOOLJ Ignorance is bashing a country you dont live in & have no clue about but depend on for your “EVERYTHING”.

The Jizzle Says, in 8-31-2012 at 06:43:27 from    

Ignorance IS everywhere, well put @moFO!
That is also why I could never be racist, because every race contains ignorance!


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