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MONTE Says, in 12-1-2013 at 01:08:12 from    

Nice call ref.

damnitrudy Says, in 12-1-2013 at 01:11:40 from    

Gotta love those Diaz bros, so hard to beat them in a classic brawl.

Pope Says, in 12-1-2013 at 01:34:38 from    

Maynard has terrible survival instinct.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 12-1-2013 at 01:46:49 from    

maynard’ chin is done

ref of the year lol

jona Says, in 12-1-2013 at 02:10:43 from    

what .. what !!! lol tth show

yh3d00dy Says, in 12-1-2013 at 02:38:51 from    

Wow…. the second Gray Maynard gets a little stunned he has no clue how to defend himself and he turns into a human-punching bag. 3rd time this has happened to him.

bispingsmum Says, in 12-1-2013 at 03:45:37 from    


Genghis Khan Says, in 12-1-2013 at 03:52:24 from    

You do not want to get in a brawl with these guys

greymayo Says, in 12-1-2013 at 04:05:11 from    

grey mayo needs to retire

wcoastassassin Says, in 12-1-2013 at 05:51:51 from    

I don’t think anyone really thought Diaz by KO. He should fight Nick now

Wilbur Says, in 12-1-2013 at 09:08:21 from    

Someone got his clock cleaned.

Trousersnake Says, in 12-1-2013 at 10:32:29 from    

Stoppage was ok but ref f***** up in handling gray. Let him collapse and then lift him up??

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-1-2013 at 10:58:32 from    

Gray should retire. I rarely say a fighter should retire but clearly Gray has no chin anymore. It seems to be a mental thing since the Frankie fight.

Basher16 Says, in 12-1-2013 at 12:54:59 from    

That was a beautiful throw by Diaz.

the mens rea Says, in 12-1-2013 at 12:58:56 from    

Ref should have stopped that fight. I counted 27 shots landed by dDiaz in a row. LikDiaz was playing the knockout game with Maynard’s head.

g42873t Says, in 12-1-2013 at 13:15:15 from    

i didnt see anything spectacular here , diaz fought a washed up fighter past his prime,,WOW Diaz still sucks!

MR. Creepy Says, in 12-1-2013 at 13:23:35 from    

ur an idiot..sorry

fighter Says, in 12-1-2013 at 13:25:19 from    

great stoppage by ref!!

jonnyx Says, in 12-1-2013 at 14:26:23 from    

Diaz has 100 punch knock out power.

Krio Says, in 12-1-2013 at 16:32:18 from    


What are you talking about? past his prime lol? gray maynard never was good and always sucked

Facefrack Says, in 12-1-2013 at 17:07:43 from    

Wow, that was phenomenal!!! When Nate Diaz is on, he is among the very very best. I don’t understand why there is all of this Gray Maynard hate. He’s not washed up, but I still can’t imagine him getting invigorated enough for a surge toward a title shot. Diaz, on the other hand… What do you all think would happen if Diaz fought Pettis? He decisively lost to Benson Henderson, but how much of that was just that he presented tough stylistic problems?

cutu2bad Says, in 12-1-2013 at 17:10:48 from    

Lmfao@ the way he went down after that beating .Nate even threw a 209 hands up in the middle of his combos great stuff haha :)

shocktime Says, in 12-1-2013 at 18:44:16 from    

Time to change his name to Gray “Glass Jaw” Maynard. Diaz will get massacred at 170. He’s just too small for those beast.

johnhnhn Says, in 12-1-2013 at 19:14:25 from    

y didn’t he use his wrestling to tie up and catch his breath? was he just really scared of diaz submissions?

bigFishLittlepond Says, in 12-1-2013 at 19:24:38 from    

Gray always relied on his wrestling to win fights. Like most lifetime wrestlers the grind catches up to you and you lose outright power. Case in point Kos in his prime could have taken Robbie Lawler down at will and held him down. Gray never had the stand up or chin to hang with the top guys in the division and the flaws his wrestling hid in the past are now showing.

Ozinator Says, in 12-1-2013 at 21:36:22 from    

All the Maynard hate is just Diaz hate in disguise. They’re just mad at gray for not taking out the guy they love to hate. I was in a Boston dive bar watching the Brock vs Cain fight and the racists were screaming at Brock for losing to a dirty Mexican and saying how much he sucked for doing do.

Deemster Says, in 12-2-2013 at 20:34:14 from    

Mother f*ckers acting Silly around Here i never noticed how Grey Maynard has a tramp stamp lol Good Striking from Nate using that reach

lvchris Says, in 12-3-2013 at 14:05:24 from    

agreed perfect stoppage. Dont like Diaz’s attitude but cant argue with the talent.


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