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boner89 Says, in 2-13-2012 at 20:41:00 from    

I’m wondering how Dan planned on “killing” Royce he threw barely any puches n lacked the ability to choke him…

Doyle Brunson Says, in 2-13-2012 at 20:57:29 from    

Hes just explaining the situation asshat dont get all technical

rawforce Says, in 2-13-2012 at 21:07:58 from    

lol- that was funny.. the last vid.. Dan’s words are funny.. old b@sterd, for Gracie JiuJitSu

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-13-2012 at 21:26:54 from    

No Dan he wouldn’t let you kill him.He would let you lay on him and do nothing until you gas out and get choked like what actually happened.

k91st Says, in 2-13-2012 at 21:51:52 from    

by staring into his soul lol

wow Says, in 2-13-2012 at 22:55:49 from    

If Dan even had a blue belt in BJJ at the time he would have destroyed Royce, but he didn’t and he still doesn’t realize that if you can’t get past someone’s guard you suck.

steamer Says, in 2-14-2012 at 02:10:22 from    

@ k91st

Hahaha! That’s awesome. Seems so weird now days, watching a big powerful wrestler slowly getting the legs tossed up there, and him not having the presence of mind to posture up or just power out and stand up. We’ve learned a lot over the years.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 2-14-2012 at 02:44:40 from    

Keepin’ it real on the highest level.

pillowhands Says, in 2-14-2012 at 03:47:36 from    

Dan the “Paper Weight” Severn.lol
Funny thing is Dan still doesnt get it. Royce had abbbout 4 diff chokes he could’ov used on him but choose the tri. Sounds like Dan still thinks he had Royce where he wanted him.lol

btw Says, in 2-14-2012 at 08:57:44 from    

If Dan “would have had a blue belt” he prob would have earned it from a Gracie (back in those days), and Royce still would have tapped him out- so that scenario is absurd..but i get your point lol.

Maynard Says, in 2-14-2012 at 09:24:01 from    

this seems like one of more bearable Gracies….but man…they are pretty unbearable.

sandro.s Says, in 2-14-2012 at 11:28:39 from    

is this cm punk not a pro wrestler? he doin bjj?

Manfred Says, in 2-14-2012 at 12:33:17 from    

“Delusional” Dan Severn. The reason Helio Gracie was shaking his head was you Danny boy. He was thinking : ” This Freddy Mercury wanna be aint got what it takes to beat my son. “

slavekarmaat12 Says, in 2-14-2012 at 13:34:16 from    

kill who…?!!

coldwindblows Says, in 2-15-2012 at 00:11:56 from    

what wow said

don frye Says, in 2-17-2012 at 19:34:35 from    

are you crazy DAN??? You are 100 lbs HEAVIER and you still couldn’t beat him…Had royce been your WEIGHT, then you would have went to sleep about 20 minutes earlier..and YOU KNOW IT

snype6969 Says, in 2-18-2012 at 20:42:08 from    

sounds like a sore loser. that fight went like 30mins


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