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PowerTele Says, in 3-21-2013 at 08:44:16 from    

I agree. However, their father said the UFC champ is not the best fighter, he/she is the best at the UFC rules and fighting. A true fighter is without rules (besides fish hooks and eye pokes and stuff like that). GSP does not try to finish fights. It is pretty amazing but not entertaining. I agree in this for a grappling competition but hump fighting in the cage is not okay. Again, amazing grappling but we don’t pay $50 a pop, plus food, plus beer, and ultimately time to watch hump fighting.

Joe Dog Says, in 3-21-2013 at 09:48:22 from    

@PowerTele- You guys bitch about boxing, kickboxing and even mma being boring. If you had any knowledge of the skill needed to stifle a guy like Nick Diaz you would appreciate GSP. He completely dominated Diaz with his skill, knowledge, composure and discipline. GSP knows the UFC rules and scoring methods. He avoids risk and wins. And, wins. And, wins. And, wins. GSP is amazing. Please don’t watch and/or STFU.

kyokushin Says, in 3-21-2013 at 11:18:46 from    

people keep bashing gsp for not finishing..but nobody says anything about benson. he did not finish pettis, bocek, guida, jim miller, frankie, frankie, nate. its 7 fights in a row without finish

Randy Says, in 3-21-2013 at 11:40:33 from    

I agree w/ @PowerTele, I think GSP is great both as a fighter and a person BUT……my only issue is his lack of finishes. If you look @ the other 3 that are pretty much consensus p4p ers (Silva, Jones, Aldo) they are finishers (4 the most part). I think what makes things difficult is that we’re not sure if this is a fight or a sport and slow down before we shout IT”S BOTH! Fighters are looking to finish their opponents whereas some competitors are looking solely for a W. If the sport is fighting then credit should be given to those who END fights. A decision victory doesn’t mean that you won a fight in literal terms; it just means that you were ahead or leading in the fight when time ran out. That is the game right now and I think that is why GSP takes some criticism. There is no argument that his accomplishments are remarkable. He’s been locked in a cage with some of the best 170lb. fighters on the planet and nobody can take him out. If you look at the Diaz fight though, I think most people would agree that GSP looked worse for the wear after the fight without question and I think that is why Nick gets pissed. GSP sustained more damage and never got close to finishing his opponent so why is he declared the winner? Hypothetically if there were no time limits, no rounds, no judges; just say go and fight til someone is either knocked out or submitted I think Diaz wins the overwhelming majority of those fights.

Lazer212 Says, in 3-21-2013 at 12:09:50 from    

That was a great and interesting video.

bigbob Says, in 3-21-2013 at 12:14:41 from    

thats why the AC or should i say
the boxing commision should be revamped
into a mma commmision with cpt america
at the helm .
he will reinstate soccer kicks stomps
and knees to the head
NOW well see gsp finish!!!!!!!!!
the rules suck

ddddd Says, in 3-21-2013 at 12:39:15 from    


i 1000% agree on that…alot of people who comment here dont even understand mma.

ddddd Says, in 3-21-2013 at 12:40:31 from    


thats stupid…. thats like saying if they all had swords then bob sapp could win a fight!

INANEBIGNATE Says, in 3-21-2013 at 12:56:55 from    

The Problem with GSP is that he does not try to finish fights like he used too. Before he won the belt (or actually before he lost to Serra) He was a killer. He is still a beast but he will not go for the finish because it is to risky to loose position, get caught by a punch or a submission. His fight with Diaz was pretty boring but he has had other fights that were entertaining even though he did not get a finish. I believe many people get frustrated with GSP because its obvious he could probably finish alot of the guys he has fought in the past several years but chooses to play it very very conservative and get the UD

boonching Says, in 3-21-2013 at 13:23:31 from    

maybe gsp is a softee at heart and really doesn’t want to hurt anybody lol. its bullcrap how he doesn’t wanna finish anybody, but gotdammit, hes the champ!! hes doing exactly what hes supposed to do… DEFEND his belt. somebodys gonna hafta come TAKE that bitch. I hate gsp

CRO_GUY Says, in 3-21-2013 at 15:31:27 from    

Bring back Pride yellow cards and educate refs to stand up fighters if they do nothing for 5 seconds – problem solved…

I’d rather see foot stomps, knees to head and socc. kicks though…

HendrickSux Says, in 3-21-2013 at 18:49:54 from    

i give a million dollars to the first person who has video evidence of GSP taking down a person in an MMA fight and not trying to punch, ground and pound, submit, or advance position for longer than 10-30 seconds.

perulives Says, in 3-21-2013 at 19:08:13 from    

That was a great technical breakdown

MMAStar Says, in 3-21-2013 at 20:16:41 from    

GSP’s fight against Diaz wasn’t boring because of him. Diaz who is suppose to be a Jiu-Jitsu Black belt was imitating the turtle the whole fight….

@HendrickSux: I totally agree with your statement.

GSP keeps on moving, punching, fighting even when he’s down so to everyone who is complaning about the fact that the referee should bring the fighters up when there is no action (on the ground), even if this rule was added it wouldn’t change anything for GSP. Admit it, GSP is a great fighter! GO GSP GO!

PowerTele Says, in 3-21-2013 at 21:26:35 from    

Who was bitching about boxing???? I appreciate the Jits game of GSP but that only makes him the greatest fighter in the UFC. I cannot kick his butt but he is great at the UFC rules. Under different rules he may not be so great. I really love the video. Again, DANA WHITE always says he wants guys who finish. The video breakdown displayed how GSP point wins and avoids situations where he can avoid being taken out but he also avoids finishing the fight. HE PURPOSELY AVOIDS DANGER TO POINT WIN. People pay $50 to watch action not humption. Don’t tell me to STFU. I am allowed to have an opinion. Maybe you should not read my posts????

stixxx Says, in 3-21-2013 at 23:08:31 from    

gsp doen’t finish fights…blah,blah,blah.guess what the guys fighting him aren’t finishing him,and maybe you would find it more exciting if the guys who are fighting a champ that has such powerful wrestling put themselves in the way to learn proper wrestling/takedown defence to compete at the highest levels.if you can’t defend or get up from underneath who’s fault is that.the challenger is the one who has to beat the champ.his dominance is so far above finishing that the guys he fights usually go on losing skids after fighting him.he doesn’t finish fights he finishes careers.on top of that when his career is done he will be able to enjoy life with his brain intact.these guys do have lives outside of fighting.we don’t want another pro boxing situation where all guys can do is fight forever because their brains can’t function well enough to lead normal retired lifestyles.force him to stand,put him in bad positions,force him to try to finish.prepare to fight a champion(easier said than done).machida’s style won’t change, gsp’s style won’t change,rhondas going for the armbar,jon’s gonna kick your shins and knees,hendo’s going for the right hand,hendricks for the left.prepare for it.

rockstarzee Says, in 3-22-2013 at 03:06:15 from    

i completely agree with randy

Not Anonymous Says, in 3-22-2013 at 04:30:18 from    

Basically, they came to the same conclusion as I. GSP knows the rules to perfection. He will get in side control,and either let his opponent regain guard, or let them roll to the turtle position. Why? Because he doesn’t want to take mount, if you mount someone there is no chance to improve position and the ref will eventually stand it up. So, he repeatedly switches from side control to guard and back, so that he is allowed to remain in a dominant position.To him, ground striking is ONLY a tool to get his opponent to open up for a pass.If he wanted to end the fight with strikes, he would have averaged more than 12 significant strikes per round.

Not Anonymous Says, in 3-22-2013 at 04:37:43 from    

From Diaz’s side, why couldn’t Nick land more than 6 significant strikes per round, when he is a boxer? GSP admitted that he purposefully stayed out of boxing range, and leapt in and out of jab distance to avoid taking damage. Lose/Lose situation for DIaz. GSP wants no part of Diaz’s striking, and refuses to do anything but switch from safe position to safe position on the ground. As the Gracies said, GSP did not want to take Nick’s back because there was a small chance of losing position, and that is his whole game plan, play it safe.

dub Says, in 3-22-2013 at 06:06:38 from    

haha.. Stixxx is right on. Blame the challengers who can’t do s***.

Joe Dog Says, in 3-23-2013 at 10:18:05 from    

@PowerTele- OK, I won’t (read your posts).

dankarelli Says, in 3-24-2013 at 11:43:10 from    

at his poinn everyone knows what GSP will do, so when an opponent enters the ring and fails to avoid getting dry humped, the fans should blame THEM, not GSP.

In a decade or so, people will understand the briliiance of GSP. And if you don’t want to pay $50 for a GSP fight, WHY DO YOU THEN?!?!?!

“GSP wanted to avoid Diaz’s boxing, so he lept in and out with jabs to stay out of range.” That, idiots (some of you) is called B-O-X-I-N-G.

Tempted Says, in 3-29-2013 at 23:53:07 from    

Fact is the reason GSP is so boring and dull is because he gives no s*** about the fans or action. He holds the belt hostage by point sparring against people who want to fight for a finish.


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