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Alexsayhi Says, in 10-4-2011 at 09:44:23 from    

Love it !!

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 10-4-2011 at 10:41:42 from    

That was pretty good lol

iceberg187 Says, in 10-4-2011 at 12:54:25 from    

good stuff

robsluggo Says, in 10-4-2011 at 13:01:43 from    

that was really funny .

ironjaw13 Says, in 10-4-2011 at 13:31:52 from    

haha dude forrest griffin is halirious

morbidcro Says, in 10-4-2011 at 14:08:38 from    

I’ll take this over manufactured trash talk any day.

jake1220 Says, in 10-4-2011 at 14:57:56 from    

they dont need the manufactured trash talk for this one..

EM EM EM EM Says, in 10-4-2011 at 14:58:15 from    

That was funny as hell. Well done!

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 10-4-2011 at 15:20:50 from    

Randleman clearly beat Bas, and Maynard clearly had a 10-8 round on Edgar. Even Edgar knows that when he goes to sleep at night.

oldassgrappler Says, in 10-4-2011 at 16:21:16 from    

Gray actually spoke in a legible fashion that you could understand him. Usually he sounds like Rocky Balboa.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 10-4-2011 at 17:00:00 from    

The promo video for the fights they showed on Spike is funnier. I love listening to Maynard talk about how none of Edgars shots hurt but how sneaky he is qith that damn kick and his startegy with it going in and kicking and circling out rinse repeat lol you can tell that s*** pisses Maynard off lol. Honestly this is gonna be another war these guys r the two best in their division if not they r both top 3 and will remain top 3 for a while IMO. I think Maynard is finally gonna get his well deserved belt though.

Doyle Brunson Says, in 10-4-2011 at 17:43:44 from    

lol sick promo

kingdean Says, in 10-4-2011 at 17:52:21 from    

i want to meet the guy who thought james tony
was going to rule the HW division. LOL

Damanisme Says, in 10-4-2011 at 18:48:59 from    

Maynard all the way

Yoplait Says, in 10-4-2011 at 18:52:29 from    

This card is sick, I can’t wait.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 10-4-2011 at 19:54:39 from    

HAHA.Its probably the same people on Youtube who are convinced Seagal could kick Bas’s ass and any MMA fighter :P

sooooopernate Says, in 10-4-2011 at 20:01:14 from    

Sorta funny, except girls don’t know s*** about mma, so that was distracting rather than funny. Overall a good promo. And before you say Megan Olivi, or Karen Bryant, or female mma fighters, they’re outliers ppl. How many of your girlfriends really give a s***? I thought so. My girl would rather stick her head in a blender.

eleventhplanetfan Says, in 10-4-2011 at 20:06:46 from    

fights like theres should go till theres a ko or sub f the debate!

rockstarzee Says, in 10-4-2011 at 22:52:21 from    

Haha. The girls i know do.

CRO_GUY Says, in 10-5-2011 at 04:02:05 from    

LOL nice one!!! Gray got robbed… :D


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