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ale Says, in 3-26-2012 at 08:16:26 from    

the best

Tendojitsu Says, in 3-26-2012 at 11:49:32 from    

Kyshenko seems to have lost a lot of his strength, aggression and movement since changing from Odessa to Mike’s Gym, he just doesn’t seem to have the same fluidity and power anymore. Actually he seems to be more mechanical and clumsy now and with less tricks up his sleeve. I think the Odessa Kyshenko would’ve done so much better in this fight. But yeah, Petrosyan’s a monster just now, can’t really see many people out there who can beat him – Buakaw perhaps? JWP?

PRESIDENT EISENHOWER Says, in 3-26-2012 at 12:09:19 from    

ROFL my mind pre-read the last name and instantly thought it was “karo parisyan” in kickboxing, but I realized im just a dumb pothead.

wow Says, in 3-26-2012 at 12:28:35 from    

That Guy looks like Amir Khan and Prince Naseem if they were to have shagged and made a baby

Nickalos D. Wolfwood Says, in 3-26-2012 at 17:41:27 from    


Pope Says, in 3-26-2012 at 18:50:39 from    

Giorgio is the best, but he really needs to prove his dominance by finishing some people. He hasn’t finished anyone in like 10 or more fights, and his last finish was a corner stoppage.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 3-26-2012 at 19:01:50 from    

This is the best kickboxer in the world? Exactly the reason I dont put a lot of credence into Kickboxing. I agree with the poster above me lame.

Tom Says, in 3-26-2012 at 19:04:17 from    

Buakaw is to much of a coward to fight either of them….F*** the has been Buakaw…He sucks

ETK Says, in 3-26-2012 at 19:23:41 from    

Petrosyan has only ever loss 1 time? Really?

true.ogre Says, in 3-26-2012 at 19:23:55 from    

Bruno, didnt know u are romanian

PitfighterZ Says, in 3-26-2012 at 20:12:51 from    

@Tendojitsu: Petrosyan is extremely fast and made Kyshenko seems odd and clumsy. If you see the beginning of the 3rd round, when Giorgio slowed down, Kushenko looked a lot more fluid.

@Pope: He is like Dominique Cruz, he traded power for speed. That’s why he always wins, because he can throw a lot of blows and get out of the way fast. On the other hand, he can only knock someone out if the other fighter really leaves his chin exposed.

Tom Says, in 3-26-2012 at 23:32:35 from    

Kyshenko is 20lbs heavier than Giorgio….Obviously he isn’t going to be getting in a brawl with him

ftejeda138 Says, in 3-27-2012 at 00:21:24 from    

I want to see Giorgio Petrosyan vs Robin Van Roosmalen.

Pope Says, in 3-27-2012 at 12:35:43 from    

@PitfighteZ….yeah I agree. I’m just not a big fan of the style. I do like to see solid defense, but I like to see it be coupled with a solid offense.

anpack20 Says, in 3-27-2012 at 13:51:40 from    

@Tom….You know Buakaw and Petrosyan already fought right? Gotta be trolling-__-

Antonius Block Says, in 3-28-2012 at 16:56:35 from    

Petroysan is an amazing fighter, no doubt but his lack of power is frustrating.


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