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Op_of_faith Says, in 1-1-2012 at 14:01:10 from    

Glad Gina was having fun! Hope her film career goes well! Yes, it is about the money. If you were doing it, then it would also be about the money…

simontheninja Says, in 1-1-2012 at 14:08:19 from    

id do her… haha

scottc Says, in 1-1-2012 at 14:36:41 from    

What goods??

DavesNotHereMan Says, in 1-1-2012 at 15:26:45 from    

SMH. White girls dance so horribly.

jonnyx Says, in 1-1-2012 at 15:31:09 from    

very nice. she could fight…just no chick can beat a dude, esp. cyborg…that dude is ripped.

Sweetlander Says, in 1-1-2012 at 16:21:11 from    

Scott and Dave are hating a bit I see.

Screenx3 Says, in 1-1-2012 at 16:21:28 from    


dana whites mom Says, in 1-1-2012 at 16:40:31 from    

rocking the wanderlei silva hat

Op_of_faith Says, in 1-1-2012 at 18:05:16 from    

@scottc…come on’ man, the Girls got somethin’ to shake! If anything, she gets more s*** for that than anything else…

@DavesNotHereMan…yea, they do…but she’s not workin’ it that hard…that was kinda uncalled for…

Yes, I’m a fan. Yes, I respect her fighting…and yes I would do her given the chance…

new new Says, in 1-1-2012 at 18:37:00 from    

For her to be the start of a Soderberg movie with a cast that includes: michael fassbender, michael douglas, channing tatum, ewan mcgregor, bill paxton and antonio banderas is f****** CRAZY!

best of luck to her, that’s one hell of a start to your career.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 1-1-2012 at 19:48:39 from    

@dave you a racist

ramrod Says, in 1-1-2012 at 20:17:11 from    

she could dance for me like that all day everyday

tobes Says, in 1-1-2012 at 21:16:18 from    

A chick who can fight, is nice and funny, and knows how to have some fun. And smoking hot. I think I’m in love.

Biggle B.A. Says, in 1-1-2012 at 21:36:21 from    

Gina’s hot and all but that was just awkward.

Op_of_faith Says, in 1-1-2012 at 21:36:31 from    

@marvelous mad madam mim…dude…that statement, however uncalled for, does not make him a racist. You CAN mention cultural and physical differences between people, even negatively, and not be a bigot or, as you put it, racist. A generalization is a generalization. Black folks (I am one) tend to have darker skin and fuller lips. White folks tend to have thinner lips and more pointed noses. Is this always true? No. Am I “racist” because I said that? No. If I were to call someone a Big Nose “whatever” or a big lipped “whatever” then we get into that zone.

Hope this doesn’t start the race conversation…it always gets stupid online…

viking Says, in 1-1-2012 at 23:19:07 from    

@Biggle B.A. huh? I think you mispronounced “Hot-ass lip bite.”

As for all the same ol’ “I’d do her” comments… have we forgotten about her… um… preferences… already? ;) :P

USMCKiller Says, in 1-2-2012 at 00:41:29 from    

It’s called stereotyping based on race so guess what, that’s about the textbook definition of making a racist comment. Just like all black dudes have big C#%#%$cks and like watermelon just as dumbass made a statement about how all white girls dance horribly. Sick and tired of this BS double standard that people use.

DavesNotHereMan Says, in 1-2-2012 at 01:48:00 from    

First off, I’m 100% white. German/Italian. 2nd I would F*** the s*** out of her, but my statement still holds true. White women are embarassing to watch dance, and this clip was just awkward.

afroman1 Says, in 1-2-2012 at 01:53:53 from    

Op_Faith and Dave are both retards. That WAS a racist statement. That’s the same as me saying “black people are lazy” or “mexicans can’t swim” or “asians can’t drive”. Wish I could pimp slap both of u.

shocktime Says, in 1-2-2012 at 01:55:02 from    

HAHA racist stuff. She’s shaking it good IMO, and looking sexy doing it. Like how she played with her hair that was Hot!

rockinout Says, in 1-2-2012 at 02:15:00 from    

Oh man, it’s not a big deal. We love Gina and we hate the blacks. Like you said it’s not racist, it’s just a cultural difference. I’m glad we all agree.

idgaf Says, in 1-2-2012 at 03:46:23 from    

why is the camera on her. shes not even relevant

Red X Says, in 1-2-2012 at 06:41:59 from    

Gina Vs Ronda. Greasing positively encouraged.

Sevwan Says, in 1-2-2012 at 07:45:37 from    

Yeah, very awkward. She’s like a tomboy that’s just discovering her femininity and is displaying it in uncomfortable ways.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 1-2-2012 at 07:58:10 from    

@Op He is basically saying all white people suck at dancing and the reason they suck is they’re white. Imagine if I said all blacks suck at algebra because they’re black?

green giant Says, in 1-2-2012 at 09:48:19 from    

@herman saying all of any type of person is “good” or “bad” at something shows you don’t use your brain very good(or well).

Op_of_faith Says, in 1-2-2012 at 09:58:43 from    

Wow…EVERY response to what I wrote was just stupid…sad…go read some books or race and culture before you try to answer me…

@afroman1-I’d tear your arm off and beat you with it if you even TRIED…idiot.

jeff Says, in 1-2-2012 at 12:28:10 from    

@marvelous mad madam mim
Then that would put you both right where you both belong. =) In the troll section!

Cro Cop Fan Says, in 1-2-2012 at 13:15:16 from    

“First off, I’m 100% white. German/Italian”
What!? since when were Germans or Italians not considered white?

doublestandardcok Says, in 1-2-2012 at 13:36:44 from    

my dick doesnt descrimnate..shes got style and who cares about preferences even lesbos use rubber dicks…

shocktime Says, in 1-2-2012 at 14:05:25 from    

If you guys would look closer in the gif there is 3 black dudes checking her out out real tough like. Not to mention the 3 chicks on her right. I mean they’re all into it LOL. Boom that should pretty much end she can’t dance, and racist mumbo jumbo. She’s sexy!

ThatDude Says, in 1-2-2012 at 15:23:51 from    

They should change the title to White girl trying to shake her goods… FAIL

MonsterJujitsu Sensei Says, in 1-2-2012 at 15:27:45 from    

Wow. Only no ass getting geeks would have a racist debate on a hot broad shakin gif. Come on clowns.

T’Challa Says, in 1-2-2012 at 16:20:46 from    

Don’t know how a mildly akward clip of an other wise hot chick started a racial debate..leave it to the internet.

There are some race based jokes or stereotypes that are generally considered “mild” and usually laughed off. The old “White folks can’t dance” is one of them, same as “Blacks are really good dancers”. They are stereotypical notions, but not necessarily racist. I think if it’s a “positive” stereotype it’s not usually considered racist or offensive, ex. “Asian students get really good grades” etc.

Anyways fk all that.. Gina is hot, whether she can dance or not.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 1-2-2012 at 18:52:57 from    

Monica Lewinsky!!!!!!!U porker!!!!

the jizzle Says, in 1-3-2012 at 18:16:26 from    

must be nice to use mma for an acting career..id probably dance too.

AussieMMA Says, in 1-4-2012 at 20:55:49 from    

FAP*FAP*FAP… Whoops, sorry. Excuse me.


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