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Anakin Says, in 4-26-2010 at 10:46:27 from    

I remember this time.. I loved it..

It rocked. No weight, diff styles,no round, messy !!

hoxy Says, in 4-26-2010 at 11:59:15 from    

Gordeau bit Royce’s ear, that’s why he hold on to the choke..!
UFC 1 is the biggest enlightenment in martial arts and self defence ever. It made people both then and now ask questions about what they saw on film and what they were told, TMA was put on test and failed!

hond2dciv Says, in 4-26-2010 at 14:16:56 from    

Thanks for showing this bit of history.

freee Says, in 4-26-2010 at 15:24:47 from    


great post!

ETK Says, in 4-26-2010 at 15:25:32 from    

UFC manipulating right from the very 1st event.
Having Gerard fight all the most difficult opponents so that he will be torn up by the time Royce fights him, if he made it that far.
Royce, a-hole for not releasing the choke, on a opponent with no right have and no right foot, Gerard had to tap a few times.

dabrewz Says, in 4-26-2010 at 15:27:06 from    

I’m so glad Matt Hughes destroyed this guy. The skill level was terrible back then and it makes you appreciate how much the sport has evolved. Thanks Bruno!

itchy Says, in 4-26-2010 at 16:11:44 from    

Those commentators make me grateful for Mike Goldberg- yikes!

paddedummy Says, in 4-26-2010 at 16:15:38 from    

MMA and UFC 1 had nothing to do with TMA which don’t have any rules and use weapons most of the time

rza808 Says, in 4-26-2010 at 16:16:46 from    

It was nothing new to me but it did show the rest of the world that ground was a major part of fighting. Bruce Lee showed this years before.

alleycatsphinx Says, in 4-26-2010 at 16:45:41 from    

Any truth to the rumors about Gerard being a cut throat fighter? Supposedly he blinded some dude.

sooooopernate Says, in 4-26-2010 at 17:29:44 from    

God, the refs sucked back then. He was waiting for Royce to let go instead of prying him off like they do now.

Savage Says, in 4-26-2010 at 18:53:05 from    

It seems like at 5:56-57 Royce points to the side and then points to his ear…maybe it did get bit?

@ debrewz

lol at royce’s skill level being terrible…roll with him and then tell people his skill level is terrible

i no name Says, in 4-26-2010 at 22:04:57 from    

is that dana white on the old ufc logo?? Lol

kob Says, in 4-26-2010 at 23:12:28 from    

Would love to see that guy next to Royce in the picture try a few more fights.

poopiestick Says, in 4-26-2010 at 23:24:34 from    

dabrews, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Royce is a brutal jujitsu player. When he lost to Matt Hughes he was past his prime, and the sport had evolved beyond him. Same thing as Sakuraba. They’re relics now. But they are f****** legends, just the same.

tobes Says, in 4-27-2010 at 02:23:19 from    

poopiestick when you say Royce is a ‘brutal’ BJJ player, you mean brutal as in vicious and dangerous right?

Some people read the word ‘brutal’ as ‘terrible’ (As in “Wow ‘Judge Dredd’ was a brutal movie”)
Just wanted to clarify.

And any tool who says that Royce was not skilled doesn’t even warrant a reply

demojase Says, in 4-27-2010 at 02:34:19 from    

poopiestick, ya you said it right…when matt hughes fought gracie, everybody knows bjj, and nowadays you have to know some to even compete.

The Stank Says, in 4-27-2010 at 07:52:37 from    

Royce was 39! when Matt beat him.
Royce beat guys like this…Royce 170lbs and this guy 216!

Matt Hughes would have got his Ass kicked!

Royce built this house…show your respect!

damanisme Says, in 4-27-2010 at 17:05:05 from    

Basically Matt Hughes would have depended on his strength advantage of a guy his same size…which obviously wouldn’t help him here since this guy is a great deal bigger…Royce’s style you don’t need to be strong and is 100 percent strength based…the only wrestlers that were able to make it in open weight contests are mainly heavy weights like Severn cause wrestling is mainly effective against a guy that weighs the same as you or even less…but rarily more.

smack Says, in 4-27-2010 at 23:12:49 from    

hughes beat gracie cos whos is at black belt level bjj and has awesome wrestling is stronger fitter faster and tougher. when ufc 1 would have happend hughes would have just been a strong wrestler less strong than ken shamrock and would have gotten submitted like them all.

Ddraig64 Says, in 12-4-2010 at 15:54:15 from    

Does anyone realize that is Rickson and Royler, not Rickson and Royce in the pic.


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