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biggz28 Says, in 1-28-2009 at 16:56:10 from    

man sherk did have a bomb ass record

underscore Says, in 1-28-2009 at 17:37:58 from    

sherk is a good consistent fighter…. but for some reason he bores me.

zzz Says, in 1-28-2009 at 18:18:18 from    


igibbons Says, in 1-28-2009 at 19:00:03 from    

This was an awesome fight, especially Sherks roid rage scream. Pierre took some good hooks to the face but dominated.

igibbons Says, in 1-28-2009 at 19:10:23 from    

Roid scream at 2:49 of round one. Check it.

blackirish Says, in 1-28-2009 at 19:44:10 from    

gsp was a g’n’p machine in this one sided affair, I think sherk knew he was in trouble after his first shot was sprawled off so easily….

jojo Says, in 1-28-2009 at 20:02:07 from    

No respect for that juice monkey sherk. like bj said before their fight, he should grow some ballz and not resort to cheating.

theprodigy844 Says, in 1-28-2009 at 21:52:40 from    

hahahaha i like the gsp smile in the pre-fight hype. sherks tryna look all badass and intimidating and gsp looks like a crest commercial

alfredunhill Says, in 1-28-2009 at 22:02:23 from    

I love the fact that the juice monkey got spanked..no banana for you sherk, only an elbow to the nose….”aaarrggghhhh” my nose..marcia, marcia, marcia….LOL

Steamer Bean Says, in 1-29-2009 at 01:26:02 from    

George is a man beast and this fight was so awesome to see. Growing up I hated these little roid freak midget ass c********* wrestlers like Sherk and Hughes and I can’t help but identify with Rush when he tells the story of how he got picked on all the time and got into Karate because of his dad and for self defense. I still have BJ to win though, but I have no problem admitting there is huge potential for me to eat a huge s*** sandwich here. Can’t wait!

davisimo Says, in 1-29-2009 at 02:40:44 from    

is it me or does gsp have alot of acne on his face?

mmafighter32 Says, in 1-29-2009 at 09:32:10 from    

Did he just say hughes took steroids? From what story did that come from? Please give me that source of information

Hefty Says, in 2-7-2009 at 22:52:58 from    

Was this the first GSP nipple tweak? I think it may be.

nippletweak1111 Says, in 10-5-2009 at 17:02:37 from    

please, could any one tell me the name of the entrance theme by george?

nippletweak1111 Says, in 10-5-2009 at 17:03:26 from    

would be very kind maybe altleast the artist or something

crosby Says, in 3-14-2010 at 00:05:30 from    

sherk is sick gsp sucks. sean sherk! gsp did okay but not good enough. dont talk smack about sherk blackirish guru
be nice


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