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Jon Says, in 5-1-2011 at 08:14:44 from    

HOW??? 50/45? I had Jake taking minimum 4 rounds!

Someone explain to me how GSP won? Jake had that by a mile!

The commentators are so bias too, its despicable, Jake dominated the fight and smashed GSP’s face up. End of.

Markf Says, in 5-1-2011 at 08:22:55 from    

Hi my name is GSP… I will only use an overhand right for this fight and miss and the judges will vote for me! Sickening.

ericr64 Says, in 5-1-2011 at 08:38:25 from    

Oh my bad. I thought that was George dishing out a couple take downs and knock downs. Did we watch the same fight? Jake lost.

glenn Says, in 5-1-2011 at 08:44:43 from    

dont be a hater gsp won,it may not be pretty but he won and with 1 eye he still won the fight,i was surprise wit shield stand up he did improve a liitle but hes stiff like a robot,i wanna see a remach

JT Says, in 5-1-2011 at 08:59:58 from    

Jon – what fight were you watching? Retard.

sdc1125forever Says, in 5-1-2011 at 09:07:16 from    

if anderson silva performed the say way dana white would have his head on a platter. GSP is the larry bird of mma but great decision winner. GSP, I again not impressed with your performance and dare you to fight anderson silva. key board warrior forever yo!

RLo Says, in 5-1-2011 at 09:21:39 from    

Judges don’t vote, they score the fight and GSP had two take downs and almost knocked Jake out with a high kick. Even Jake nodded in agreement when GSP was announced the winner. Jake couldn’t finish with a half-blind GSP.

Sephy Says, in 5-1-2011 at 09:23:08 from    

It was a horrible fight, but imo GSP clearly won. GSP didn’t do a lot, but he did more than the robotic Shields..

Darren Says, in 5-1-2011 at 09:24:37 from    

GSP won that fight..Not by a mile,,But he won.Jake has never impressed me.

Markf Says, in 5-1-2011 at 09:25:15 from    

George got one take down and didn’t even go for it. It was accidental. Then when he had Jake down he did nothing. George had one good kick and that’s it, that is not a champion, he did not go for anything, no risks, nothing. I’d rather watch fishing than him. I like GSP don’t get me wrong, but he did nothing to win that fight. At least Jake went for it a bit and that’s why he closed GSP’s face up.

Nambo Says, in 5-1-2011 at 09:32:35 from    

@Jon & Markf

Nick & Nate is that you?

Nemisis Says, in 5-1-2011 at 09:34:57 from    

Ummm, are u ass wipes on CRACK/Bleach/Cocaine? How the fook you thought jake won this fight. You must have been watching another fight.

Gsp took jake down quite a few times, Gsp stuffed jakes ass many times, not to mention a couple kicks to jakes head, punches to his face/body shots. Look at the dam fight, look at the fooking replays, are fooking blind or just bias as hell. Gsp did NOT even fought the way he originally planned due to his left eye & still kept jake off.

Twice in the fourth round St-Pierre had Shields down, once with a takedown and once via a headkick, on both occasions he refused to engage Shields on the ground and while that may be a great way to stay champion for a long time, it’s also a good way to alienate fans IMO.

I want to see GSP destroy peeps, so far he has not done that since the Matt Serra fight, he has played it safe to keep his belt.

How the fook you thought Jake won by a mile is just ignorant & bias..
Georges St. Pierre def. Jake Shields via.

Unanimous Decision (50-45, 48-47, 48-47)

thaddiuslustre Says, in 5-1-2011 at 09:44:52 from    

DAMN! I can’t believe 55,000 people showed up for this garbage? these 2 clowns: Rogan & Goldberg are a perfect pair of kiss ass sycophants! ufc couldn’t of selected a better duo to commentate their reality show charades!

All you cage-fighting, zooffa idiots need to realize that it’s precisely the very over-sized octagon that contributes to these boring, evasive fights.

ufc is NOT MMA!

Randy Couture Says, in 5-1-2011 at 09:47:49 from    

@jon, are you kidding??? which 4 rounds did you give Jake? I also called this fight 50-45 gsp won all four rounds. not even Jake thought he won that fight.

vaginus Says, in 5-1-2011 at 09:55:43 from    

Most Boring Fight of the Night Award goes tooo…
GSP. Every time.

bojangles Says, in 5-1-2011 at 10:04:27 from    

GSP has NO killer instinct whatsoever. this makes me scared to see him fight silva. he hurt shields multiple times and just stood there lookin at him, WTF he did win though even though i was surprised he let jake “the robot” sheilds hit him with those slow ass shots.

PitFighterZ Says, in 5-1-2011 at 10:36:07 from    

GSP clearly won, but a few things concerned me in this fight:
1 – He kept spitting water on himself to make himself harder to hold, not to cool down. That reminded me of the whole thing with BJ. I didn’t think it was intentional back then, but now I don’t know.
2 – Jake Shields can’t strike for sh*t and doesn’t have any technique to engage the fight to hold a clinch. GSP has no intention to engage the fight. So, what’s point?
3 – I hope it was really because of the eye (does anyone know how bad it is?), but GSP’s standup looked really bad in comparison to previous fights. Even in the first round, Shields was getting him with some pretty lame jabs. His timing was really off from the beginning.
Anyway, among all fights in this card, this was a complete bore. What’s the point of having 2 of the best fighters in the world if they are not going to display any of their arsenal of skills. And please don’t come with the whole “at this level” b.s. Look at Aldo and Hominick, they displayed their skills wherever they went. Even Machida v. Couture who are often accused of being boring fighters put on a show even before the Karate Kid move.

… Says, in 5-1-2011 at 10:53:19 from    

really. i thought GSP clearly won. i’d like to see that significant strikes landed stat cos i think he landed far more. jake probably threw more total but GSP was a lot cleaner. i’m more annoyed with GSP’s unwillingness to try to go for a finish even when his opponent is hurt. GSP rocked jake a couple of times and knocked him down twice but never tried to finish. i know he was complaining about his eye which very well may have affected him but it was exactly the same with koscheck. he is a safe fighter, one of the best PfP but he has no killer instinct and fans will always hold that against him when looking back on his career.

… Says, in 5-1-2011 at 10:53:19 from    

really. i thought GSP clearly won. i’d like to see that significant strikes landed stat cos i think he landed far more. jake probably threw more total but GSP was a lot cleaner. i’m more annoyed with GSP’s unwillingness to try to go for a finish even when his opponent is hurt. GSP rocked jake a couple of times and knocked him down twice but never tried to finish. i know he was complaining about his eye which very well may have affected him but it was exactly the same with koscheck. he is a safe fighter, one of the best PfP but he has no killer instinct and fans will always hold that against him when looking back on his career.

Rear Naked Smoke AKA Hands of Stoned Says, in 5-1-2011 at 10:53:55 from    

I don’t even know what to say. GSP could have taken the greatest UFC card ever and capped it off in epic fashion. Instead, he took a big s*** in front of 55.000 of his countrymen.
Jake had NOTHING. No stand-up at all, and no way to initiate a takedown. And it goes the distance?
And the post fight interview was the same chicken s*** answer as always.
Today, I’m not gonna make any GSP is gay jokes. I have respect for gays. I will not disrespect them by comparing them to GSP.

nephaalim Says, in 5-1-2011 at 10:55:19 from    

GSP: ” My gameplan? I’m gonna move my arms like this and if he gets in my way it’s not my fault”.

madula Says, in 5-1-2011 at 11:02:44 from    

What the heck is a sychophant?!!? Hahaha… anyway, if GSP would’be engaged and actually took smart risks would UFC be mma then? Weird conclusion you came to there.

GSP vs Silva- no way that should happen. U don’t go challenge the p4p best in the world with a record full of decisions.

tpc Says, in 5-1-2011 at 11:06:16 from    

My go to channel for watching the replay’s
Thanks Bruno

sskott Says, in 5-1-2011 at 11:16:56 from    

Jake maybe won round 5, maybe.

49-46 GSP

Elbaid Says, in 5-1-2011 at 11:23:38 from    

If you want the belt you need to BEAT the champion,Shields never do that…but Gsp isn’t at all entertainig.”Le roi est mort,vive le roi !”

scottc Says, in 5-1-2011 at 11:26:26 from    

GSP’s left jab and takedown skills won the fight period.He grinded out a win and deserves to be champion.Shields looked stiff and never once dominated the champ or the center of the ring.Shields had a nice straight right that did damage to GSP but that was it from him.Look for a rematch with these two great fighters.

donster Says, in 5-1-2011 at 11:46:20 from    

@Nambo Roflmao

ronmar Says, in 5-1-2011 at 12:15:21 from    

GSP dictated the pace of the fight and knocked down Jake with a head kick. Just because GSP has more cuts on his face doesn’t necessarily mean Jake was more accurate. Even Jake said he lost the fight. I am getting tired, however, of watching GSP fight in such an overly cautious way.

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 5-1-2011 at 12:21:16 from    

1. 1,2. 1. 1,2. 1. 1. 1. 2. 1,2. (that was the whole fight)
GSP always does a good job of putting a turd on top of a perfectly good cake. A good striker/ wrestler would’ve knocked GSP with his blind eye, and uncharacteristically WIDE overhand right. Worst I’ve ever seen him, and against a total piece of crap like Shields who had Joe Rogan on his c.ck for a whole month, only for Joe to turn around and say that “GSP is on a whole different level of fighting than Jake Shields”. What a joke.

Stranger Says, in 5-1-2011 at 12:31:57 from    

Gotta love the haters, they always make me laugh.
but Jon, get your tongue out of Jake’s asshole & thaddiuslustre, you just keep your head up big guy. I’m sure you’re a special little boy just like your mom always told you.

gibby35412 Says, in 5-1-2011 at 12:46:49 from    

GSP still fought like crap. He seemed very tentative and almost like he was more afraid to lose, than to demolish shields. I think a loss might be a good thing for him to get the fire back.

Len Says, in 5-1-2011 at 12:59:50 from    

Jon did u get confused about the fight.

It was easily 50-45 or 49-46, but is the same.
GSP won that fight!

sve Says, in 5-1-2011 at 13:04:16 from    

The worst fight of the night. Shields somehow manages to mess GSP’s vision in one eye up yet completely fails to capitalise on it? Seriously? He looked like he had no gameplan, and barely bothered with any takedown attempts after the first couple of rounds. The other fights in this event made up for it, thankfully.

fighter27 Says, in 5-1-2011 at 13:11:32 from    

no risk in the octagon…..no fun for the fans!!! i like gsp, but his “rekord” without knockouts or submissions in the last couple of fights doesn´t impress me. he is a “neutralise-fighter”!!! he can neutralise his opponent skills…but he is not able or is frightened to show his own skills. for me….a little bit boring that fight. just my oppinion! and i konw…his eye, but every fight is a safe fight for gsp! PLEASE GSP…fight more for your fans! thanks

Chemo Says, in 5-1-2011 at 13:34:54 from    

Boring ass fight. Had GSP winning, but good gawd that was hard to watch. Overall great card and some wicked finishes. Spinning backfist, front kick. Hominick’s heart. Too bad it ended on the snoozefest!

CycloneX Says, in 5-1-2011 at 13:37:40 from    

Hey Markf… Those overhand rights were tearing into Jske’s Arm.GSP can avoid getting hit and still win that fight.But he won!

GSP win all rounds.

Eye Says, in 5-1-2011 at 13:48:59 from    

GSP definitely won. If you don’t BEAT the Champ, you can’t beat the Champ by leaving it in the Judges’ hands…

Eye Says, in 5-1-2011 at 13:53:25 from    

GSP definitely won. If you don’t BEAT the Champ, you can’t beat the Champ by leaving it in the Judges’ hands…..

Murell Says, in 5-1-2011 at 14:43:06 from    

not a real exciting fight ,but G.S.P Dominated every round,even with one eye.

Boba Plata Says, in 5-1-2011 at 15:14:56 from    

@Nambo Awsome!!!

ICOLATER Says, in 5-1-2011 at 15:22:22 from    

Diaz will destroy GSP….Fact

frmd Says, in 5-1-2011 at 15:34:02 from    


viking Says, in 5-1-2011 at 15:38:06 from    

Jake MAY have won the final round, but that would be by a hair if so. GSP won this one, absolutely no doubt. Seriously, if you honestly think that Jake won that fight, you should… I don’t even know… maybe find a “less complicated” sport to watch… maybe table tennis.

Oh, and as for how GSP got his headlight damaged there: eye poke. I couldn’t believe he didn’t say anything right after it happened (he spent about 15 seconds wiping his eye like crazy), or that Dean didn’t stop the fight and have it checked. I believe it was about 1:20 left in the 3rd, but it could have been the 2nd, have to rewatch. Jake tried a jab, got clipped, and then just… ran forward with his fingers extended, right into GSP’s eyes, pushing off his face. Seriously, I was baffled when it happened, and even more so when it wasn’t stopped. Weird.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 5-1-2011 at 15:52:40 from    

LOL I don’t care how much $$$ you idiots lost betting on Jake Shields to take the title, trying to convince the rest of us that Jake actually deserved to win this fight is sad…Why not blame Jake for trying to GAS out the champion for the first 3 rounds? Piss poor game plan by his camp.

viking Says, in 5-1-2011 at 15:55:10 from    

^Yep, 1:30 left in round 3, stiff arm with fingers right to the eye.

brazil Says, in 5-1-2011 at 16:26:43 from    

Go GSP, go, fight Silva, fight Silva, please. So we can watch you be KO’ed in a pretty elegant way.

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 5-1-2011 at 17:07:14 from    

Another boring GSP fight. When did the UFC become an amateur boxing event? ZZZzzz…

^^^^ Says, in 5-1-2011 at 17:07:17 from    

Not fact that Diaz will destroy GSP. Diaz won’t be anything in the UFC. He picks all his fights. He will not fight any wrestlers because he knows he cannot win. You can blame LNP all you want, but I think fighters should work on their wrestling just like wrestlers need to work on their stand up.

Muay Thai Carebear Says, in 5-1-2011 at 17:24:24 from    

Jake’s stand up has improved alot but GSP still dominated the fight, inspite of eye injury. I would still prefer to see Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones than vs. GSP.
Thanks Bruno!1

Niv Says, in 5-1-2011 at 17:45:11 from    

I have absolutely no idea how anyone who isn’t paralyzed from the neck up could have possibly thought Shields won that fight.

Mind blowing to say the least if that’s what you saw, seriously.

GSP is on another level and Shields is a great fighter as well, but not on GSP’s level.

The only thing Shields did well, is he is the only guy that GSP hasn’t brutalized in the past 4 years, that’s about it. So if that’s how you measure success I guess he won, the rest of us will see it for how it is.

On another note what’s the world coming to when Communists are advertising on MMA sites.

bambii Says, in 5-1-2011 at 18:05:33 from    

by trying to add all this boxing and other stuff…gsp’s stand up looks like it actually regressed. 5 rounds of a jab and sillly overhand right..damnn that was boring…and wat the hell was jake’s plan, also throw jabs for 5 rounds

one two Says, in 5-1-2011 at 18:06:38 from    

gsp definately won the fight and his gameplan worked perfectly despite being boring as poo. but where was shields i mean he was supposed to bring the fight to georges but instead walked into the same jab and right hook over and over again.

Realdesert Says, in 5-1-2011 at 18:18:36 from    

Some people just have their minds made up and no matter what happens it isn’t going to change. Shields did nothing! If you want to complain, complain about the Kampmann decision, Shields lost that one too! Who cares how many fights he won in the minors. Mayhem had him choked he was saved by the bell. If Jake’s so great why didn’t he submit him, knock him out? Overhand rights? You conveinently forgot about the jabs that knocked Jake on his ass, yes the same one that fractured Koscheck’s eye socket!

k91st Says, in 5-1-2011 at 18:28:03 from    

Again we have a champion that defends his title and the challenger did not bring it. Don’t start the hating because Jake couldn’t get the job done.
Jake held GSP’s hand in the air so he obviously knows more than us as he was there all night.

hond2dciv Says, in 5-1-2011 at 19:02:51 from    

Jake said “No” when his corner yelled at him to raise his hands after the fight. It’s clearly audible. He actually raised GSP’s hand to signify that the champ won.

I had GSP winning the first 4 rounds handily. The 5th round was a bit more difficult to score, but I think GSP did more.

For anyone to say Jake won that fight they are either a troll, an idiot, or an MMA neophyte.

And, GSP will utterly smash Nick Diaz.

gsp Says, in 5-1-2011 at 19:29:16 from    

you dumbasses are just pissed cause your boy jake got beat all around!
jake was sitting there with his thumb up his ass…thats why he lost!

chiroguy Says, in 5-1-2011 at 19:31:41 from    

SO unfortunate to have this fight as the main event of an otherwise awesome card…Did Shields really think he was going to win this fight standing up with GSP for 5 rounds…and GSP crying wolf about being poked in the eye…Hominick looked like the elephant man and couldn’t care less but GSP is complaining that he got poked in the eye…Gimme a F***@n break..i lost some respect for GSP in this fight…

chiroguy Says, in 5-1-2011 at 19:33:44 from    

Oh and by the way, Anderson SIlva would run through GSP…the DREAM fight is Bones Jones and Anderson…i think Bones takes it!!!

cbasaussie Says, in 5-1-2011 at 19:48:54 from    

in all honesty.. GSP won, Jake looks really amateurish on his stands (foot work none, head movement very little). The display of boxing in mma style looks bad when there is no aggression to show. The distance is too big on the stand up game and it is all extended jabs and over hands.. !! someone said it.. it does look amateurish.

GSP world class wrestler, Jake world class BJJ, this fight could have been more entertaining in the ground. That is where the challange for both fighters was.. They did not go for the “challange of the fight” they were playing it safe.

Rear Naked Smoke AKA Hands of Stoned Says, in 5-1-2011 at 19:49:57 from    

@ Fedorfails Piss poor gameplan isn’t even harsh enough. Apparantly the plan was to tire him out and pull guard late. Great. Onlt thing is, GSP doesn’t tire, and without aid of a trampoline or his go go gadget extendo-arms, Jake ain’t getting within 2 feet of Georges. And about 4 minutes into the fight, Jake figured all this out for himself.
Did you see Jakes demeanor going to his corner after round 1? He looked like he just got shot down by the hot chick at the bar, and was taking the walk of shame back to his buddies. “Well, guys, I took a shot at it, but nah. That s*** just ain’t gonna happen. Oh well, I tried”.

sinnizter Says, in 5-1-2011 at 20:02:52 from    

I agree jake’s stand up was much better, but he didnt do enough to win.,, I would like to see them again, gsp has found his match and had no heart for this fight..Diaz would out box both of this Guys.

Rico Suave Says, in 5-1-2011 at 20:45:34 from    

@Jon, You are kidding right? GSP easily won, 50-45, I could see a 49-46, but how two judges had Shields taking two rounds at 48-47 is beyond me, the only knock I have with GSP is that he doesn’t finish fights.

dubgli Says, in 5-1-2011 at 21:02:53 from    

People are idiots. Jake shields has to be one of the worst fighters ever.. Yes, he did improve his striking, but still his punches and kicks look so retarded and elementary. His take down attempts were horrible! did you see how he attempted to charge gsp and grab gsp’s head?? it was really sad watching this fight.. Jake could not even handle a one eye gsp.. Everyone said Jake would take it and yet he got beat by a blind gsp.. Now everyone is saying Diaz?? haha. I’m sure GSP will eventually lose.. But He’ll beat diaz just like he beat shields.

gibby35412 Says, in 5-1-2011 at 21:38:06 from    

Yeah you can see at 1:40 mark that when Jake was moving back…he stiff armed GSP in the eye and he started rubbing it. Although Jake will walk around thinking he did it with a punch

whitesword88 Says, in 5-1-2011 at 22:57:31 from    

Icolater, you are aware that Nick Diaz was in the U.F.C before correct? And was no match for the guy’s GSP beat like a rug. Yeah he got his beat up real bad by Diego Sanchez, LOL, and Koscheck killed him the little p**** went running. How can he beat GSP when he was never good enough to fight him ?

Mex-Man Says, in 5-1-2011 at 23:08:17 from    

people might think jake won because he did better in the striking than expected. but plain and simple, gsp’s new 1 dimensional striking game won it for sure

chodachamp Says, in 5-1-2011 at 23:20:52 from    

After watching this fight I really think Diaz has a great shot of taking down GSP. And what do you know, Dana just announced that they may be making this a super fight…They got my 50 bucks for that card

whitesword88 Says, in 5-1-2011 at 23:35:40 from    

Now that I think back didn’t he loose 6 fights in a row and get fired Daina sent him packing? Oh thats Nick Diaz I’m speaking of.

Tempdeisel Says, in 5-2-2011 at 00:32:43 from    

Genuinely dont understand how anybody could think Shields won that fight. Im the biggest GSP hater out there and I look for reasons for him to lose and there’s no way he lost that fight. Ill give Shields round 5 and that’s it. GSP has cleared out the 170 weight class. The Diaz fight wont happen because they are in different organizations, albeit they are both owned by the UFC, they have said that the two will remain seperate. So its time for GSP to step up to 185 and solidify his claim of P4P champ.

Longrun Says, in 5-2-2011 at 00:43:13 from    

know whats funny gsp on his bad day with 1 eye can still beat up shields

daimai Says, in 5-2-2011 at 06:02:13 from    

….. Jake is a dude, but he did nothing to impress the Judge. GSP….. please think of KO your opponent.

ndook Says, in 5-2-2011 at 08:58:10 from    

I understand that the later rounds were pretty slow, but I gotta give it up for GSP. His head movement and boxing has greatly improved (thanks to freddie roach). And he defended Shield’s takedowns (though there we’re very few of them), and really out struck Shields in the first two rounds in particular. GSP got a couple knockdowns and i’m almost sure he would have gotten the TKO if he could see in the later rounds.

TheBXrepresenter Says, in 5-2-2011 at 14:56:55 from    

What did Jake shields do to win any of these rounds ? I mean aside from not knocking Jake out and having to deal with getting poked in the eye … what didn’t Georges do ? He clearly outclassed Jake in the standup, he landed the takedown when he wanted to and stuffed Shields takedown attempts with ease. I mean people just dont like St. Pierre I guess but hes a great fighter. He’s not finishing like Silva is but then again he’s not fighting stiffs like Silva is either.

Tempted Says, in 5-2-2011 at 16:10:04 from    

GSP clearly won, but he is still bitching out about fighting Anderson. Even after the fight he is looking for “another way to do things” instead of stepping up. I can’t stand Anderson but at least he is willing to step up when there is no competition at his own weight. Since GSP is being such a bitch about it, put Diaz in there. If he beats Diaz, give him a choice. Fight at 185 or don’t fight in the UFC. I’m sure Bellator would take him. And people think Randy is boring???

JKDKILLA Says, in 5-2-2011 at 16:52:08 from    

Who ever said that Jake won this fight or out scored GSP is an idiot. JS looked like an amateur fighter. His feet where flat on the mat, arms looked stiff like a robot, and his punches where horrible.

brazil Says, in 5-2-2011 at 17:06:12 from    

GSP, the second p4p ? hahahaha, he is not even at top ten.

tally2312 Says, in 5-2-2011 at 17:43:15 from    

Gsp won on points (takedowns ect)…but I’d take sheilds if that were a street fight. GSP didn’t want nothing to do with making it a real fight. Jake doesn’t have the athletic ability to take him down…GSP doesn’t have the balls to let it go down and his striking wasn’t good enough to win outright…thank god for the other awesome fights on that card. zzzzzz

Awake Says, in 5-2-2011 at 18:29:50 from    

GSP fought and won WITH ONLY ONE EYE!!!!!!!! Haters will always have something to piss and moan about. His performance won him the fight and he did it with only ONE EYE!!!!! Get that thru your fu**ing heads!!!

C$ Says, in 5-2-2011 at 19:27:09 from    

ZZZ… No need to count sheep anymore. True to his word, Dana did let the fan at the Q & A put the belt on GSP.

ndook Says, in 5-2-2011 at 19:29:49 from    

@tally 2313 As soon as the fight goes to the judges, the winner wins by points. And GSP wasn’t going for points, he only had one (maybe two, I can’t remember) takedowns.

Next times GSP haters fight with one eye i’d love to see them run in half-blind swinging punches.

inyoazzbetch Says, in 5-2-2011 at 20:34:36 from    

@Nambo lol you baaaad man.

very bad..and very f’n awesome!

60ndown Says, in 5-2-2011 at 21:16:58 from    

jsp is looking A LOT thicker then his last fight, im thinking ‘roids.

mesonto Says, in 5-3-2011 at 01:20:26 from    

Watched this whole thing again. What rounds did GSP lose? Totally confused by 2 of the judges scorecards. I can’t even see the last round go to Jake, and the 4th round was definitely GSP’s as well.

The Mind Says, in 5-3-2011 at 09:15:40 from    

P4P best??? what a joke GSP just runs! and a punch that left a MOUSE under his left eye messed him up not a poke. Stop making excuses GSP runs nothing more!

yomaMMA Says, in 5-7-2011 at 19:43:02 from    

I’m pretty sure my boy “Nick” will dethrone him!

Emilio Says, in 9-30-2011 at 09:11:29 from    

GSP Doesnt have to take risk if he dont want to. GSP is the champ the challenger has to take risk GSP Took enough risk in his career. he took a risk when he head kicked hughes for the championship, he stopped penn in the 4th round because ppl thought GSP Couldnt beat penn. GSP Doesnt need to take anymore risk thats the challengers job. jake couldnt beat a one eyed GSP imagine if GSP Had both Eyes the whole fight. he would have stopped shields because in the first 2 rounds jake was getting shattered. then GSP Got Poked….


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