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wannabemmaFighter Says, in 1-31-2009 at 20:56:28 from    

Lets go BJ!!

stokes Says, in 1-31-2009 at 21:06:48 from    

Tease! I was like wth… its on the site already… :D

mmaxpert Says, in 1-31-2009 at 21:21:34 from    

I hope this s*** lives up

jeremy Says, in 1-31-2009 at 21:28:00 from    

let the crazyness begin

SJ Says, in 1-31-2009 at 21:34:07 from    

lol i was like WTH hows the fight up already haha


GSP-4-ME Says, in 1-31-2009 at 21:37:27 from    

That GSP silverstar clothing ad up there links to a Sucked up site. Thats some funny s***.

mike Says, in 1-31-2009 at 21:57:46 from    

i was so confused as to how the fight was already up, i didnt wanna read the posts because i didnt want them to ruin it for me.

aaron pequin Says, in 1-31-2009 at 22:59:46 from    

GSP will tear him a new one…

natedog Says, in 2-1-2009 at 01:31:15 from    

Nice one bruno….keepin the hype….woohooo!!!

CalmStone Says, in 2-1-2009 at 01:44:26 from    

BJ was all talk, and couldn’t back it up. GSP is a better mma fighter. Well done.

teejaaay Says, in 2-1-2009 at 01:48:09 from    

bj will get worked by ken flo..so sad.

YodaSanklai Says, in 2-1-2009 at 01:53:04 from    

Yess!!! GSP destroy BJ Penn. BJ look like a punching pillow to GSP in this match. He should just stay at 155.

rgood@unm.edu Says, in 2-1-2009 at 01:56:22 from    

GSP is gonna win it.

Jables Says, in 2-1-2009 at 01:58:50 from    


GSP Destroyed that little bitch and made him eat every last word, When he called GSP a bitch for tapping that was the moment he knew, GSP WAS GOING TO FINISH HIM.


gspalltheway Says, in 2-1-2009 at 02:01:31 from    

BJ should have stayed in his weight class. George dominated him.

dattebayo Says, in 2-1-2009 at 02:02:37 from    

George St.Pierre just destroyed him!

whiterabbit09876 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 02:17:41 from    

Wow… total domination. I am amazed and saddened. Tonight I have become a GSP believer….

tanned187 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 02:21:03 from    

Wow dominating performance by GSP he smashed BJ…

CAREY Says, in 2-1-2009 at 02:21:33 from    

Some f****** on msn ruined it for me. _ __ _ _ _ _ is a p**** one of the fighters

sins4given Says, in 2-1-2009 at 02:31:53 from    

I’m shocked…man…bj got wrecked…GSP VS Silva

milojustlaxin Says, in 2-1-2009 at 02:34:58 from    

haha sorry to all you bj fans st pierre kicked the s*** outa him an bj got caught in his own s*** talking and was the one who gave up…st pierre is king

Jason Says, in 2-1-2009 at 02:38:45 from    

BJ Penn: “Don’t piss me off, George.”

Hahahaha. Oh god…

buu Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:06:05 from    

GSp dominated…now whos the quiter and front runner…complete irony lmao

Mag Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:12:13 from    

GSP destroyed him. Well Done GSP.

WATSY Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:12:24 from    

No surprise at all….

Penn gets utterly dismantled by a better fighter

anyone who didnt see this coming doesn’t know MMA

Dudeson Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:13:52 from    

that dirty smelly big mouth Hawaiian punk has now been genetically modified by GSP, who surgically ripped him a new shiny asshole in a 4 round aggravated r***-slaughter. This brand new anus of his will painfully remind Blow Job Penn about tonight’s ownage every time he starts talking s*** about other fighters.

Don Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:21:33 from    

Penn got owned! funny how he quit after all the s*** h said about gsp being a quitter, Penn should really watch what he says or he’ll just keep eating his words.

The Black Swordsman Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:34:38 from    

so like i been saying GSP dominated Penn and rightfully deserves to be #1 pound for pound

Niv Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:41:12 from    

Well what can anyone say about that fight other than it was completely one sided.

BJ didn’t look as if he even belonged in the same ring, he lost the 1st round easy, and was basically utterly smashed 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Good decision by BJ’s corner to stop the fight, he was destined to get hurt if they let him continue.

GSP looks as if he’s going to go on a ten year tear here, who’s going to beat this guy in his weight class?

I have to say I’ve been noticing a nice trend in mma, Champions like GSP, Anderson Silva, Rashad Evans, Fedor and hopefully Frank Mir seem to all be class acts. This is one thing that helps separate mma from say boxing, the sportsmanship of the fighters.

GSP is arguably the perfect face for mma, I think he’s a true warrior and excellent ambassador for the sport, good luck to him.

Irootoko Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:41:30 from    

HAHA all you BJ Penn fans can suck it!! He had nothing!!! hahahah NOTHING!!!

Steamer Bean Says, in 2-1-2009 at 04:00:26 from    

I knew when I picked BJ to win there was a good chance I would wind up eating a huge s*** sandwich and man does it taste awful. I remember saying that even though I thought BJ could pull it off, I really didn’t appreciate all the smack talking coming out of his camp. This victory has to be all the more sweet for GSP knowing he took the high rode and didn’t run his mouth. My logic was, having seen the first fight in which BJ did most of the damage and GSP squeezed out a decision by staying active, BJ would be able to sustain a higher pace now with his improved cardio and find a way to win it. Obviously a lot has changed since they first met. I had BJ just ahead of GSP in 3rd on my p4p list before the fight. I thought even if GSP managed to barely win at all here he would move up a spot. Having totally dominated BJ, he should shoot way up on most peoples lists. BJ has lost before, but he’s never really been beaten like this, hopefully this will be a learning experience for him and humble him a little. I’m pissed that my guy lost, but I’m happy that GSP won, he’s a class act and an amazing fighter.

calizmo Says, in 2-1-2009 at 04:13:31 from    

wow ufc is all talk, greatest fight wtfe. gps rolled penn like he was nuttin gg

Robert Says, in 2-1-2009 at 04:19:49 from    

Damn… Dominated. Damn.

Niv Says, in 2-1-2009 at 04:22:26 from    

I know I stated earlier BJ’s corner stopped the fight, the fact is they did that because he quit. The doctor kept asking him if he can continue and he kept ignoring him, his brother looked at him and stopped the fight.

I like BJ as a fighter, I don’t know him personally but after calling GSP a “p****” and a quitter, claiming he’s on roids, and then telling him to go to his room after the fight and go f@#$ himself, well someone ate his words big time.

BJ went way over the top with his baiting GSP, well he reaped what he sowed and humble pie has got to have a bitter taste.

I think quitting between rounds is far worse than tapping, this result could do BJ’s psyche a lot of damage. Ken Flo better train like never before, a chink in the mental armor of BJ has been exposed and there could be a possible lapse in his next defense.

hond2dciv Says, in 2-1-2009 at 05:13:12 from    

aw yeah, who said GSP in the 4th by GnP? utter domination. bj fans, florian is next, and its going to be another beating for hilo.

Anwar Says, in 2-1-2009 at 05:27:51 from    

BJ got owned, haha…
Now who’s the quiter BJ?
To the death, to the death, hahahahaha

Irootoko Says, in 2-1-2009 at 06:04:02 from    

BJ Penn – “George is a quitter”
– ” I feel my body shutting down I am going to go on vacation for a couple of days”

He is going to have some quality time to sit by himself and eat ALL of the words.

I would have rather seen him fight Florian more anyway!

Hambun Says, in 2-1-2009 at 06:05:04 from    

Whatever happened to Penn’s “fight to the death”? He should have fought till the 5th round. All that trash talk did him no good. WOrds are cheap.

awar1er Says, in 2-1-2009 at 06:26:49 from    

bj is an awesome fighre he doesn’t belong in tht class.. or gsp needs to move up.. either way their size difference was big.. not like couture and lesnar but still gsp rijpped him a new one tho

ju Says, in 2-1-2009 at 06:49:34 from    

hahahaha bj you are a little b***h, you are a quiter, it’s that what happened to people run their mouth to much hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!! bj looks tired after 10 sec in the first round!!!
big respect for gsp the sports needed a big athlete like you

Hey BJ! Says, in 2-1-2009 at 06:50:45 from    


learn2swim Says, in 2-1-2009 at 07:05:51 from    

I think a 5th round would have spelled death. GSP was going to make him fight on his feet in the 5th so BJ probably denied us a spinning heel knockout of some sort.

Spin it forward though and I don’t see BJ beating Florian either. Penn is great when he has his reach advantage for the jab but without it he’s vulnerable.
Also I just think GSP deserves mad props for the relentlessness he showed. No mercy which is the most respect you can give your opponent.

I’d be eager to hear BJ’s post fight comments and what his strategy was going in there.

learn2swim Says, in 2-1-2009 at 07:08:31 from    

Oh and GSP should go to Hawaii to celebrate =’)

Drewzilla Says, in 2-1-2009 at 07:08:37 from    

BJ Penn is a bitch! After all that s*** talking about how GSP tapped against Matt Serra and then BJ didn’t want to fight the last round. What a joke! What happened to fighting till the death? I guess having to eat all that s*** (talking) made him tired and wanting to quit.

larsborg Says, in 2-1-2009 at 07:46:07 from    



to the death man….lmao:P

pwner Says, in 2-1-2009 at 07:55:11 from    

Biatch ass BJ got his ass rocked, I can’t stand that trash talking biatch..GSP baby nuff said..

replacement Says, in 2-1-2009 at 08:25:06 from    

I am so utterly pissed off with BJ Penn, he talked so much trash, and in the Prime time videos he seemed like he wasn’t really training hard for this fight. But we thought of course he’s training he would be stupid not to, and maybe he was but it wasn’t enough against a fighter like GSP who trains for pain everyday. BJ looked poor and it isn’t because he is a poor fighter its because he was out of shape, and when you are exhausted you don’t have the energy to think straight…

Bitterly disapointed.

Glenn Says, in 2-1-2009 at 09:40:37 from    

I saw a prelim show where BJ said “Rush, after the fight, go lie in bed and take 30 mins, and go F#$K yourself”.

No no BJ, GSP followed your advice, but thought of himself F*&CKING you up big time and then slept like a baby. LOL.

I Love it when big crap talkers get it handed to them. LOVE IT. Go GSP.

silverandslow Says, in 2-1-2009 at 09:52:54 from    

I knew he would win. I’m not surprised at all.

Second, lets not see GSP vs silva. I don’t think GSP has enough power or skill standing to beat Silva. I really don’t think it would be a fight. If you can’t KO or submit Silva its usually a matter of time before he ends you.

moo Says, in 2-1-2009 at 10:02:22 from    

when BJ said “fight to the death”, he meant his own death

dj_klyde Says, in 2-1-2009 at 10:08:14 from    

i pretty much figured GSP would pick him apart.
But even this fight surprised me.

I guess it was too much weight and too much fighter for Penn


donnie1st Says, in 2-1-2009 at 10:18:26 from    

you can tell honestly that GSP was pissed off , he seemed tense before the fight then didnt touch gloves with BJ Penn. and there was too many occuasions where he could have submitted him but none of that happened.

I think he intentionally wanted to slowly TKO BJ Penn

Sean Wooldridge Says, in 2-1-2009 at 10:52:18 from    

Tiago Alvez does NOT have what it takes to beat this guy. I’m not sure who does.. The way I see it, the only way to beat GSP is to be a better wrestler (that pretty much narrows the field to olympic gold medalists) and keep the fight standing long enough to squeeze out a decision in boxing. I can’t think of anybody in the WW division who has the wresling or judo chops to pull that off though. This guy is just insane!

JLC1976 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 11:06:30 from    

Well I am not surprised of this out come. GSP wants to beat the best and he trains to beat the best. Ken Flo is another favorite of mine and I love watching his fights, the guy has some skillz and doesn’t get the respect he deserves. I would have to say GSP is the #1 p4p fighter with A.Silva #2 and then fedor #3. Oh I hope Mir beats the s*** out of Brock. I love those few heavy weights that can put on a submission.

A Says, in 2-1-2009 at 11:07:59 from    

Don’t understand why he couldn’t hang in there for another round. I’m a GSP fan, but I expected more from BJ…
Right now GSP and Spider Silva are the best fighters in MMA, and I’d love to see them fight each other while they are at top of their game because I’d love to know which one is better. Hopefully, Dana White would put his business ego aside for a little while and give this fight a green light!

Roderic Says, in 2-1-2009 at 11:08:53 from    

Well, I was ALWAYS pullin’ for GSP. He’s improved so much in the past couple of years while Penn, who’s a very good fighter, has sort of settled into what’s really just his norm. He may have beefed up his cardio just a bit, but otherwise, he’s still the same fighter. He hasn’t pushed the boundaries at all.
I DO appreciate the likes of GSP, Couture, Mir and Fedor who are real class acts and humble about their victories – even while dominating others in the cage. However, a little trash talk can be good for the sport too – unfortunately, that’s ALL that BJ did for the sport in this fight… trash talk his way into the octagon… only to find after a couple of rounds that he REALLY didn’t want to be there.
I got nervous a couple of times when I saw Penn’s frickin’ ruberized legs creepin up GSP’s back from the guard – but GSP never really got himself in trouble. Absolutely beautiful work by GSP.
I’d love to hear Penn’s comments a week or so AFTER this fight – see if he’s humbled at all or if he still talks trash. Whether you’re a Penn fan or a GSP fan, you’ve got to appreciate the irony in this one… isn’t that right, Penn?

DMAN09238523 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 11:39:48 from    

I just hope BJ stays at 155 where he belongs. He’s a s*** talker who go the s*** beaten out of him. BJ fans, how does it taste now?

PitFighterZ Says, in 2-1-2009 at 12:09:40 from    

As I said before the fight, BJ has only two choices now: 1- Shut the f@#$% up, get into his gym and start training like an animal, or 2- go back to his big house, take on a permanent vacation and pretend that he never needed any of that anyway because he is filthy rich.
Anyway, saying “uncle” between rounds is just f@#$%ing humilliating!
Who’s the quitter now, bitch?

EM Says, in 2-1-2009 at 12:11:58 from    

Who called it! “Who put this thing together, me that’s who, who do I trust, me.” BJ needs to go home, pull up his chair to the table, wait for about 20-30 minutes and eat a bowl of razorblades with a side of s*** sandwich.
On another note, BJ is still an amazing fighter, but he made some bad decisions in preparing for this one. He needs to regain his composure and come back stronger. By the way, I just couldn’t keep myself from purchasing this one on PPV; I feel so dirty.

hikari33 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 12:21:45 from    

He should go and eat his “razor blades”

The Black Swordsman Says, in 2-1-2009 at 12:22:28 from    

So when he said he was going to fight to the death he meant sit on his stool and refuse to answer the bell … OK i get that one so now that he’s lost to GSP 2 times he can go home to Hilo , take off his shoes, get in his bed , take 20 – 30 minutes and go F*** himself.

madeinbrazil17 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 12:29:18 from    

do you guys remember on the special documentary that they were doing when GSP’s trainer said GSP would not only win the fight but would make BJ suffer, that he would get beat up… and thats what gsp was doing.. making him pay for all that trash talk, he was dominating and making him pay, and to show HE was the quitter. and im not even getting to his strategy that i think was genius..

throdoresci Says, in 2-1-2009 at 13:01:41 from    

bj penn’s a phony, hey everybody this guy’s a great big phony

ta2ooed Says, in 2-1-2009 at 13:52:14 from    

Im pretty sure GSP is from another planet. I guess BJ can wipe the s*** off his mouth now.

COCONUT EATER Says, in 2-1-2009 at 14:01:09 from    

i think bj would take him in a second rematch.
i saw alot of holes in gsp’s game that bj will see when he watches this fight and capitalize on it.

LOLCOCONUT Says, in 2-1-2009 at 14:17:55 from    

you’re an idiot coconut, sign a contract with the UFC or become a personal trainer if you can see flaws like that , because GSP is FLAWLESS.

kutsen Says, in 2-1-2009 at 14:49:41 from    

The disrespect shown to fighters by ignorant MMA fans never fails to amaze me.

Yeah, BJ Penn lost, but he fought as hard as he could. He simply got beaten — yeah, he was beaten up — by a tremendous champion who is freakishly strong and huge for his weight class. St. Pierre was probably 190 lbs when he walked into the ring; Penn weighed in at 168, which means he didn’t have to cut weight. In other words, he probably weighed about 168 going into the ring, and if he’d cut weight like St. Pierre he’d have come in a lot lighter than that.

There’s no shame in competing. The only people who should be ashamed are people who taunt and denigrate world-class fighters when they lose.

For all the “Ha-ha, BJ quit” types, I’d just like to point out that Penn’s brother stopped the fight, which was the right thing to do. What brother wouldn’t have done that if he was in a position to do so?

A lot of commenters apparently wanted Penn to go out and get brain-damaged or killed in the fifth round, but to what end? Would it stop you from trash-talking and taunting him? Nope.

Penn was being taken down at will and was being comprehensively beaten on the ground. What would be the point of a fifth round? He lost the fight. Leave it at that.

Niv Says, in 2-1-2009 at 15:04:12 from    

COCONUT eater what fight did you watch last night? GSP would lose if they fought again? Get real man, BJ’s lucky if he put put a sentence together today with the beating he took last night. GSP won’t fight him again because BJ asked for this fight, talked s*** and had that s*** rammed back down his throat. Call it street justice of sorts, GSP has nothing to prove to anyone and BJ flat out got whipped, no holes in GSP’s game, keep dreaming.

driftwood Says, in 2-1-2009 at 15:20:56 from    


BJ just wrote in as “coconut eater”

Hey, BJ, you’re a great fighter, but you’re not in the same league as GSP. You must deal.

theunderfighter Says, in 2-1-2009 at 15:40:14 from    

GSP really just continues to improve… but him VS Silva, I think would be bad. Even though Silva is only 15 pounds up, I just see him as SO much bigger. Prolly because he’s 6′ 2″, and likely fights at 195…

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 2-1-2009 at 16:13:48 from    

first off there are a lot of a******* and haters on this site.

Thanks again Bruno for posting this video.

I hate the fact that BJ gets owned by GSP and all you guys on here pretend like BJ is a nobody he fought a guy way bigger than him and more athletic.

Made props to GSP he thoroughly whooped Penn’s ass.

You posters who think GSP should automatically be the #1 p4p guy are prisoners of the moment and frankly slightly retarded to completely disregard the fact that Fedor is the best fighting machine in the world.

I think that this kind of domination would occur if Fedor fought A. Silva except there is no way Silva would survive 4 rounds.

But again I am not a hatter like most of you posters are and congradulations Georges

ness2k Says, in 2-1-2009 at 17:07:36 from    

Next time, Bj shouldn’t talk s*** and take 2 weeks off.

Great White Says, in 2-1-2009 at 17:25:52 from    

>> Total Domination << HOLY s*** – it wasn’t even a contest – we couldn’t believe what we were seeing, For a main event battle between two champions this was totally one sided. BJ was rocked from the get go. ( GSP made an example out of him)

I thought to myself “so who’s the bitch now”

Maybe we all expected them both to deliver, but only one came prepared.

ballsdeap Says, in 2-1-2009 at 17:26:44 from    

Kutsen…you dont make since!

GSP weighed in at 190 and bj at 168….I dont understand..

PitFighterZ Says, in 2-1-2009 at 17:27:49 from    


That’s what you get when you run your mouth without thinking. I think everyone here would have shown a lot more respect for BJ if he had shown any for GSP. BJ was brave on taking on a fighter much bigger and better than him, but he is going to hear a lot of crap for what he said before the fight.
Actually, what fight? That was a massacre!

Niv Says, in 2-1-2009 at 17:31:56 from    


This is the point people miss when they say things like A. Silva should seek out Fedor and beat him.

The same thing that happened to BJ would most likely happen to GSP and the same with A. Silva.

When you have two very evenly matched fighters skill wise the odds of beating the bigger and stronger man are slim. There are very few exceptions to this rule. My only exception at this point is Fedor, he’s always the smaller fighter, but we’ve yet to see anyone who is as skilled as him in all areas.

Having said all of that I think GSP has matured so much mentally that he has as good a chance as anyone with Silva.

still a fan Says, in 2-1-2009 at 17:56:40 from    

Wow..I love BJ, but he got dominated. I hope he gets his act together and fights GSP again. As for GSP, I am impressed, but for some reason, I am still not a fan. I would like to see him fight A Silva, but Silva is just too big.

bmore Says, in 2-1-2009 at 18:24:54 from    

Damn! I saw it live, but I still wanna see that ASS GET WHACKED again. Unfortunately it’s not streaming well for me at the moment, but I guess that how Blow Job Penn felt. BJ p****, BJ Punk; and to think that he actually said that GSP was gonna think he was G-d!!! Well…I think he knows that’s not true. That’s exactly what he deserved for calling the man a BITCH for tapping out. I wonder what he calls SITTING AND QUITTING? In the Corps we called so-called men that quit the “squat to pee” type. He got his manhood KNOCKED THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK out of him. BJ will never be the same. Big up to GSP for his TOTAL DOMINATION AND DESTRUCTION of his opponent. Warrior my ass!!! Then again, he does claim his heritage from a female so I guess it all showed up last night. I hope Ken Flo smashes his punk-ass too. Yeah GSP…Hell Yeah!!!

criticalbill Says, in 2-1-2009 at 19:03:05 from    

bj is the quitter go home to your rich family doc and lick those wounds…bj stands 4 BIG JOINT cause he got smoked and QUIT eat those words …GSP is THE PRODIGY…bj is a loudmouth fat kid who got manhandled

bmore Says, in 2-1-2009 at 19:04:19 from    

Perhaps the Big Joke Penn can ask Ashton Kutcher can he do a special about him because…HE GOT PUNKED!!! And oh…the picture at the top of this page?…that’s the closest the bitch boy BJ got to any blood coming from GSP and that’s from the first fight, which he also lost anyway. Considering that the Hilo Warrior is a TWO-TIME LOSER does anybody think he should try for the charm? Ha, ha, ha!!!

Jdawg Says, in 2-1-2009 at 19:27:13 from    

I could shred cheese of GSP’s abs, and I doubt i could pinch more than 1cm of fat anywhere on his body. I don’t think theres a leaner, fitter person in MMA

rockstarzee Says, in 2-1-2009 at 19:55:38 from    

I normally dont trash talk fighters. but BJ’s whole thing was he was gonna come at george the whole time “im not gonna stop, he doesnt understand” “if he thought jon fintch (who went 5 rounds of getting his ass kicked) was the terminator then he’s gonna think im god” these are the things BJ said. Then he doesnt get TKO’d. He didnt Tap out. he just didnt want to go back into the ring. yes his brother stopped the fight but he was done. he didnt make any attempted to get in the ring when the bell for round 5 went. BJ stay down in the lightweight division so Kenny Florian can beat you up then retire. No need for that kind of trash talk in the UFC.

Dr. Says, in 2-1-2009 at 19:55:58 from    

I guess if you verbally TAP-OUT YOU’RE A LITTLE BITCH, BJ!

Dr. Says, in 2-1-2009 at 20:00:07 from    

@ Still a Fan:

BJ couldn’t do s***. GSP felt him out in the 1st but The Prodigy’s JJ didn’t amount to anything but delaying the inevitable of verbally quitting. GSP had him in a dominant position for the entire round and wanted to beat his ass into the mat. BJ didn’t want to have that happen again – and he knew the beast was beating the beast that doesn’t look like it.

bill Says, in 2-1-2009 at 20:45:27 from    

proud to be Canadian

Irootoko Says, in 2-1-2009 at 21:51:58 from    


That was a great speech on respect toward fighters. Maybe you should forward a copy to BJ. Thats right the guy that insulted his opponent, told him that he was going to kill him, and told his opponets trainer to go f**k himself on national tv. That is the only reason he is getting all the s*** talk now. He set the tone and now he has to deal with it.

Also, BJ walks around at around 185 -190. At the press conference before the fight he was still 171 which means he had to cut. He is the former welter weight champion so stop making excuses for him.

The sad thing is that if he had the work ethic of GSP he would be scary. But he doesn’t. And that ethic is just as important as physical ability when fighting for titles.

paddedummy Says, in 2-1-2009 at 23:03:22 from    

This whole event was boring and sucked except for the Machida finish. This didn’t live up to the hype at all. GSP and Penn looked slow and sluggish. Penn just layed there and took his r***** and even though GSP didn’t really try to finish or hurt him, BJ still couldn’t even go the distance for the fans who wasted their money on this garbage. They both just showed up for a paycheck. Lol at Rogan riding Penn’s nuts even while he was being owned. Forget all this talk about GSP continuously evolving and getting better. He’s good but he fights exactly the same way he always did, take down and ground and pound! It isn’t that he is phenomenal it’s just that BJ is crap, small and more over the hill than Jens Pulver. Nobody in the UFC is the best pound for pound, only Fedor is. Hell, let GSP move up and fight overhyped/big fish in a small pond Anderson Silva. If Patrick Cote can almost go the distance with him Rush might actually have a chance of beating Silva but it’s unlikely because GSP is smaller and this isn’t a fight, it’s a sport so size makes a big difference. Even a f** like BJ almost beat GSP after he poked him in the eye.

smack Says, in 2-1-2009 at 23:15:35 from    

bj was so unaggressive and didnt try to take any risks when he knew he was lossing, was sad to see, gsp is a beast

abc Says, in 2-2-2009 at 03:10:00 from    

The problem is BJ’s training camp is full of YES man. The never hold BJ accountable for fear of losing their meal ticket. They let BJ dictate when and how he wants to train.

BJ’s training camp consists of DaSpider Grove and Rude Boy and has his brother (a non fighter) as his manager/tactician.

All they do is fluff BJ to the point where he thinks he’s GOD. Until BJ realizes that his camp is in it for personal interests rather than his own then he will lose to Kenflo. GSP has blueprinted the way to defeat Penn and i’m sure Kenflo has taken notice.

spratcat Says, in 2-2-2009 at 04:34:13 from    

GSP is a BEAST. He fights Thiago Alves next. I don’t think Alves has a chance. Some fighters lose the hunger once they become champion, but GSP has the desire to remain champion for a long time. I can’t think of anyone that can beat him in the UFC right now, even Anderson Silva. Alot of people may think different, but he’s Sooooo well rounded. He hasn’t let me down yet, besides Matt Serra and that was a fluke. If you disagree let me know.
Bruno you f****** rock.

COCONUT EATER Says, in 2-2-2009 at 06:30:15 from    

Wow, I wrote that just to see how much jackoffs would respond and I got a few dumbass to respond (Niv, driftwood, LOLCOCONUT)
If you thought i was serious about BJ winnig a second rematch and seeing holes in GSPs game then you’re a bunch retards.
I’m gonna kickback, eat another coconut and see whatelse those three jackoffs have to say.

Quintella Says, in 2-2-2009 at 09:05:32 from    

all videos from Feb 1 are down…=(

Bruno: Thanks – I will fix as soon as possible

Wolfen Says, in 2-2-2009 at 10:47:01 from    

To all of you that are saying that GSP was just too big for Penn….Think back to the old days when there were no weight classes. Who dominated MMA??? A fighter that weighed no more than 175, and took on fighters that out weighed him by 50 to 100 pounds.
Have you thought about it????
Royce Gracie. If there is a site that shows his old fights..when he was in his prime..check it out.
I think GSP would have beat Royces ass.
Silva and GSP!!!!
Now that would be the fight of fights.

ericsson Says, in 2-2-2009 at 11:12:34 from    

Penn’s losing record at 170 pounds (now standing at 1-3)

Andrew Says, in 2-2-2009 at 12:00:23 from    

GSP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Penn

End of thread.


tibu_balboa Says, in 2-2-2009 at 13:29:54 from    

damn bj got owned never see that coming. Gsp is a master in MMA!

Niv Says, in 2-2-2009 at 13:31:47 from    

COCONUT EATER who’s the freakin jackoff, the guy who responds to a stupid comment, or the guy that makes it?

What kind of jackoff makes a statement like that for the sake of making a statement?

People are trying to comment on the fight and make real points. Too bad we have idiots like you that have nothing better to do than waste everybody’s time.

I’m sure you have a rebuttal that will just WOW me, what a loser!

tonyboyles Says, in 2-2-2009 at 14:18:12 from    

all i have to say is any body got some hawiian punch….ahaha

badguy Says, in 2-2-2009 at 19:40:04 from    

did anyone else see st pierres people rubbing him down with vasoline? cheater, you see penn slipping off him, pierre sucks, he has to cheat to win

COCONUT EATER Says, in 2-2-2009 at 23:25:00 from    

NIV, It’s called “sarcasm”. I was being “SARCASTIC”. alot of people have done that on this site.
And the jackoff would be the one responding.If he/she thought or knew it was a stupid comment then why bother responding.

ps. were you WOWed jackass?

KNOCK OR BE KNOCKED Says, in 2-3-2009 at 00:15:36 from    

after the fight, bj went to the athletivs commision and complained that there was vasaline all over GSP’s back. ha, like it would help. Penn’s gotta lotta razors to swallow.
1. “Raz, when i win this fight, go home, take ten to fifteen minutes and go suck yourself.
2. “So you’re gonna beat him BJ? …. Brother, thats gaurenteed.
3. “George, im coming at you with all i got, you better be ready. im going to the death.
4. “If George can go three rounds with me, ill be surprised.
5. “Maybe it’s best if we call this off george, i mean, i dont wanna embarass you.
6. “If you tap out from strikes, your a little bitch.”
7. “George is a quitter.

man i hate bj.


BJ Penn’s Mom Says, in 2-3-2009 at 00:23:26 from    

All you young boys need to grow up. My little BJ wasn’t feeling well. He just needs to spend some time with his mommy, and if he needs to cry a little, well that’s ok.

westcoastfan Says, in 2-3-2009 at 00:52:32 from    


you have nothing better to do than to pretend to be an even dumber dumbass to a bunch of people you don’t even know? punch yourself in the face for the rest of us and go get a life.

MMAfan Says, in 2-3-2009 at 01:13:07 from    

Vaseline on GSP’s shoulders = easy escape from BJ’s omoplata attempt.

Vaselinge on GSP’s shoulders = easy posturing up and landing elbows and punches from BJ’s closed guard.

Landing of multiple strikes from the guard of a black belt BJJ practioner = easy side control mount.

If many of you were wondering if there was something peculiar about this fight I hope this now adds up. Joe Rogan himself said that he couldn’t believe how easy GSP was passing BJ’s guard. The Nevada State Athletic Comission strongly admonished GSP’s cornermen when they caught them rubbing GSP’s shoulders with vaseline. If some of you think this would not have change the outcome of the fight, then maybe so, however, would GSP’s victory have been so lopsided had his shoulders not been so greased up.

EM Says, in 2-3-2009 at 02:03:41 from    

I’m starting to give some consideration to the greasing issue. I’ve seen some footage, but most of the clips are incomplete regarding the actions taken by the corner man. I would surely be excited for a rematch so that all this can be settled once and for all. Someone should be reprimanded for this activity if there is some legitimate violation here. Personally, I just won’t know until I can see an uncut segment of it (hint, hint).

bushidodan Says, in 2-3-2009 at 03:03:12 from    

I must say, I have always respected BJ as a fighter. I do lose a little respect for him as a person every time he opens his mouth. If he actually decides to play this “greased up” angle, I will lose all respect for him and his mediocre camp. Anyone who has ever competed in wrestling/grappling/MMA would know that both fighters would be covered in sweat after just minutes of action. Whether there was Vaseline on GSP’s back or not does not explain why GSP was able to dominate the standing exchanges, take BJ down at will after the first round, pass BJ’s guard like it wasn’t even there and completely control/punish him on the ground. If anything, GSP became more dominant as the fight went on, long after the dreaded Vaseline had been wiped off. I honestly had no idea that Vaseline has the power to transform you into a superior striker, wrestler and grappler. I suppose Matt Hughes must have been covered in Vaseline when he spanked BJ in a similar fashion. This is just another case of BJ losing to someone that out-works him and wants it more than he does. This Vaseline BS is a complete non-issue. The better man won. And after this performance, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kenny Florian wearing the lightweight belt in the near future.
Congrats to GSP on a well deserved victory!! If he stays healthy and focused, he will have zero difficulties against Alves. Just ask Jon Fitch!!
P.S. To the death BJ… to the death (or the end of the fourth round… whichever comes first)

Niv Says, in 2-3-2009 at 03:06:00 from    

Bang on westcoast fan, and COCONUT no that is definitely not a wow.

mark b Says, in 2-3-2009 at 04:05:00 from    

Oh and for the people who will say”what about Gracie and the weight differences back in the day, Blah, blah ,blah…Thats when it was unheard of BJJ talent, VS. brute striking morons that could only win by overpowering the other brute striking morons…in this GSP vs Penn 2, the weight difference was huge..Come on , BJ would need a year to do weight training alone, it he still wouldnt have gotten to a flexible 187…

EM Says, in 2-3-2009 at 14:33:04 from    

Believe me that would love to agree with you. GSP is the man, and no one wanted him to win more than me. But, greasing, if it was intentional, is a major issue. Sweat doesn’t work like Vaseline. Vaseline becomes more slippery with increased pressure, and sweat still maintains a degree of friction due to its salt content. Furthermore, placing liquids such as water on Vaseline increases its lubrication. There is a reason why it is illegal to grease and why people tried to wipe it off. I agree that BJ still wouldn’t have won this fight, but it COULD be a valid reason why BJ was not able to get the friction he needed in order to maintain a consistent guard. A number of BJJ moves he tried slipped right out and that is certainly not typical of Penn. Consider also what the commentators said such as they had never seen someone pass BJ’s guard so easily, etc…. I’m just saying that it needs to be explored further, and if the commission decides there was no violation then ok. Sad to see that this point might overshadow such an amazing performance by GSP.

troll man Says, in 2-3-2009 at 15:52:05 from    

mmm… i want those amazing pecs in my rubber guard ;)

Niv Says, in 2-3-2009 at 17:09:36 from    

I saw a program today that talked about the greasing issue. They stated that the amount of vaseline on the trainers fingers was minimal at best, and that GSP has already stated that if BJ wants a third fight he’ll grant it immediately.

I think it is a shame though as stated above it overshadowed a masterful performance by GSP.

Also Anderson Silva has now shot off his mouth and said that GSP doesn’t impress him and he wants to fight him. That in itself slightly tarnishes A. Silva’s rep in my eyes. BJ the smaller guy at least had the balls to call out the bigger GSP. The Spider calling out a lower weight class fighter doesn’t say much here. A. Silva should be calling out Rashad Evans if he wants to prove something.

Now on the flip side to that equation by calling out a smaller fighter Silva has everything to lose and not much to gain in a fight like that, just as GSP did.

GreatKing Says, in 2-3-2009 at 18:44:07 from    


GSP could easily fight at middleweight and light heavy weight if he wanted to. Taking that in to consideration, I don’t see anything wrong with Anderson Silva calling out GSP. GSP is considered to be the other pound for pound best in the world, why not let the two duke it out to see who really is the best; BJ Penn has already been knocked out of the picture.


mark b Says, in 2-3-2009 at 20:35:30 from    

why was my post about GSP weighing 187 at the time of the fight deleted? now noone knows what the hell I was talking about in the last post I made..Anyway, BJ is still an awesome fighter, even though he did talk too much junk, and didnt train right for the fight…I just think GSP will not even consider fighting Anderson Silva(I hate having to spell out his whole name, but there are too many silva’s).His words during the post fight were such B.S>, “I have to put on a lot of weighgt to fight him” LOL!!He fought BJ 3 pounds heavier than the weight Silva fights at!!! Everyone who wants to follow GSP around w/ a roll of toilet paper waiting for him to crap, so they can wipe for him, remember how GSP tapped out to Serra in the first round..NOT A FLUKE!!! He just got caught, and BJ was right about GSP quitting when a fight dont go his way, even though he quit on saturday!!If BJ didnt have a 20lb weight disadvantage, and had an unvaselined opponent, I thing it might have gone a different way..OH, and by the way, I love Florian, but he’s not gonna beat BJ for the L/W title

igibbons Says, in 2-3-2009 at 21:07:50 from    


Could you provide where you saw the information about GSP granting Penn a rematch? I’d like to check it out. In regards to the “greasing”. If you watch the video, the guy had such little grease on the back of his hand that you couldnt even see it, It would take gobs of vaseline to makes someone slippery enough to notice it, and you would have to place it liberally on someones back, not whats left on your finger tips after applying it to the face. GSP muscled his way out of BJ’s guard.

Niv Says, in 2-4-2009 at 02:25:46 from    

igibbons, it was on a sports show in Canada called sportscenter. There’s a sports analyst that calls himself something like Showdown Joe, he stated on that program that he spoke directly with GSP’s camp and GSP is willing to grant a third fight if BJ wants it.

I hope that answers your question.

me Says, in 2-4-2009 at 03:45:20 from    

Give me a break with all the greasing BS. What little residue that was left over may have been applied to the shoulder/back of GSP, its not like he took a glob out and smeared it all over GSP deliberately.

1. They all know that there are several cameras in the corner b/w rounds. If they were deliberately trying to grease then why would they make it so obvious? Nurse was rubbing GSP’s shoulder/back for a good 10 secs. It’s like a bank robber posing for a camera.

2. Athletic commission is in the corner observing conduct and it is his sole purpose to make sure mouthpiece is in, no excess water on mat, no excess grease, no doctoring of equipment. He has authority to pause/stop fight and wipe GSP down (which he did, as he should).

3. Grease on the face will work its way on to GSP’s shoulders/back from grappling regardless so why risk cheating? In guard, put forehead on opponent’s chest, when squirming it’ll transfer grease all over your upperbody. Remember when BJ bloodied Stevenson, eventhough BJ was grappling from the top BJ had blood all over his upperbody. It’s unavoidable.

COCONUT EATER Says, in 2-4-2009 at 05:15:45 from    

Niv, you wanna what on westcoastfan?

kensei Says, in 2-4-2009 at 11:59:15 from    

if i were for gsp he should fight in the middleweight division and fight anderson silva….instead of fighting someone smaller and lighter than him…that’s why i rather admire fedor who fights in his natural weight and even heavier than him.

Niv Says, in 2-4-2009 at 14:00:43 from    

COCONUT EATER you’re thinking out loud again, douchebag. I guess you really don’t have anything better to do.

You must be some kind of seriously bored dude to just want to waste peoples time with bullshit comments.

igibbons I made a mistake the show is on sportsnet and the commentator is called Showdown Joe Ferraro.

I did post a link but it was removed along with my previous post to you.

ken Says, in 2-4-2009 at 18:42:09 from    

why would a fighter fight out side of his class, makes no sense, most of the time it end bad for the fighter. gsp is way to big for bj…..

Dana White Says, in 2-5-2009 at 01:06:49 from    

I saw Josh Koscheck greasing GSP up and good. It had a happy ending.

It was a bit peculiar to say the least.

COCONUT EATER Says, in 2-6-2009 at 05:26:32 from    

Funny thing about all this is you just can’t help yourself. You feel the need to conversate with me. Are you bored? Do you have nothing better to do?
I relly wish I could see the look on your face as you read all of this. I bet you race to the computer every night just to see if I wrote anything back to you, don’t you.

mma queen Says, in 4-2-2009 at 20:29:23 from    

Omg give me a break guys! Greased? Really?? Wtf he escaped Penn’s guard because Penn was poorly trained sitting of a damn beach! GSP made Penn his bitch vaseline doesn’t make someone an amazing world class grappler either, so are you guys saying when he was hitting him pound for pound and knocked Penn to the deck, the vaseline made him do that? Wow I have to get me some of this vaseline! About the weight thing this was a fight going off of the first a re match! No one said they had to stay at the same weight if anything it is Penn’s daily for being out of shape! GSP has stayed in the same weight class, whereas Penn is moving in weight all the time! Resulting in horrible cardio… Penn would never last 5 rounds on his game because he can not endure it that long, whereas GSP ends the fight with the same energy that he began!

All in all GSP made Penn his bitch, and if there were a re match well let’s just say it will more than likely result in a TKO GSP just keeps getting better and better!

Stanley Yelnats Says, in 6-22-2009 at 02:57:59 from    

I see all this talk about Silva and GSP, yet I haven’t seen anything on Fedor Emelianenko. The guy is freaking 30-0, and people aren’t talking about him, or putting him in third, IMO he’s the best, and it’s gonna stay that way until he’s beaten. I mean the guy’s beaten Cro Cop, Nogueira x2, Kevin Randleman, Heath Herring, Ricardo Arona, Renato “Babalu” Sobral, Andrei Arlovski, Tim Sylvia, Marc Coleman x2. ALL OF WHICH WERE IN THEIR PRIME!!! How can he be in third?

-Crylo- Says, in 12-15-2009 at 05:42:01 from    

Yep Fedor is the best hands down, now 31W-1L-1NC and the one loss not really being a legitimate loss, Fedor is technically undefeated and has beat way better opponents than either GSP or BJ Peen have(yes I meant BJ Peen lol) and even opponents who outweighed him by 80 or more pounds.

P4P #1 is Fedor who ever else there is just comes after him, be it GSP or who ever else, but Fedor is number one until he loses, if that time even comes as he recently r**** Brett Rogers.

GSP is definitely better than BJ Peen as he clearly proved in this fight. Anyone who says otherwise or continues with seriously lame, weak and pathetic attempts to justify the loss with accusations of cheating as the reason for GSP’s total molestation of BJ Peen needs to see a shrink.


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