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Vin Says, in 9-7-2011 at 07:33:29 from    

George is such a class act;I’m almost ashamed to say I want Diaz to rough him up before Nick falls on his sword in the end.Can’t wait for this fight!
Bruno- don’t be mad but I may even order it instead of watching it here first.You rule!

ericsson Says, in 9-7-2011 at 08:09:44 from    

f***** shitty interview

oshawabinalex Says, in 9-7-2011 at 09:11:19 from    

Id love for him to say Anderson would be easy, chael Sonnen it up for a bit.

MBG80 Says, in 9-7-2011 at 09:11:30 from    

Showdown Joe is such a goof. I think It’s impossible for him to host an interview where he doesn’t make it awkward..

It sucked! Says, in 9-7-2011 at 10:12:50 from    

Big Fan of GSP… but in his heart he does not want the fight. Never in one interview has he said I want the fight or if we could do a catch weight fight I want it. In the end he will loose. PERIOD!

wow Says, in 9-7-2011 at 10:37:26 from    

Wait did that almost sound like ” I couldnt see because the blood was in my vagi…” Was he about to say VAGINA right there Bruno?

damanisme Says, in 9-7-2011 at 13:19:17 from    

He doesn’t want to fight Silva…quite obvious

shocktime Says, in 9-7-2011 at 14:21:49 from    

GSP says he wants to be remembered as greatest. Then step up dude after you wreck Diaz grab hold of ur sack and challenge Anderson, guaranteed you will be considered greatest ever if you beat him. Don’t be scared homie!

arod Says, in 9-7-2011 at 15:18:03 from    

for the same reason anderson doesnt want to fight at 205 anymore he happy dominating his weight class why move up and to face a bigger person that is equal or better then its stupid

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-7-2011 at 15:34:06 from    

@wow. He clearly said “vision”. Dammit. You got me excited, I had a joke all lined up for vagina face. Oh well, I’ll just recycle it somewhere down the line.

Tsagoii Says, in 9-7-2011 at 16:32:21 from    

I agree with Arod.

Why rush it? for the fans? for real? Would you?

Yes of course, sure!

why not a scenario like this..

say if I am planning on stacking 10M aside in the next following 3 year..hmm let me think, sign me up for 15M, hey! 20M and we have a deal.

Geez I will give you a rematch too, at 25M. Now we are talking.

this way, even if I loose, my finance goals are reached.

Once both parties in this business reach that type of scenario, then you maybe it shall happen.

It’s mostly not them, Anderson or St-Pierre, I think they both wants to make it worth getting out of their respective comfort zone, their domination, fame, whatever you want to tag it.

murell Says, in 9-7-2011 at 21:04:42 from    

Anderson silva doesnt want fight Bones Jones either,because Jones would smash him!


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