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ryeboi Says, in 3-12-2012 at 13:43:23 from    

i want to watch this so bad but i have no sound at work. can someone post the transcript to the interview? i hope it’s juicy. pun intended. F*** segal

Roe Jogan Says, in 3-12-2012 at 13:46:42 from    

Seagal portion starts at 8:50. He refused to confirm or deny if Seagal crapped himself.

nephaalim Says, in 3-12-2012 at 14:19:44 from    

For crying out loud, I love hearing stories from Gene but enough with the Rousey ass-kissing fest. You like her and think she’s great. Fantastic, next question.

dankarelli Says, in 3-12-2012 at 14:36:18 from    

Hey Bruno, here’s another good one of why seagal is an arsehole…maybe it deserves its own thread?

Bruno: I posted it a long time ago. http://www.mmatko.com/steven-seagal-attacked-john-leguizamo-on-set-of-executive-decision/

Boss Says, in 3-12-2012 at 14:38:17 from    

whats up with g@y commercials

Albaniankoartist Says, in 3-12-2012 at 14:49:52 from    

Old tit!!!

mmafan11 Says, in 3-12-2012 at 14:58:01 from    

Gene LeBelle would make most MMA Heavy Weights crap themselves if he was 35 but his 505 now…

Did Steven Gay-gal eat sushi before he let go? Stinky.

Oldassgrappler Says, in 3-12-2012 at 15:44:56 from    

So what is the big deal about a load in the pants? I sometimes fill my adult diaper and it never stops me from rolling with people at the gym. Makes for quick stand ups I will tell you that……..

Fedor=GOD-4 Says, in 3-12-2012 at 16:42:56 from    

this gene guy is insane

Bigevil1 Says, in 3-12-2012 at 18:15:44 from    

He didn’t so much talk about it.. as go out of his way to not talk about it. Which leads me to believe that it probably happened.

jakelo Says, in 3-12-2012 at 18:19:51 from    

did he almost die during the interview?

mirfan Says, in 3-12-2012 at 18:53:35 from    

Gene Lebell…what a guy!
“Everyone is the star of their own story”

Grape Soda Says, in 3-12-2012 at 19:16:31 from    

Seagal needs to s*** more, he’s a bloated fat food balloon.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-12-2012 at 20:06:16 from    

HAHA that really cracked me up.

Jbone4888 Says, in 3-12-2012 at 20:23:24 from    

Gene is the man, do some research on him before you say stupid s*** about him

hahaa Says, in 3-12-2012 at 20:35:41 from    

This is simply one of the best comments I have ever read in my life. I laughed so hard the cum from my uncle shot out of my nose again.

If 2012 is the end of the year…okay I want to write world but I wanted the guys see how disturbed I am, so I let world let be year…so its the ond of the year…moku moku… I can die happily haha

hugh Says, in 3-12-2012 at 21:31:08 from    

Oh, c’mon, Gene. Set the record straight!

And come on Ariel, you could have gotten better answers!!! Ask him who were some of the witnesses so you could get their story if he didn’t want to give it himself.

Op_of_faith Says, in 3-12-2012 at 23:41:58 from    

Um…FYI, many people crap themselves when they get knocked/chocked out…Your body disregards necessary functions like “holding it in”…hell, many people don’t breathe when they are panicked-this is why they hyperventilate…not defending Segal-he’s a dick, but acting like crapping one’s self is unusual in this circumstance is not realistic. Sorry…I feel like I ruin everything for newbies…

casyboy Says, in 3-13-2012 at 01:20:53 from    

Gene is the man ,i watched a 7 hour interveiw of him on youtube, he never once talked s*** about anybody, he was crackin jokes and making funny faces the whole time, this guy has never had a drop of alcohol or done any drugs ever, he just trained judo all day every day! and did hollywood stunt work! pretty amazing!

Jasonfn22 Says, in 3-13-2012 at 04:54:35 from    

I wasn’t completely sure before but now I have no doubt that this wood pecker lookin m*********** is the biggest ass kisser on the face of this planet I mean it’s f***** pathetic.

Jasonfn22 Says, in 3-13-2012 at 05:10:11 from    

I am so sick of hearing about judges needing to be former f****** fighters who have the most bias god damn opinion in the sport.If a fighters roots are wrestling he is going to be f****** bias to wrestling and on and on.Until they can figure out how to let machines judger which don’t know anybody and don’t give a F*** their will be human error till the end of man f****** kind.Son of a bitch find some other excuse why somebody lost because if u go out their a whoop ypour opponents ass their won’t be no mistsakes I mean god damn a 3 round fight the judging has to be perfect because their ARE NO ROUNDS THAT YOU CAN MAKE UP A CLOSE RD so if their is a mistake your f*****.If the ref stops the f****** fight before somebodies arm gets broke he stopped it to early if he lets Frank Mir break the m*********** off and take it home with him then the ref is a F*** up he should have stopped the fight sooner blah,blah, f****** blah.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-13-2012 at 11:30:28 from    

I prefer an ex fighter bias to his style(we are not in the 90s.Ex fighter’s style will be MMA not grappling or striking)to a judge who asked Ricardo Almeida who won that exchange when a guy took another down and mounted him…These kiond of judges need to disapear.And if you listened well,he said learn EVERY martial arts.To not be biased to one or another.And the best would be MMA fighters(don’t need to be an ex pro,just have some training in everything)they did all the martial arts there will be in the fight.

But seriously think about what you are saying.You prefer guys getting judged by dildos who don’t know anything about the sport instead of trained fighters.

Cletus Says, in 3-13-2012 at 22:18:50 from    

Rowdy Ronda Rousey The America’s Dream …old Gene is a legend. classic.


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