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PitFighterZ Says, in 4-17-2010 at 14:46:28 from    

Bruno: Any idea when you will have the video up?

Bruno: between 9:30 est and 12

PitFighterZ Says, in 4-17-2010 at 15:27:24 from    

Thanks! You’re the man!!!

Bruno: No prob.

tact Says, in 4-17-2010 at 16:58:31 from    

Mousasi, round 1 by armbar

King mo will continue to make an ass of himself, and then dance back out of the ring in his Burger King motif while white girls hold an umbrella over his dumbass.

mysryluvscmpany Says, in 4-17-2010 at 18:46:12 from    

lawal is a talented fighter but its all overshadowed with his ignorance…mousasi is prolly gonna rip his arm or neck off…i dunno bout u but anybody who would get in the cage and fight w/shoes on is an idiot.. look up the vid its funny.

shocktime Says, in 4-17-2010 at 19:55:47 from    

All the King Mo hate is funny considering he was the most beasty college wrestler p4p in the whole country just a few years ago. If any of you have ever wrestled you’d know that’s some serious stuff. He’s legit trains with guys like Babalu and Wandy so he’ll have some good sub defense. King Mo via Ground n Pound KO!

blzd Says, in 4-17-2010 at 21:08:28 from    


captamerica Says, in 4-17-2010 at 21:55:51 from    

Jesus Christ that was a boring fight for most of it. Gegard just seemed like he didn’t care. I understand his personality is to remain calm, but when your opponent lays on you for four rounds, it’s time to step it up.

Also, King Mo got pretty bruised up while he was on top. His ground-and-pound is suspect.

I think if Mousasi would’ve tried to stand up and throw rather than “wait for Mo to tire out,” he would’ve won this fight big time. The only thing King Mo did any better than Mousasi was takedowns.

In any case, shitty fight. There are great wrestlers and there are great fighters. King Mo is in the former for now. Hopefully, he develops into the latter.

HungryRicco Says, in 4-17-2010 at 21:57:40 from    

Shocktime is right.

Funny people still clown on Mo his wrestling is awesome.

twoface Says, in 4-17-2010 at 22:00:22 from    

great fight..Mo just wanted it more.

2-1=titleshot Says, in 4-17-2010 at 22:37:05 from    

Mousasi just gave his belt away…
Lawal took his one dimensional style and won a title in seven fight. Congrats.

GreatKing Says, in 4-17-2010 at 23:45:23 from    

I think it’s safe to say that Mousasi is a little overrated. You don’t loose to a guy who is inexperienced and has no cardio.

Bad Mousasi, bad!

Bas Ruten Says, in 4-17-2010 at 23:48:44 from    

mysryluvscmpany-> typical uninformed new mma fan, sorry probably a “UFC” fan. doofus, look at some old school badass MMA fights in PRIDE, shoes and GIs were allowed.

CalmStone Says, in 4-18-2010 at 00:02:01 from    

King Mo needs to work on his cardio, because he gassed pretty bad early. But, smart use of the powerful take-downs earned him the victory.

The man talks crap, but he is a focused, hungry individual, and will dominate the weight class for some time.

bigsexy Says, in 4-18-2010 at 00:08:59 from    

msyry your the ignoramus, fighting in shoes is a great advantage for striking, takedowns and kicks. its good 4 king mo 2 be thought of as an idiot 2 a guy who is clearly a moron, that means hes doing something right.

Machita Says, in 4-18-2010 at 02:33:48 from    

HAHAHAHA, F*** u all haters, there u go, MO can talk but he can back it up so now just stfu and don’t hate.

Bruno THX for the vid.

Enkilis Says, in 4-18-2010 at 02:50:19 from    

blah blah, Awsome job of gassing out and laying on your opponent for 5 rounds, wtf yes Mousasi should of been better at getting a sub off or getting to his feet but he worked off his back and was more effective there than Mo was on top so its pathetic imo that they give someone the fight for just double legging and laying .. its pathetic and needs to be rethought on the scoring. Mousasi though Im sure learned from this what his weakness is and thats Wrestling. Mo looked like s*** to me but Mousasi didnt look much better.

shocktime Says, in 4-18-2010 at 02:53:57 from    

Bring on the King Mo hate! I’m tellin you being a wicked wrestler is best base for MMA. Why do you think Brock can come in and just start wreckin vets of the sport! and GSP wrestling freak! Boring win for MO, but he’s got 7 fights and is a champ by defeating a awesome fighter in Mousassi. Is he legit now ppl? Never under estimate a guy who’s strong as a bull with wicked wrestling.

cloud_s_t Says, in 4-18-2010 at 02:54:14 from    

for sum reason i had a feeling mousasi was gonna lose u, just get that gut feeling and it came through thankfully for him he’s only 24 and can fix anything that he has to fix right now and can come back for a rematch, as for lawal he needs to work on a lot of things but his wrestling is gonna get him out of the most tightest spots good for him he worked (but he did get out struck) and eventually came out with the fight. :)

Chris808 Says, in 4-18-2010 at 04:38:46 from    

I dont see how he won! Mousasi had the harder puches from the bottom and in the stand up!

Jurkerbor Says, in 4-18-2010 at 04:51:42 from    

Takedowns without G´n´P afterwards shouldn´t be scored.
Mo is so onedimensional. Mousasi looked passive, withuout motivation, bored…I feel disappointed with the scoring system and Mousasi performance, he is much superior than Mo.

madona Says, in 4-18-2010 at 05:07:42 from    

round 1
Mousasi dominated the stand up, Lawal got good ground and pound, mousasi answered well on his back. by the end of the round Lawal had nothing to offer standing or on the ground, all he had were take downs, he even let Mousasi back up, knowing Mousasi had him figured out and that he had nothing left to offer in gnp fashion. 10-9 Lawal
round 2
Mousasi dominated the stand up and the ground, Lawal had nothing to offer + was gased out. Mousasi got Lawal’s back but Lawal was saved by the bell. 10-8 Mousasi
round 3
Mousasi getting the better of the stand up, Lawal is gased out and has no defence to leg kicks. Lawal gets effective gnp 10-9 Lawal
round 4
Lawal gets take downs at will for Mousasi does not bother defending them. aparently trained to fight of his back vs stopping take downs, he takes some punishment but most strikes land in his guard, while mousasi’s strikes land on Lawal’s head 10-9 Lawal
round 5
Mousasi gets taken down and pounded in his guard but has more effective strikes from the botom, presses the action and dominates the stand up with obvious superior striking to a gased Lawal who has nothing left to offer standing. Lawal runs away from the action and goes for take downs until the end. 10-9 Mousasi – 1 point deduction for illegal blow = 9-9 round

Mousasi was obviously the better fighter but did not pres the action enough, with more leg strikes/action he would have won. Mousasi gave the decision to Lawal who just tried harder for it (even though he was far inferior of a fighter in the fight). Lawal will lose in their rematch once Mousasi gets himself back to title contention.

omaha Says, in 4-18-2010 at 05:56:35 from    

Ridiculous. There is no excuse for two opponents in a title fight to be gassed by the third round. Mousasi did nothing to stuff the takedown, or capitalize when Mo was rocked. And the absurdity of Lawal to expend as much energy and take as much damage while in the dominant position is only eclipsed by the fact that he won a title doing it!

thaddiusluster Says, in 4-18-2010 at 06:52:29 from    

Mousasi’s head was in the clouds he needed a reality check; focus on the here & now! not on Dream’s Light-Heavyweight tourney next month or on his aspirations for the Heavyweight crown but on what’s in front: Lawal.

Prop’s to Lawal for defeating such a highly skilled opponent; not in the most exciting or fan endearing method but a victory none the less.

People gotta acknowlegde the fact that Mousasi was at times 1 or 2 punches, knees or kicks from scoring a TKO or KO.

The Stank Says, in 4-18-2010 at 07:19:45 from    

Sorry UFC nuthuggers but these guys are good!

Mo did a good job but was in trouble in the 3rd.

Good night of FREE fights!

brian kenny Says, in 4-18-2010 at 07:55:28 from    

just imagine what shogun or machida would do to either one of these guys… both are overrated

mscash Says, in 4-18-2010 at 08:22:58 from    

What the hell happened to Mousasi?


Did King Mo get into his head with all that pre-fight bullshit talking?

Either way, King Mo was taking Mousasi down at will. And to think I had predicted Mousasi to win…I missed it by a mile.

Darren Says, in 4-18-2010 at 09:11:43 from    

Mousasi won that fight off his back, Look at the damage Mo took, Mousasi took no damage. Even the punch stats showed that Mousasi won the fight. All that mouthy Mo did was take Mousasi down and could not do anything with Mousasi. Mousasi won that fight!!

PitFighterZ Says, in 4-18-2010 at 09:25:24 from    

@captamerica: You’re right! King Mo didn’t show much, but at least he came in to win this fight. Mousasi’s plan to let Mo get tired was clearly stupid as Mousasi got as tired as Mo. If you want to fatigue a wrestler, use strikes to keep the distance, and let the wrestler waste energy in FAILED take downn attempts.
It’s pathetic that Mousasi didn’t even try to either get out of the way or sprawl in any of Mo’s take downs.
I don’t care about the score in this fight and I don’t care about who is supposed to be the better fighter: Mousasi didn’t do anything to deserve his belt in this fight. I hope that will be a lesson to him and that will motivate him.
If you you are going in a cage to fight, for the sake of all gods, fight! I am tired of fighters who take the sport for granted. Do your f#@%ing best in EVERY fight! It doesn’t matter if you are fighting the best or the worst fighter of all times: come in prepared and willing to give it all and to leave your soul in that cage.
Show that you want it, that you deserve it. Mo did and that’s why he won. Simple as that.

libofsharaku Says, in 4-18-2010 at 10:05:56 from    

relax, it is obviously a fix, there will be a campaign of trash talk before eventually moussasi knocks him out in a rematch

ac5 Says, in 4-18-2010 at 10:08:59 from    

Why the hell do I get a big impression that the broadcasters are biased towards Mousasi during the first 3 rounds? he was getting beat and he seemed just as gassed as Lawall.

millcat Says, in 4-18-2010 at 11:16:20 from    

Mo won an awesome wrestling match..they way he layed on gegard and took more shots on the ground from the top position than he delivered was textbook wreslting and holding on to win the fight..kudos…1 point for wrestling..0 points for mma. but gegard needs some jits work and should attemtop a sprawl..imo..he should of did what mo did to him and just hang on and act like you dont know what to do other than ounch forma guard..and then get stood up..hopefully they rematch them in the dream grand prix.

whitesword88 Says, in 4-18-2010 at 17:56:20 from    

Mo is a bum and that fight was awfull it sucked. they are both lame ass fighters.

sooooopernate Says, in 4-18-2010 at 18:55:18 from    

@ Darren: Do you know how to score a fight?

Darren Says, in 4-19-2010 at 11:20:34 from    

soooooopernate, I a big mma fan, did you see the punch stats, did you see the fight? Mo looked like he had been beaten with a base ball batt.

TheJudge Says, in 4-19-2010 at 13:36:33 from    

Only in the first round so far but the announcers are hugging Gegard’s nuts a bit too hard.

Derick Says, in 4-20-2010 at 05:47:26 from    

5 rounds fight just so boring! I not put my money on it!


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