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mugatupianotie Says, in 8-30-2009 at 15:18:16 from    

that kick was brutal. This gif doesn’t give it justice because their is no sound. That was the loudest hit in general I have heard

woolslayer Says, in 8-30-2009 at 15:59:36 from    


Marcelo Says, in 8-30-2009 at 16:11:04 from    

This Gonzaga is a Beast! Go Minotauro.
Brasil 3 x USA 1

Demian will be back on track soon.

GO Wandelei!

danawhite Says, in 8-30-2009 at 16:42:27 from    

ahahahahahahahahhaha to funny

boink Says, in 8-30-2009 at 18:39:54 from    

the most brutal KO in mma….

oaklandblackouts Says, in 8-30-2009 at 19:12:32 from    

i don’t know what was more painful – that ballshot or the beating that ensued after the 5 min. recovery. gonzaga straight layed it on that dude once they went back at it. but props to chris for goin’ on w/ the show – i just don’t think he was the same after that castration.

savage henry Says, in 8-30-2009 at 20:14:36 from    

that was blatantly intentional…

blackgerbil Says, in 8-30-2009 at 21:09:41 from    

What a p****. OMG I was hit with toes, can’t believe that queer drew out his act so long, glad Gonzaga finished his pathetic ass.

TioChel Says, in 8-30-2009 at 21:23:14 from    

Thats what I call a soccer kick!

FEDOR#5 Says, in 8-30-2009 at 22:42:22 from    

Gonzaga sucks I have never liked him

serendipity Says, in 8-31-2009 at 00:05:38 from    

That was the most brutal mma incident that I have witnessed to date. The 260lb soccer kick to the penis was bad and the increddible sound of the impact was crazy. Sometimes the loud slapping impacts are not actually as bad as the dull thud impact with kicks, but the sound of that hit could easily become an internet audio meme synonomis with the sound a testicle makes when it explodes.

The wrything and grimmacing on the ground looked so bad and I was like, o man this guy is hurt bad. He then proceeded to have a seizure, followed by violently vommiting. I can not imagine how much it has to hurt that you have a seizure and wretch yourself. I can only guess but I am sure he must of crapped his pants also. Why not.

O ya, and then he gets back up and adjusts his cup, which makes the sound that a bag full of broken glass would make, and proceedes to take a long and drawn out beating. A serious beeting. He looked so unhappy at the end of this fight. Prob got paid like 3k too. Enough to pay for emergency garbage surgery to replace his broken (brass) balls. In fact I think he should just go ahead and have actual brass balls installed and build his career based off the tennacious resiliancy.

noseel Says, in 8-31-2009 at 00:23:06 from    


That kick was going no where but his crotch!
Like Golota!!!

Have I seen Gonzaga do this before????????

zzz Says, in 8-31-2009 at 00:57:24 from    

In brazil they play futbol a lot. Guess bad habits die hard. Gonzaga just couldn’t resist kicking some balls around.

TheBlairSmithPr Says, in 8-31-2009 at 01:12:15 from    

it’s kinda hard to make a comeback when you balls put a dint in your liver

rainbow gerbil Says, in 8-31-2009 at 01:32:36 from    

gonzaga gets pwnt by top level talent and resorts to the r***-the-groin style similar to the pathetic french cheick kongo to prove he belongs in the ufc

S1 Says, in 8-31-2009 at 01:59:53 from    

Gonzaga is a such a f****** loser, he will never live up to what he was after Cro Cop, he should be in some obscure fighting league by now and he saw that coming in and intentionally hit him in the nuts. What’s the matter Gonzaga afraid a jobber is going to KTFO you while stepping back?

Shame big boy didn’t come out and kick Gonzaga in the balls for payback.

NIL8 Says, in 8-31-2009 at 03:18:32 from    

LMAO @ Serendipity!

paddedummy Says, in 8-31-2009 at 03:23:19 from    

I can’t wait for somebody to kick his boy Brock like that!

pho3nixxx Says, in 8-31-2009 at 04:54:30 from    

serendipity…love your words bro…im suprised it didn’t knock the bleach out of ol mates hair ey…next billing it will be gabriel “i’ll getchya in the” gonzagas vs etc etc

Night Crawler Says, in 8-31-2009 at 07:03:29 from    

black gerbil mordor is calling you lol

Night Crawler Says, in 8-31-2009 at 07:04:26 from    

rainbow gerbil = envious troll

vol Says, in 8-31-2009 at 07:56:14 from    

fighters should be protected in that area somehow.cro cop lost against kongo and alistair and now this again.after that kick this fight was over

kaution187 Says, in 8-31-2009 at 09:31:39 from    

That kick looked intentional. His body is lined up and there was no elevation nor turning of the torso as if he was trying for a inside leg kick. WTF?

Jasonicus Says, in 8-31-2009 at 09:45:08 from    

Another wonderful comment by black gerbil. Douche. Lets see you get kicked in the nuts by a 260 lb trained fighter. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt you though since you probably have a gaping vag.

Anyway, that was brutal. The dry heaving during the recovery was terrible. I was surprised they didn’t call it off, but he had no chance afterwards.

wEz Says, in 8-31-2009 at 15:51:55 from    

Intentional my ass. Some of you guys are pathetic. Watch Gonzaga’s eyes the whole kick, he has them looking up and his opponent. At the same time Chris moves to his right, and crack, you have a recipe for disaster. But Gonzaga does need to watch his kicks better thats for sure.

That fight never should have continued on though. That ball shot was about as bad as it gets. Seeing him twitch then yack was disturbing and gut wrenching.

He should get a huge bonus from Dana. One for having the stones to continue on given the circumstances, and another for never being able to father children.

seamonkey Says, in 9-1-2009 at 16:32:45 from    

Ouch. Nut shots that bad should end the fight in NC. Just like Overeem and Cro Cop.

Mike Says, in 9-3-2009 at 00:42:47 from    

The was a very strong punt, if those balls weren’t attached they’d go 50 yards easily.

wandering0ne Says, in 9-3-2009 at 17:21:35 from    

For those of you that think the kick was intentional, take a good look again, as gonzaga lets the kick go tuscherer takes a sidestep to his right, putting his nuts directly in the path of the kick gonzaga was already throwing. And before you criticize(sp?) gonzaga throw a kick with all the power you have and then attempt to stop it, then imagine trying to stop it when your leg weighs about as much as your average lightweight fighter.


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