In UFC Gabriel Gonzaga Knocks Out Cro Cop

With upsets becoming the norm in the MMA world lately, Gabriel Gonzaga continued the trend with a first round knock out of ex-Pride fighting champ Mirko Cro Cop.

Cro Cop Out

Aside from one kick to the body Gonzaga dominated the fight for the whole 4 minutes and 51 seconds. After an initial feeling out process between the two, Gonzaga took Cro Cop down to the canvas when he caught Cro Cop’s kick. The next couple of minutes was Gonzaga mounted on Cro cop.

Cro Cop spent the whole 2 minutes defending Gonzaga’s elbows and short punches until Herb Dean stood the two up. This move looked to favor Cro Cop and received cheers from the Manchester crowd. After a short exchange Gonzaga fired off a quick kick that Cro Cop thought was a body shot but instead caught him in the temple. Fight over.

The kick knocked Cro Cop out cold and he fell backwards with his leg bent awkwardly under himself. The rowdy crowd of over 18,000 gasped as much from the gruesome bent leg position as they did from the kick. After taking an elbow to the head in Gonzaga excitement Herb Dean pulled Cro Cops leg out strait as the doctors jumped in to check on the unconscious fighter.

Suprisingly Cro Cop recoverd enough to do a quick post fight chat with Joe Rogan and leave the ring under his own power.


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